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Does the switch appear to be operating normal besides this? Are you able to access the web GUI to manage the switch? What firmware is the switch at? When you restart the switch, while having a console connection, is the boot process visible? Or does it automatically go to the blinking cursor?

I just ran the initial setup wizard for a PowerConnect 3448 and entered the wrong subnet. Can I change the subnet without clearing all settings and running the wizard again? Thanks
6/22/2008  |  (Forums)

I have a stack of 4 PowerConnect 3448 switches. Today the master and backup both lit up as "master" and no traffic could get through. I reset the master and backup...
9/7/2006  |  (Forums)

Hi Folks, I have a PowerConnect 3448. I am set up for port monitoring as so: ...the 3Com (and threw it away, yay) and plugged in the PowerConnect. My switch version is as so: ...

I'm having some trouble with getting a PowerConnect 3448 and a 3424 to stack. I have the switches connected via the Gigabit ports G3 & G4 but when i go to the Stack Management...
6/30/2008  |  (Forums)

So my work group has had this switch given to us, and we're planning on using it for VLAN and Port Mirroring, but we've run into a slight snag. We're attempting to connect to the switch using HyperTerminal via a serial connection.
6/14/2008  |  (Forums)

I'm using SecureCRT to connect to the switch. When i connect using the correct COM port on my desktop it appears to connect successfully but all i get is a blinking cursor.
5/22/2013  |  (Forums)

Hello, we are in the process to replace all our network switches with new Powerconnect switches. Although 802.1x on wired networks might not be the best way to secure our internal network I would like to...Tunnel-Private-Group-ID(81)=VLANID Next I wanted to get the working with our new Dell switches. I configured one 3448 similar to the following whitepaper. http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pwcnt/en...
8/23/2007  |  (Forums)

According to the documentation, it is only possible to stack up to 6 devices with a total of 192 ports. The PC3448's have 48 ethernet, 2 SFP, and 2 gigbit (which will be used for stacking).
12/1/2005  |  (Forums)

Yes, a default config with the ports turned on would run a lot like an unmanaged switch.

Access was denied due to one of the following reasons: 1) There are too many users logged in or 2) The specified user name and/or password is incorrect or 3) The specified user has not been granted web administration privileges
3/13/2008  |  (Forums)

The switch operates normally besides this. I'm not able to access the web GUI. To be honest im not sure that the switch was ever configured when it was first bought. It was a switched i inhereted when i started.

...DriverFileFormats Dell PowerConnect 3448 fw2.0.0.34 www.dell...the reason for naming the lag on the 3448 LAG 5. Can you not set up the LAG configuration...1 and 2 (LAG 1)-- floor 1, 1 sw 3448 with port G3 and G4 (LAG 1) ports...

Dell PowerConnect 3448 Software version: I have configured interface 1/e43 on the Dell 3448 as vlan 237 and the 1/g1 interface as a trunking port. interface range ethernet 1/g(1-2) switchport...
10/22/2010  |  (Forums)

Device: PowerConnect 3448 Hi, This seems like a no brainer but I can't for the life of me find the simple command that'll...
10/3/2008  |  (Forums)

...firmware SW version from to on a powerconnect 3448 using the cli and tftp. Basically I'm able to pull the...error message. copy tftp:// image I have read and re-read...
10/13/2006  |  (Forums)

Hi everybody, Yesterday I was tring to configure a stack of 6 powerconnect 3448. Everything goes well to the fourth unit. I Configure unit 1 as master, unit 2 as backup master, unit 3 as...
6/28/2006  |  (Forums)

Hello, I need to know if PowerConnect 3548 and 3448 are compatible for stacking together. Someone has successfully done it? Someone has found a web page with information? Thanks in advance, Juan

Hello, I am looking for 2848 & 3448 port security. Mainly limited the source per port base on...functions in port security. What is that meaning for? For 3448: (similar to 3448) 1. Seems it have function called MAC Based ACLs, by...
1/2/2013  |  (Forums)

I want to see what information is available from the PowerConnect 3448 using standard tools such as NET-SNMP. I have been able to snmpwalk the entire device, but there are a lot of enterprise OIDs...
6/7/2006  |  (Forums)

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