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Hi, last nice the printer was working perfectly, I scanned and...work as the computer can't detect the printer as it isn't functioning. I've...plugging everything in again. Turned of-on printer and computer. And have even taken the...

...20 different persons and answering questions about "is your printer plugged in" and other such silly questions, I thought I would...the same 10 page document and log on from the control panel to Dell Document Hub and scan the document directly to my dropbox account...

Looking to cut down paper use in the office and would like to know if there is a way to set incoming faxes to print to file?

I've got Vista x86 to install the older drivers as described previously, but Server 2008 x64 refuses to install the older driver because there is no x64 support, and the newest drivers flatly refuse to install on anything - won't install on Vista x86 or Server 2008 x64.

It would appear this is how Dell support works. My last experience was 9 transfers to 4 different departments and 2 countries, then disconnected 45 minutes of this. Perhaps buying Dell was not such a good idea.

I was told that I could download software into my MAC desktop that would allow me to connect my dell printer 926 all in one. is this true? This was told to me by a customer service agent at Best Buy. If this is true then how do I do it.
12/02/2009  |  (Forums)

...matter how I have it configured. I've been weeks with no luck. I hooked it to my Dell laptop and it worked without a hitch. The software that came with the printer is formatted for Windows only. Is there a driver or something that I need to download...

...get the following error for both: "Printer installation failed. Ini file information...presenting itself with the other, non-Dell printers that are hanging off of the network...well as the latest drivers available from Dell support. I have added a custom ports to...

Is it possible to make a double-sided copy from a document that is already two-sided? Or am I only able to make double-sided copies from documents that are one-sided?

How do you load legal size paper to the multi-purpose feeder tray?
24/09/2009  |  (Forums)

Hi, we have a Dell 3110cn colour laser printer. The colour cartridges have been low...this printer without the colour cartridges? its only...irritating that since the printer is a few years old, Dell won't answer this simple...
25/03/2012  |  (Forums)

I have a Dell 2335 Dn multifunction. When you use the ADF to copy a document it the copy comes out with a vertical black line. If I used the ADF to scan or fax there...
04/06/2013  |  (Forums)

Hello, I have the same problem with the Dell 1320c connected via USB. Can you please teach me how I can disable the auto printing of the job history report. Thanks, Paul

When I print images or tables the ink will come out smeared or hard, dry, and crusty. This seems to become worse the longer the it prints (e.g. When printing large report, 200-400 pages, the tables at the end will be worse than those at the beginning).

...tried the diagnostic suggestions in previous posts and it appears that the different mechanisms are functioning, but I cannot move forward because the error message appears every time I turn on the printer. Any help greatly appreciated.
14/07/2014  |  (Forums)

I am trying to set up the 'Scan to email' function on my new printer. I have gone into the printer setup via my browser and found the screen that I need to update but every time that I click to apply settings...

...And we all know Dell won't help...I prefer the printer wired into a...remainder files from 3115cn, call me paranoid...the panel of printer. Admin, go...that IP for the 3115cn. Then this means...will open the dell printer settings. if...

...Here's the situation: Dell 3115CN AIO networked, static...everything, other forums, Dell Support, internet...I can access the printer from browser make...hours+ already.. Dell tech sent me an e-mail...that was. Does this printer have to use a USB...

i keep getting a 117-310 error message everytime i turn my printer on...it beeps for about 5 seconds and says contact support. Can anyone help me?
19/05/2011  |  (Forums)

I'm looking at getting the Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer and was wondering its print/media capabilities. Can it print out a 2x3.5 or credit card size?

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Showing 141-160 of 1393185 Results
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