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Hi, I have a Dell Studio 1537. Since recently it has RANDOMLY started to fail to boot. I have checked...being on AC and on battery, problem is in both cases. I have run dell hardware diagnostics and got no errors, BUT the laptop froze sometimes...
11/10/2013  |  (Forums)

...what happens when I press the media button on the far left. Currently mine does not open anything because I uninstalled the Dell media software, it was annoying when I kept accidentally hitting it. I would like it to open iTunes when I touch it and I know...
11/20/2009  |  (Forums)

I read that someone tried an HDMI to DVI-I adapter and it doesn't work due to copy protection. Is this true? http://forum.wacom.eu/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=50 And somewhere else, I read that the Mini DisplayPort to DVI-I adapter doesn't work in some cases.

I Tried this on my new Studio 17 and eventually resolved the problem by going into Control Panel...to 100%. Now I have loud sound. My Father-inlaw also had a new Dell inspiron and it was set the same. It looks like by default that the...

...one for now. Is there any way to reformat it with support of external devices? I have tried ctrl+f11 but it only makes my dell beep so loud that it becomes irritating as I don't even advance from the splash. I have researched further, yet without credible...
5/12/2011  |  (Forums)

...uninstall the previous one, that's usually not the case unless it tells you to specifically do it. I recently reformatted my Dell XPS m1530 (I like to do that every 6 months) and downloaded the drivers and it worked fine. However, I am running Windows...

Left Ctrl seems to not work when I try to bring up Task manager.. Since I've always used left ctrl and alt on all computer's it's very awkward. I'm just wondering if it's a broken key, hoping to try everything before I send my Laptop back over 1 Broken key..
3/7/2011  |  (Forums)

Hello peeps, I am soooo annoyed with Dell it's unreal. Anyway, there may be a work around. It's not...shutting down your laptop, else your laptop will hang. PLEASE DELL! HURRY UP AND SORT THIS RIDICULOUS PROBLEM OUT! ...I wish...

Im having the exact same problem with my 1537 but i've been on dell about fixing it. I would boot up my comp and it...reinstalled the BIOS but nothing. i purchased my studio 1537 in december and my one year warranty will be up...

...than would you please suggest me what action I should take to get my due. Is it possible to take any legal action? Can the Dell India help me on this? Please help, It would be highly appreciated. Invoice No:

Hi to everyone! Need help :) Have studio 1537 Vista home 32bit, migrated to win7pro 32bit, (now 2 OS are...adapter). Tried this: old driver CD for Vista, downloads from Dell drivers site, from broadcom (adapter manufacturer) drivers...
2/9/2010  |  (Forums)

I contacted Dell and after persuading them enough they sent me a...Plus this one too is getting hot. Seems like Dell has a major problem with this power cord. I saw on the forum that Dell will replace it once and after that you pay to...

Are you sure you removed both the battery and AC adaptor after and held down the power button for at least 30 seconds? That is a crucial step!

I had to reinstall the os in my laptop in first week of my purchase itself and i did not check wheather my remote worked properly before. wheather i have install any software for my travel remote to work ???? If so name the software or much better give the link. I bought my lap a month before.
12/27/2009  |  (Forums)

...get stuck into. It's amazing how quickly these companies start turning things around once they start advertising on TV that Dell laptops are completely useless for use with audio applications and how their support teams will not even admit the problem.

...Hello A couple of days ago i woke up to find a clear fluid near my dell laptop and it had leaked onto the floor. I assumed it was just a spillage...slot loading drive broke, and i was too busy to send it back. Dell studio 1535.
2/2/2009  |  (Forums)

...eject button and so on. Since the Studio line does not have an eject button...software. I ended up returning my Studio and got a Lattitude E6500 for...If you decide to return your Studio go to the support.dell.com website and put in for it...

However, when I run windows 7 64 upgrade, it installs almost to the end - flashing "installing drivers and setting up the system" then it suddenly stops and i get
3/28/2011  |  (Forums)

...pack the computer and guess what...Dell was NICE ENOUGH TO SEND IT FEDEX GROUND...109.00 for a weekend call...I guess Dell can't do the math. It will cost at least...resending it to me! HELLO is anyone at DELL LISTENING! It is impossible to get to...

I got my Studio 1537 about 6 months ago, and I noticed this...I haven't gotten around to calling Dell support yet (the last time I had a problem...planet). From a Google search of "Dell Studio 1537 display problem" I found at least another...

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Showing 41-60 of 1713 Results
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