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Dell Acceleration Appliance for Databases Compatibility Guide
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advertise med streaming-video - Force10 S4810P
advertise med streaming-video To advertise streaming video services for broadcast or multicast-based video, configure the system. This command does not include video applications that rely on TCP buffering. S4810 Syntax advertise med streaming-video { vlan-id...

ip vlan-flooding - Force10 S4810P
ip vlan-flooding Enable unicast data traffic flooding on VLAN member ports. Syntax ip vlan-flooding To disable, use the no ip vlan-flooding command. Command Modes CONFIGURATION Command History This guide is platform-specific. For command information about oth...

disable - Force10 S4810P
disable Globally disable the multiple spanning tree protocol on the switch. S4810 Syntax disable To enable MSTP, enter the no disable command. Defaults Disabled. Command Modes MULTIPLE SPANNING TREE Command History This guide is platform-specific. For command...

rmon collection history - Force10 S4810P
rmon collection history Enable the RMON MIB history group of statistics collection on an interface. S4810 Syntax rmon collection history {controlEntry integer} [owner name] [buckets number] [interval seconds] To remove a specified RMON history group of statis...

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) - Force10 S4810P
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) The Dell Networking OS implementation of rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) is based on the IEEE 802.1w standard spanning-tree protocol. The RSTP algorithm configures connectivity throughout a bridged local area network (L...

debug spanning-tree rstp - Force10 S4810P
debug spanning-tree rstp Enable debugging of RSTP and view information on the protocol. Syntax debug spanning-tree rstp [all | bpdu interface {in | out} | events] To disable debugging, use the no debug spanning-tree rstp command. Parameters all (OPTIONAL) Ent...

description - Force10 S4810P
description Enter a description of the rapid spanning tree. Syntax description { description} To remove the description, use the no description { description} command. Parameters description Enter a description to identify the rapid spanning tree (80 characte...

match ip vlan - Force10 S4810P
match ip vlan Uses a VLAN as the match criterion for an L3 class map. S4810 Syntax match ip vlan vlan-id To remove VLAN as the match criterion, use the no match ip vlan vlan-id command. Parameters vlan vlan-id Enter the keyword vlan and then the ID of the VLA...

match ip vrf - Force10 S4810P
match ip vrf Uses a VRF as the match criterion for an L3 class map. S4810 Syntax match ip vrf vrf-id To remove VRF as the match criterion, use the no match ip vrf vrf-id command. Parameters vlan vlan-id Enter the keyword vrf and then the ID of the VRF. The ra...

match mac access-group - Force10 S4810P
match mac access-group Configure a match criterion for a class map, based on the contents of the designated MAC ACL. S4810 Syntax match mac access-group { mac-acl-name} Parameters mac-acl-name Enter a MAC ACL name. Its contents is used as the match criteria i...

policy-map-input - Force10 S4810P
policy-map-input Create an input policy map. S4810 Syntax policy-map-input policy-map-name cpu-qos | [layer2] [cpu-qos] To remove an input policy map, use the no policy-map-input policy-map-name cpu-qos | [layer2] [cpu-qos] command. Parameters policy-map-name...

queue egress - Force10 S4810P
queue egress Assign a WRED Curve to all eight egress Multicast queues or designate the percentage for the Multicast bandwidth queue. Syntax queue egress multicast linecard { slot number port-set number | all} [wred-profile name | multicast-bandwidth percentag...

service-queue - Force10 S4810P
service-queue Assign a class map and QoS policy to different queues. S4810 Syntax service-queue queue-id [class-map class-map-name] [qos-policy qos-policy-name] To remove the queue assignment, use the no service-queue queue-id [class-map class-map-name] [qos-...

show qos class-map - Force10 S4810P
show qos class-map View the current class map information. S4810 Syntax show qos class-map [ class-name] Parameters class-name (Optional) Enter the name of a configured class map. Defaults none Command Modes EXEC EXEC Privilege Command History This guide is p...

show qos policy-map-output - Force10 S4810P
show qos policy-map-output View the output QoS policy map details. S4810 Syntax show qos policy-map-output [ policy-map-name] [qos-policy-output qos-policy-name] Parameters policy-map-name Enter the policy map name. qos-policy-output qos-policy-name Enter the...

trust - Force10 S4810P
trust Specify dynamic classification (DSCP) or dot1p to trust. S4810 Syntax trust {diffserv [fallback]| dot1p [fallback]} Parameters diffserv Enter the keyword diffserv to specify trust of DSCP markings. dot1p Enter the keyword dot1p to specify trust dot1p co...

qos dscp-color-map - Force10 S4810P
qos dscp-color-map Configure the DSCP color map. Syntax qos dscp-color-map map-name To remove a color map, use the no qos dscp-color-map map-name command. Parameters map-name Enter the name of the DSCP color map. The map name can have a maximum of 32 characte...

debug ip rip - Force10 S4810P
debug ip rip Examine RIP routing information for troubleshooting. S4810 Syntax debug ip rip [ interface | database | events [ interface] | trigger] To turn off debugging output, use the no debug ip rip command. Parameters interface (OPTIONAL) Enter the interf...

distance - Force10 S4810P
distance Assign a weight (for prioritization) to all routes in the RIP routing table or to a specific route. Lower weights (“administrative distance”) are preferred. S4810 Syntax distance weight [ ip-address mask [ prefix-name]] To return to the default value...
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