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Foglight for IBM WebSphere MQ
Foglight Performance Analysis for DB2 LUW
Foglight Application Performance Monitoring
Simplify virtual desktop deployment and management.
Deploy a blended model of VDI and terminal server technology. Pair it appropriately with your user's unique needs, and reduce your average cost per- virtual desktop.
Facilitate BYOD in your workplace with vWorkspace connectors for iOS
Blend virtual-desktop and application technology to suit your budget
Create virtual-desktop environments of all sizes in minutes with Desktop Clouds
Simplify WebSphere MQ monitoring.
Resolve incidents that arise within the IBM® WebSphere® MQ infrastructure before they become an issue. Find the causes of problems, then prioritize and fix the issues quickly with this MQ monitoring tool.
Detect and adapt to infrastructural changes automatically
Receive immediate incident alerts
Experience advanced performance management.
Identify and resolve even the most elusive or complicated bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
Speed time-to-resolution and remove the guesswork of interpreting raw data by following built-in workflows
Detect meaningful patterns in resource usage and identify and resolve deteriorating performance conditions
Discover abnormal activity and track database behavior with an advanced baselining algorithm
Get integrated monitoring of transactions and customers.
Help your organization prosper by equipping application support, IT operations, development, DevOps, and business stakeholders with answers, not just data.
Capture both performance and content of every click by every user
Ensure a positive end-user experience by eliminating downtime and resolving problems faster
Maximize collaboration and accelerate incident management with a single version of the truth
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Foglight Transaction Recorder
Foglight User Experience Management
Data Protection | NetVault Backup
Spotlight on DB2 LUW
Track the user experience.
Actively monitor synthetic transactions on thin (web) and thick client applications.
Oversee and measure application performance and availability
Experience greater visibility with real-time dashboards and reports
Quickly detect and record application outages
Simplify end-user monitoring and management.
Gain a better understanding of how your users and customers interact with web applications.
Detect web application issues before they affect end users
Monitor and validate service-level agreement compliance
Quickly diagnose the cause of performance issues
Our scalable data backup and data recovery solutions safeguard your physical and virtual environments with its easy to use interface. Learn more at Dell.com
DB2 SQL performance that's optimized in real time
Improved performance for DB2 for LUW connections
Full support of DB2 for LUW 9.5 metrics
Workload management analysis drilldown
Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
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Enterprise Reporter
RemoteScan Universal
SonicWALL Mobile Connect
Stat for PeopleSoft
Experience enterprise visibility, auditing and reporting.
Get a scalable auditing, analyzing and reporting solution for Active Directory, Windows Server and SQL Server.
Ensure a smooth domain migration or consolidation project by inventorying
Implement change review process by capturing the historical configuration of Active Directory, Windows file servers and SQL Servers
Scale to environments of any size and geographic distribution
Automate report generation and delivery for multiple report consumers according to different schedules
Get network document scanning for VDI and TS/RDSH users.
Scan directly from a TWAIN- or WIA-compliant desktop or network scanner to any hosted software that requires an ISIS driver.
Supports all TWAIN- and WIA-compliant desktop scanners and imaging devices
Speeds network traffic using a highly efficient, lossless compression for transmitting data
Uses native RDP, Quest EOP and Citrix ICA/HDX protocols to avoid having to change firewall settings
Get simple, policy-enforced access for smartphone and tablet devices.
Give your employees safe, easy access to the resources they need to be productive.
Provide your employees and stakeholders with full access to allowed network resources
Enforce strong VPN encryption, authentication and granular access policies to ensure secure data access
Experience an easy deployment with SonicWALL Secure Remote Access appliances and Next-Generation firewalls
Experience simplified PeopleSoft change management.
Respond faster to updates and patches with this change management software that provides better visibility and control.
Enforce separation of duties for better compliance
Streamline migration with pre- and post-migration analytics
Automate rollback through native object support
Archive and migrate objects from SVN, CVS and PVCS
Gain more flexibility with customized reports that include unique requirements
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Space Manager with LiveReorg
DL1000 | Small Business Backup | Data Protection Appliance
Dell DR2000v Backup Disk Virtual Appliance
Toad DBA Suite for SQL Server
Optimize capacity in Oracle databases.
Reorganize your Oracle data, optimize I/O performance, plus prevent application and database downtime.
Get Oracle partitioning and space reclamation
Improve database capacity efficiency
Data protection appliance for small business. Powered by AppAssure backup, replication and recovery software
Virtual backup and disaster recovery appliance. The DR2000v delivers advanced data protection with deduplication, compression and replication.
Simplify maintenance and ensure optimal performance.
Boost your productivity with this advanced solution.
Automate, schedule and simplify time-consuming, repetitive tasks
Leverage a smooth workflow with a single suite of integrated tools
Quickly resolve performance bottlenecks through integration with SQL Optimizer for SQL Server
Use the same window to view all managed databases collectively, drilling down to objects and task execution
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Dell Enterprise Reporter for Active Directory
Toad Decision Point
Toad Development Suite for Oracle
Dell Spotlight Freemium
Active Directory discovery, reporting, and auditing across the enterprise
Comprehensive Active Directory reports provide the insight necessary to ensure Active Directory security and compliance
Pre-migration assessment
Delegated rights reporting
Scalable data collection
Simplify access and analysis for greater business intelligence.
Flexible deployment
End-user self-service
Personal workbench
Resource consolidation
Multi-view data browsing and visualization
Cross-platform connectivity
No time lag
Enable PL/SQL development best practices.
Deploy high-quality applications that perform reliably in production
Easily manage development projects and teams
Scan code for problematic SQL statements and find the most efficient SQL alternative with just a couple of clicks
Manage and measure the code quality produced by your development organization
Experience the power of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise for free
Deploy real-time monitoring across your SQL Server portfolios
View snapshots of all monitored instances using intuitive heatmap technology
Monitor all your SQL Server connections for free within SSMS
Gain insights on the performance of each of your instances
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Showing 121-140 of 172 Results
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