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...problems but wasnt lucky. My problem: my Printer (Dell 3000cn) recently started to scratch away color at the same spot of the paper. This starts...black spot. Afterwards you can rub away the color which is only loosely fitted to the page...

Hi I have a Dell 1320c Color Laser that prints faint blue lines every inch on printouts. Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of the lines? Thanks, Eric
02/12/2013  |  (Forums)

...Here's the situation: Dell 3115CN AIO networked, static...everything, other forums, Dell Support, internet...I can access the printer from browser make...hours+ already.. Dell tech sent me an e-mail...that was. Does this printer have to use a USB...

It would appear this is how Dell support works. My last experience was 9 transfers to 4 different departments and 2 countries, then disconnected 45 minutes of this. Perhaps buying Dell was not such a good idea.

...other than 0%) to the texture the Dell 3110 printer hangs. The display on the printer continues to say "Processing...and does not clear until you reboot the printer. We have Dell 3130 and 5130 printers, and this issue...

Hi. We have a 1320c colour laser printer and always buy the high capacity cartidges which until recently...recently we have only printed about 100 copies before receiving a printer toner low/cartridge needs changing soon message. We thought...

HayesScriven, When you contacted Dell support last year what did they have you try to do to troubleshoot the cause? Have you tried those steps again? Without knowing what you've tried I'm not sure what we can suggest as next steps to test for you.

Here is the link to the online user's manual for that model. There should be a section on cleaning that you can review. If it's "cooking" ink can you locate which part of the printer the ink is being burned at? That might lead you to where the ink leak is coming from.

...are no resolutions suggested. Dell 5100cn prints a color all over the normal print out, almost like it's leaking a certain color, or producing too much ink on...appriciated! I have cleaned the printer out and checked the the magenta...
08/06/2012  |  (Forums)

HI, I changed my black toner with a dell toner, since I did that, my colors bleed and nothing is crisp or correct. There are no particular lines or anytthing else in...

We are experiencing the same issue. Dell 5100cn prints one color all over the printed page, almost like it's leaking a certain color, or producing too much ink on the page. If you print 10 pages, on the 3rd one on it starts printing magenta...

I have a new dell 1320C that I want to run on my home network. I have 2 computers on it now sharing a printer thats directly connected to my main system...do that? Can that computer access the printer if its on a network through the router...
21/04/2009  |  (Forums)

Hi, We have a Dell 1320c on our Network. It is connected to the...it's IP Setup correctly. The Mac Driver from Dell for the printer has been installed on the iMac. The printer is visible on the network and I can connect via...

...toners . No solution. I have tried Dell's telephone assistance. " Need...problem. I have tried installing the printer on another computer, but all with...drivers, or the computer, it's the Dell printer which is the problem. Any suggestions...

We finally retired our 3000cn and 3100cn printers, but are left with about a dozen new ink cartridges. I would rather they went to someone who needed them than just go in the recycling. If you are interested, send me a private message with a way to contact you.
14/04/2014  |  (Forums)

...in my home network I have a dell 3115cn multifunctional printer. I installed the 3115cn...so I can print on my home printer when I connect to the office... when I change my default printer (dell 3115cn) to something else, everything...
06/02/2012  |  (Forums)

Every time we print a page on our 3130cn printer, it is printing faint black vertical lines, I have tried checking all of the toner cartridges, which seem to be perfectly fine...
05/03/2014  |  (Forums)

...24-969, then I fiddled with Tray 1 and printer preferences, and got error 24-910. Saw one post that said, turn printer on it side, move/jiggle/shake...update driver; select for envelopes in Printer settings from the Word merge doc...

Pieces of a red rubbery/fibery material are coming out of the right side of the printer with printed pages. Is this a piece going bad like an internal roller? Or possibly foreign material somehow inside the printer.
28/03/2014  |  (Forums)

...the award-winning Dell 5130cdn is one of the fastest color laser printers in its class...7¢ per page in color – all with output...t stop there. Dell also offers our exclusive...collateral to an outside printer can be costly and...

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Showing 141-160 of 1388276 Results
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