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Dell Force10 Networking MXL 10/40GbE Blade Switch
High-performance, full-featured 1/10/40GbE L2 and L3 blade switch
Consolidate virtualization benefits in M1000e blade deployments and apply more bandwidth to critical network links with the Dell Force10 MXL 10/40GbE Switch.
Optional FlexIO modules supported: 10GbE SFP+, 10GBase-T and 40GbE QSFP+
Up to 32 line-rate 10GbE KR ports
MAC addresses upto 128K
VLANs upto 4094
Single-wide I/O module for M1000e blade enclosure
Hardware stacking that enables up to six interconnected IOMs managed as one logical device (up to 320Gbps stacking bandwidth in ring topology)
Dell Force10 Operating System, industry-standard CLI, feature rich L2 and L3 switching and routing functionality
Dell Networking Force 10 S-Series Managed Switches
Networking Switches: S25P, S55 ,S60 ,S2410 , S4810 , S4820T , S5000
Help lower data center operating costs and improve manageability at the network edge with high-performance Dell Networking S-Series 1/10GbE switches.
MAC Addressed upto 128,000
User Traffic Capacity upto 960Mpps
Vlans Upto 4,000
Standard Optical Fibre Communication Systems
Switching fabric capacity 1.28 Tbps (full-duplex)
640 Gbps (half-duplex)
CPU memory up to 4GB
Standard Dual modular slots with up to four 10 GbE ports
48 - 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports
Chassis Dimensions (Height) 1.73" x (Width) 17.32" x (depth) 18.11"
Dell Networking Force10 C150 Chassis-Based Switch
Resilient chassis-based switches.
The Dell Force10 C-Series chassis-based switches deliver reliability, network control and scalability to support mission-critical applications with very low latency across converged networks.
Supports up to 192 PoE ports at 15.4 W with deterministic failure mode
4 line card slots
2 Route processor module with integrated switch fabric slots
6 Power supply module slots and 1 fan tray slot
Low-cost GbE/10GbE server aggregation for small- to medium-sized data centres (100s to 1,000s of servers)
Switch fabric capacity of up to 768 Gbps and up to 476 Mpps L2/L3 packet forwarding capacity
Chassis Dimension (Height) 15.7" x (Width) 17.5" x (Depth) 15.3"
Modular Dell Force10 Operating System (FTOS) software delivers inherent stability.
Line-rate, non-blocking GbE and 10GbE performance.
Dell Networking Force10 C300 Chassis-Based Switch
Resilient chassis-based switches.
The Dell Force10 C-Series chassis-based switches deliver reliability, network control and scalability to support mission-critical applications with very low latency across converged networks.
Up to 384 line-rate 10/100/1000Base-T ports with full 15.4W Class 3 power over Ethernet (PoE) support in a 13RU chassis
MAC addresses upto 512K
Supports up to 384 ports of PoE (15.4w)
8 line card slots
Chassis dimension (Height) 22.7" x (Width) 17.4" x (Depth) 14.4"
Modular Dell Force10 Operating System (FTOS) software delivers inherent stability.
In-service diagnostics and traffic visibility tools increase control of network.
Line-rate, non-blocking GbE and 10GbE performance.
SonicWALL NSA Series
SonicWALL Network Security Appliance (NSA) Series: NSA6600, NSA5600, NSA4600, NSA3600, NSA2400, NSA250M, NSA220
Get comprehensive, next-generation firewall protection that grows with the business via the winner of Search Security's "2013 Readers' Choice Award." Leverage a single platform that integrates automated and dynamic security capabilities.
Provides up to 24 processor cores per appliance
Offers some of industry's highest on-the-fly SSL decryption rates
Enables easy configuration, deployment and maintenance
Provides deep packet Inspection to uncover traffic and block threats
SonicWALL SuperMassive Series
SonicWALL SuperMassive Series: E10800, E10400, E10200, 9600, 9400, 9200
The SuperMassive 9000 Series wins "Best in Tech." And 2013 Silver Enterprise Product of the Year
Detect and block sophisticated threats with next-generation firewall platforms for large networks that offer reliable, scalable deep security at multi-gigabit speeds. The SonicWALL SuperMassive Series offers:
Patented "Reassembly Free Deep Packet Inspection" (RFDPI) technology
Intuitive, real-time visualization tools for application flow with thorough on-and-off box reporting capabilities
A powerful multi-core architecture
Application control and threat prevention with leading Gbps/watt performance
SonicWALL Email Security appliances and software
SonicWall Email Security appliance Series: 3300, 4300, ES8300, virtual appliance and Security software
Get powerful protection against email threats and compliance violations for up to 100,000 mailboxes. SonicWALL Email Security appliances and software offer real-time threat and attack information from the worldwide SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defence (GRID) network.
Dell W-Series wireless controller-based platforms
Enterprise-class wireless LAN and mobility
Full-featured mobility controllers and access points that are secure, reliable and flexible for virtually any size wireless LAN.
Supports up to 32,768(max) users
Centralized security and firewall throughput up to 80Gbps
Policy Enforcement Firewall, Adaptive Radio Management and RFProtect spectrum analysis and wireless intrusion protection
W-Series Instant Access Points (IAP)
W-IAP155, IAP155, AP134, AP135, IAP134, IAP135, IAP108, IAP109, IAP175AC, IAP75P
Dual- or single-radio models with data rates up to 450Mbps per radio
Options for internal or external antennas, indoor and outdoor models
Power-over-Ethernet or external AC adapter alternatives
SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) Series
Simplify and automate management, monitoring and reporting with powerful, intuitive tools.
Rapidly deploy and centrally manage SonicWALL firewall, anti-spam, backup and recovery and secure remote access solutions
Minimize administration overhead by streamlining security policy management and appliance deployment
SonicWALL Enforced Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
Innovative, multi-layered protection against spyware, viruses, malware and more -- inside and outside your network.
Easily deployed as well as automatically enforced and updated on Windows devices
Centrally managed end-point deployments for your entire organization
Protects every device against sophisticated virus threats, spyware and productivity-draining adware
Dell Networking N3000 Series
Scalable GbE Layer 3 switch with energy-efficient design and PoE+
Update networks with PoE+ capable GbE switches for Layer 3 distribution, featuring multi-chassis link aggregation (MLAG) and 12-unit stacking support.
Loop-free redundancy (without spanning tree) using MLAG
Technology to interoperate with Cisco protocols RPVST+ and CDP
Common CLI and GUI management interface
Dell Networking Force10 E600i Virtualized Core Routing Switch
The next step in Ethernet technology.
Enable data center networks with Dell Force10 E600i virtualized chassis-based switches designed to increase network availability, agility and efficiency while reducing power and cooling costs.
Operate a high capacity virtualized network fabric at the lowest TCO.
Up to 100 Gbps of data capacity per slot today (125 Gbps/slot raw capacity)
7 line card slots
Chassis Dimension (Height) 28" x (Width) 17.4" x (Depth) 21.45"
Ensure the network is as agile and efficient as the virtualized server and storage components.
Leverage Dell Force10's FTOS modular operating system software to deliver inherent stability, serviceability and manageability.
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