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目录: 满足升级 Windows 8 系统的硬件条件 使用 Windows 8 系统某些特定功能的附加要求 本文用于提供"当您的机器升级为 Windows 8 系统时电脑需要满足的条件"的相关信息 满足升级 Windows 8 系统的硬件条件 Windows 8 系统要求如果要在电脑上运行 Windows 8,必须满足以下条件: 处理器:1 GHz 或更快(支持 PAE、NX 和 SSE2) RAM:1 GB(32 位)或 2 GB(64 位) 硬盘空间:16 GB(32 位)或 20 GB(64 位) 图形卡:带有 WDDM 驱动程序的 Microsoft DirectX 9 图形设备

Electro static discharge or ESD is the sudden flow of electricity between two objects caused by contact. Some computer components are sensitive to ESD, this is why whenever working inside your Alienware Computer you need to follow the steps listed next or on the video below:

After eliminating Malware, Viruses, Network latency or ISP related slowness, follow these steps to complete a work around for this issue that has proven effective. These steps will change the TCP Window Scaling Factor to 2.

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