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...First I installed the Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Minicard driver, A17 and the bluetooth was working fine. I then installed a...driver in order to configure my Logitech bluetooth mouse. After installing the setpoint...

...setpoint install). System: Latitude E6400 O/S: Windows 7 x64 Solutions...bios was configured properly with Bluetooth activating via the switch. Attempted...driver software Attempted to update bluetooth firmware

Hi there, trying to connect using bluetooth on my dell e6400 but it isn't working. Bluetooth indicator led is on and when i scan for devices with Bluetooth, search results on windows 7 don't show any device. Although...

There is a button on the right side right next to a sliding switch which should all you to continue with the install, I first thought it was the sliding switch as well, but one press of the button and I was installing my bluetooth driver.

Hi, Same issue in my case. Not able to switch the bluetooth device on. The solution provided does not work for I neither have list of ports nor bluetooth devices in my device manager. Happy to get proper solution from dell for it seems to...

I have the Dell Bluetooth 370 Mini card and the bluetooth bus enumerator install and as shown in the windows xp...was on the taskbar. But when i right clcik to enable bluetooth radio, it prompt and say : "Activate bluetooth using...
11/11/2011  |  (Forums)

...Dears, I have almost applied all methods. I have checked bluetooth is enabled in the bios settting. And also I applied the method...command prompt. I pressed Fn + F2 during installation but bluetooth option is not going to be on. I do not think why it is giving...
3/18/2013  |  (Forums)

Hello, I just obtained a new Dell E6400, but I have some serious strange issues. When using Nokia PC Suite with my E51 through Bluetooth.. particulary when connecting through Bluetooth the WLAN disconnects?! Angry This...
4/9/2009  |  (Forums)

I have had this exact same issue with multiple E6400 and E6500's. I have had about 8 of these since release. I swap my laptop out with a new one often and every one will randomly...

My Latitude E6400 no longer recognizes my bluetooth keyboard. The bluetooth light is on just above the keyboard. My wifi connection...en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/bluetooth-notebook-mouse-5000-cannot-be-used-in...
12/4/2012  |  (Forums)

Ah I am not alone. So it is just a design flaw. But Dell will never acknowledge that. Support told me to reload the OS. I said no and they eventually sent me a new BT card. We'll see if that helps. My guess is the driver/firmware just doesn't work correctly.

I know exactly what it is like. I had a Dell Inspiron 15 N5050. I went through five hard drives and a motherboard within one year. One year! I can't say my problem was as bad, I didn't lose out on any money. But I can assure you I had a tough time getting Dell to stand behind the product.

...solution: I performed a manual firmware upgrade of the Bluetooth device by running the following program: C:\dell\drivers...R226750\Win64\svcpack. After updating the firmware the Bluetooth is now working again:-)

...installed the Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth Mini-card into my new laptop...same situation on the phone's bluetooth - the laptop does not appear as a device. I have also tried to connect bluetooth keyboard, mouse & printer but nothing...

...about that unless it has to do with my issue and that is the bluetooth that is part of this laptop. Its not even seen in the device...and we all know that this is not a funtion of the latitude E6400. So it does not show in device manager nor do any drivers help...

I don't think I've ever seen the bluetooth light on the keyboard come on since installing Windows 7. I've installed the bluetooth device, and even the connection manager...appropriate drivers... no light. The bluetooth adapter WORKS fine, but then sometimes...
6/5/2012  |  (Forums)

Problems with the laptop Dell e6400 and possible workarounds - Problem 1 Not possible to switch...by Intel’s utility. - Problem 8 Frequently, having Bluetooth enabled drops the WiFi connection (at 2.4 GHz). Interestingly...
10/27/2011  |  (Forums)

...Vista x64 Service Pack 2 on my Dell Latitude E6400 the Bluetooth drivers of the Wireless 370 Bluetooth mini-card cause Blue Screen of Death as soon as I turn my bluetooth device (mouse) on. The device was working...

how do i activate bluethoot on vostro 1088

Try this to get it to stay..AFTER u select the check box under control panel, Sounds/Devices or whatever the menu topic was, then go back to your desktop. Right click on the task bar at the bottom. At bottom of that menu click Properties.

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Showing 1-20 of 416 Results
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