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Hi, I have a Latitude E5400. The problem with my laptop is when I want to watch DVD movies using a media player(any media player), I will receive a blue...

i have an e5400, i have the harddrive partitioned with xp and 7....so i feel like this is a hardware issue. the computer will not go to...gone through the power options and lid options that both xp and 7 offer, and it still does not go to sleep. on my last latitude, the lid sensing switch was a small pin that was bumped when i closed the lid, and i do not see this on this computer...

We have the EXACT same issue. Latitude E5400 wireless works great with every adapter we have tested but the Intel 5100 and 5300. I wonder if DELL is looking at this. Dave Baughn Network Engineer II Wellmont Health System

Well, I've been told during a support phone call to Dell that Latitude E5400 model can be shipped with two differents video hardware controllers. So that 4GB RAM limitation depends on which video hardware...

" Latitude E4200 Latitude E4300 Latitude E5400 Latitude E5500 Latitude E6400 Latitude E6500 Latitude E6400 ATG Latitude E6400 XFR Dell Precision M2400 Dell Precision M4400 Dell Precision M6400 " Why isnt the...

The batter/power light on my E5400 is blinking amber. The laptop will not run on battery power. My task bar power icon shows the battery to be at 89% available...

Dear all, I'm using a Dell Lattitude E5400 on windows 10 OS. I couldn't find the Windows 10 drivers in the Dell website. As I remember, this laptop was shipped with...

I recently dismantled an E5400 to fix the wireless switch on the front of the laptop. Now that it is back together, it will not automatically recognize external...

...Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer Dell Inc. System Model Latitude E5400 System Type x64-based PC System SKU Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, 2401 Mhz, 2 Core...

...Core 2 Duo (P8400, P8600, P8700, P8800, P9500, etc). The T7250 is the base model dual-core processor option on the E5400, so it's certainly compatible also. But the T7250 is based on the older 'Merom' architecture rather than the newer, faster...

Unfortunately all of the fan controling software out there does not work well with E5400.. maybe something related with the ACPI interface... I use NHC with older Dell and ACer laptops and it is by far th best fan/cpu software ever made.

I had exactly the same trouble till I installed Win8 and discovered my latitude e5400 needed an NVidia 9200m gs driver. Go to the NVidia website and download the 9m series driver for notebooks! That'll fix it

Can both Bluetooth and mobile broadband exist in Dell Latitude E5400? If yes, where is the port bacuase I can see only 1 port (WPAN) in E5400?

...Quartz Pink as an option, and the Latitude E5400 and E5500 are available in Matte Black...The features that you need The Latitude E5400 and the E5500 laptops are designed...options like fingerprint readers. The Latitude E5400 supports options like mobile broadband...

I am not able to use the speaker port on the docking station, but sound works fine from the laptop headphone port. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John

I'm not sure how to load the BIOS menu, but it still happens when the charger is plugged in. Swinging the screen back and forth doesn't help the glitch from stopping. When I did run the diagnostics test, the glitch did still happen.

Linux setups are not my area but I've found a couple of resources on the web httpwireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers httpwww.howtogeek.com/howto/43752/how-to-install-a-wireless-card-in-linux-using-windows-drivers/ Your question might of been better posted in here

Awesome, glad to hear you got it working! I definiely understand having an extra WiFi adapter on hand, especially with it being USB, you can use it on multiple machines like you mention. Take care, Brad

Disabling the 802.11a band. Some wireless card models still feature the "a" band. If turning off the wireless (Fn+F2) lessens the choppy/skipping on your computer then disabling the "a" band is often a permanent fix if your card has that band.

Verteris Just for the record, I'm using the Dell Wireless 1510 card with Vista 64-bit on an 'n' wireless network Thanks, I'll make a note of that.

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Showing 61-80 of 4489 Results
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