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While other PC print well on this printer, mine print blank pages. I have downloaded the driver on the Dell support site choosing 1710n model but when I launch the setup the name of the driver is 1720dn. Is there a difference between 1710n driver and 1720dn ?

Thanks Printster, for your help here! The port is a Dell Enhanced TCP/IP Port, but its properties don't all come up due to the commmunications problem. Bidirectional support is enabled. The driver is the Dell Laser Printer 1720dn.

Hi, What is the quality and speed difference between postscript and the HBP driver for a Dell Laser Printer 1720dn? Thanks, John

Thanks. Prior to my original post, I searched the forums for "1720dn" and found some hits, but nothing too noteworthy. I further narrowed down my search to "1720dn Vista" and got zero hits. Hence my general question about Vista driver support for Dell printers in general.

The 1720dn printer ships with two (2...one of which is a PostScript driver and the other of which is an HBP (Host Based Printing) driver. Both of these drivers install...printer, one with the PostScript driver in place and the other with...

I have recently installed a couple of new DELL 1720dn laser printers. We purchased an additional 250 sheet paper...has been set to tray 2 on the printer itself and even in the driver properties and page setup of the document itself. This...

...Dell's printer line, so we bought a 1720dn monochrome laser printer, along with...user computers. It appears the printer driver ignores server printer defaults and does...basically said it is a known limitation of the driver software, and there is no fix available...

...printing. Then all you need to look at is the driver and the port you are printing through. Open...and go to the advanced tab. You can change the driver on this tab and any PCL or PS driver should work. Finally on the ports tab make sure...

I have a Dell 1920dn and had problems getting a driver. Â I went to the Dell Support site and downloaded a Dell 1700n driver for WIN9x/NT and it works just fine (but don't expect duplexing). Â Good Luck, TallPaul

Thanks for the suggestion, PudgyOne. I looked into that but don't have the AMD USB Audio Driver Filter on my XPS One. And Llynster, I tried stopping and starting the print spooler but that didn't help.

llynster, There were issues with theses items, maybe you maybe she one of these. It was for inkjets but maybe this will shed a clue. Dell Studio™ 1536 Is Unable to Print Documents(AMD USB Audio Driver Filter) and uninstall NVIDIA's Network Access Manager Rick

...with the computer and the ports we are printing across. Can you give me some more information on what the port is showing, type and name, as well as the name of the driver that you are using from the advanced tab of the printer properties.

... Your suggestion of setting up de-centralized printing - driver + IP port - from each machine would seem to be the way to go...different from the current environment as I had to install the driver from the shared PC to make the initial setup work. I will try...

...say, I am still not printing (except for telnet). I tried the official test page and something from Notepad. I also tried to flash the print server driver and it worked, the printer reset itself afterwards and nothing changed.

I have my 1720dn printer attached to my Dell XPS 420 via private network (Ethernet...on the network, navigate to the shared printer, install the printer driver and print remotely from any computer on the network. However recently...
4/10/2008  |  (Forums)

...they have done enough testing to remove ALL the bugs in the driver software. I've experienced drivers so bad, they crash your...where it took Hp 2 years to fix all the bugs for a laser printer driver. I wasted hours last week uncovering bugs in the Dell V505...

...there, I'm trying to find drivers that will enable my Dell 1720dn monochrome laser printer to work with Windows 98. I tried the...drivers and (unsuprisingly) they didn't work. Does such a driver exist? If not, is there any other way I'll get it to work...
8/5/2008  |  (Forums)

FYI, the problem was the Dell driver! I've substitued the Dell drivers by a standard driver for printer and now the printing error not get anymore the server freeze.

I just tried deleting both setups for that printer. I disconnected the printer, inserted the CD and loaded the drivers, rebooted the system and plugged in the printer. Still the same print problem. BTW, it loaded the PS3 driver.

...set up on a network. I tried to reinstall it, using Vista's add a printer dialog. It found the printer and installed the driver that I downloaded from Dell today. The status on the printers folder says that the printer is 'offline'. The only thing...

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Showing 21-40 of 48 Results
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