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...question you are asking is, "can the other hosts authenticate?". I am not sure, but from your experience I would say no. All current shipping powerconnect switches support "multiple session".

I have a stack of 4 PowerConnect 3448 switches. Today the master and backup both lit up as "master" and no traffic could get through. I reset the master and backup...
9/7/2006  |  (Forums)

...hired a network engineer that promised to setup Vlans for our office building...he told us to purchase a powerconnect 3448....he then tells us that when we setup Vlans on this switch, they cannot have access to the internet...
4/27/2006  |  (Forums)

We currently have Dell Powerconnect 3448 and 2724 switch. The way they are...of the 2724 to the G4 port of the 3448. I have a few questions...Shoulden't I connect the G4 port on the 3448 to the G1 or G2 port on the 2724...
8/28/2008  |  (Forums)

I'm having some trouble with getting a PowerConnect 3448 and a 3424 to stack. I have the switches connected via the Gigabit ports G3 & G4 but when i go to the Stack Management...
6/30/2008  |  (Forums)

Is there a way to stack between PowerConnect 3448 and 3048 switches ? I think it is impossible but i need to be sure. i have two 3048 and one 3448. What is the best way to connect them if stacking does not work ? Thanks !
3/14/2007  |  (Forums)

...can they only be uses to stack with 3000 series switches (34XX, 33XX) etc. ? If not, SFP tranceivers from my 2 3448's to my 5324 would be the only option to maintain 1Gbit connectivity between switches ? Thanks for the advice...
12/14/2006  |  (Forums)

Ok, so looking at the statics / charts / ports / Transmit Unicast Packets on port 33 it is always maxed out. So I had a phone and desktop there so we unplugged them no change. Set the port to administrative off no change. Do you think there is a problem with my switch? Thanks in advance

I don't think this will work. GVRP has to be running on both the Cisco switch and the PowerConnect switch for this to work. Since Cisco has to run either GVRP or VTP but not both at the same time I don't think you can make...

...database, it only advertises port vlan membership. Is there any way to also automatically propagate the VLAN database on a PowerConnect 6248 switches? Thanks.

Hello, we are in the process to replace all our network switches with new Powerconnect switches. Although 802.1x on wired networks might not be the best way to secure our internal network I would like to...Tunnel-Private-Group-ID(81)=VLANID Next I wanted to get the working with our new Dell switches. I configured one 3448 similar to the following whitepaper. http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pwcnt/en...
8/23/2007  |  (Forums)

Hi Below is a link to some excellent white papers on 802.1X configuration. The papers relate to configuring the PC5324 switches but the configuration is the same for the 34xx series. http://www1.us.dell.com/content/topics/global.

The config is shown below, at the moment there are no entries for the dot1x users and dot1x advanced commands as there are no clients connected. I will connect a client and post the output of thoses commands after the weekend.

FYI - The 3348 SW ver. has the same issue. The 3248 SW ver. does NOT have the issue.

Thanks for reporting this problem. That's a good catch. I have notified my group of the problem. We will try to have it corrected in future releases. I believe I understand what's happening:

On arrival at work today I reconnected my client to the switch to do more testing and get the dot1x output and the client authenticated (as normal) but this time to my amazement I got network access, yet nothing has changed other than a reboot of the client.

What connection method are you using, or are all affected? Console, telnet, http, etc.?

have you checked the cables in another switch/hub? maybe it's the rj45 connectors. Just something to check.

Thanks for your reply. Â I already read all that apply. But, even configuring the switch as told, no request for authentication in sent to the RADIUS server. Â Is there any special configuration needed? Thank you, PS - What RADIUS servers are supported?

Hi Could you please post your config? Thanks Adam

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