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">This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit gues operating systems. However, 64-bit operation is not possible. This host supports Intel VT -x, but intel VT-x is disabled .
2/12/2016  |  (Forums)

Possuo um switch Dell PowerConnect 5548 S/TAG 9QBH7M1 que está em looping inicia e reboota constantemente não tenho mais acesso via web/cli somente via console que mostra o seguinte erro: Startup Menu
2/8/2016  |  (Forums)

For an Installation of Windows 7 on Systems using Intel Skylake CPUs, some preparation is necessary. The following steps need to be completed before you can install Windows 7 on such systems.
2/8/2016  |  (Wikis)

hello , I have to solve a problem on Dell T610 server with an error message „E1211 Raidcontroller Battery Failure Check Battery“ , Can you share with us what to do please ? Thank you R
2/2/2016  |  (Forums)

serveur power edge 2900 disques data sas foreign
2/5/2016  |  (Forums)

Hello, I was wondering if there is an error with the new models of Dell XPS that recently became available. The configuration screen does not allow to select a QWERTY keyboard for new models, but it is possible for other XPS 15 models. Is this option going to become available? Thanks you in
2/5/2016  |  (Forums)

Ao ligar meu Dell Inspiron 3442 aparece a tela preta com a seguinte mensagem.internal hard disk drive not found to resolve this issue , try to reseat the drive no bootable devices -- strike F1 to retry boot , F2 enter setup menu , F5 enter psa. O que isso significa?
2/4/2016  |  (Forums)

xps9550 kernel_security_check_failure 어떻게 해야하나요?
1/26/2016  |  (Forums)

Hi Folks, i need a biospw for my [edit: removed by admin] (Latitude5410). Can someone help me? Thx in advance.
1/22/2016  |  (Forums)

T310服务器频繁蓝屏重启,启动后可进入系统,显示代码0X0000009C,服务器液晶屏显示E1422 CPU1 machine check error.Power cycle AC。
2/1/2016  |  (Wikis)

OPTIPLEX 755 series au demarrage message PERFORMING AUTO IDE configuration HARD DISK #MAT22527614-595 B IS PROTECTED BY PASSWORD ENTER PASSWORD : merci d'avance
1/22/2016  |  (Forums)

Hello Just I just bought a E7250 and I have tried to connect on a Miracast dongle on my TV but without success. At the Connect I have this message. Why it is not working? Thanks
1/26/2016  |  (Forums)

Hallo, leider wird der Inspiron 11 nur mit Windows 10 ausgeliefert, wie eine seuche ist das mit Windows, da man das System oft nicht wechseln kann. Frage: Kann ein alternatives System wie Ubuntu oder andere Linux Distributionen installiert werden? Bei dem Medion Akoya dingern ist es leider nicht

Der Adapter heisst: Delock Konverter (mini PCIe half size zu full size).

1) According to the table on your link I will have to add an extra HDD in order to increase capacity. Why's that? Can't I just take three 1TB HDDs instead of three 500GB HDDs as we do run them right now? 2) What's the correct order of operation?

There is a way of reconfiguring a RAID, as long as you use one of the controller named in this article Reconfiguration Of Virtual Disks on the PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) H310, H710, H710P, and H810. This may help you solve your request.

T310服务器频繁蓝屏重启,启动后可进入系统,显示代码0X0000009C,服务器液晶屏显示E1422 CPU1 machine check error.Power cycle AC。

Impending physical disk failure detected by physical disk Component type: Physical Disk Component location: Enclosure 1, Slot 10 Fallo inminente de disco fisico
1/8/2016  |  (Forums)

3.- Retirar ambos "Magazines" y verificar si tenemos alguna etiqueta u objeto en el suelo de la librería u obstruyendo la misma. Si no hay ningun objeto, entonces deberemos realizar el test “Library Verify” desde el panel de control de la librería.

candy52, Perhaps I don't understand the question. When you click Run if the window says "Type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource and Windows will open it for you" it is working fine. Just type msconfig in the window and click OK and the msconfig window will open.

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Showing 1-20 of 3273963 Results
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