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Hi GeffShamm, Please share the system model. If it is the same Inspiron 1546, try reseating the memory module of your computer; swap and try one module at a time in each slot. Also make sure that the...

My moms 1546 was plugged into the wall during a power outage and the laptop worked as normal afterwards until the battery died. when trying...

...quickly answer. Where i can read all specification for the 1546 model? I have found on the http://www.dell.com/support...DRIVER..., RETAIL..., LAN ON MOTHERBOARD..., INSPIRON..., 1546" I not have found in ebay YM0K4 ((

... Please check if you are able to go online. In Dell Inspiron 1546 ‘F2’ button is used to enable/disable the Wireless Radio...dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/Product/inspiron-15-amd Please let me know if this helps.

Hi huey110302 , Welcome to the Community. Two beeps on system start up in Inspiron 1546 means “No RAM detected”. You can try reseating the memory of your computer. If it does not work then most likely the port...

Hi, I have the exact same problem on Inspiron 1546, but the 2 beeps occur approx 15 secs after power up. I don't think this has anything to do with the RAM. If you remove...

...to do this, I have had for a year an inspiron 1545 and let me tell you that it's...the phone) the software for webcam in inspiron does not work out, not even other software...have more problems in the future because Inspiron 1545 is not compatible with windows vista...

Hi guys, I have recently got this inspiron 1546, and im finding the display quality poor due to the screen contrast being wrong How do I adjust the screen contrast? There are hotkeys for the brightness, but i cant work out how to change the contrast. Thanks Sam
2/14/2012  |  (Forums)

...schooling and home use becoming not operational has severely impacted my life,grades ,and physical well being, my new inspiron 1546 no longer posts,and power light flashes from white to orange THE FAN TURNS ON AND EVERYTHING SEEM TO WORK,BUT NOTHING...
9/27/2012  |  (Forums)

I have 3 month old Dell inspiron 14R laptop the screen is showing up lines, when I shipped; tech support is saying it has physical damage. As of my knowledge...

I am having issues with my Inspiron 1546. It will not power up. When I plug the charger in, the power light flashes orange/red 4 times then goes to white. It will not...

i had this same issue, a friend gave me their inspiron and it was two light beeps and no video, im a tech guy myself so i looked up the beep codes and found that they were either no video...

Hi there i wonder if you could help me i have a dell inspiron with the same problem (2 beeps) over and over untill i power off, I have replaced ram and tried it in both slots but same problem...

If that part is available, the spare parts section Click Me will be the place to go. If it's less than a year old, call Dell Tech Support and they MAY be able to help you as most Dell's have a 1 year warranty.

I have checked the cmos battery and it measures 3v., so I did not replace it. With the bare essentials connected the motherboard will not post/vid, and now will not emit 2 beeps. I does, however, remain on, and the fan comes on now and then.

2 beeps is a memory error. Replace memory with know good memory and try one stick at a time one slot at a time. Preferably buy from www.crucial.com where they guarantee their memory to work on your computer.

It has to be either the memory modules or the memory module connector ports on the system board.Since you have already replaced the modules it could be an issue with the connector port.

As you have already mentioned, 7 beeps is an indication that motherboard is failing and you should consider replacing. I understand the system is intermittently working. However I suspect the issue is with the motherboard. You may also try turning on the computer without the battery and check.

I just tried the SystemRestore and I've encountered an error message about not being able to access a file so it was unable to complete the restore. It suggests my Anti-Virus may be stopping it.

If it's a third-party battery, that could be the problem. If it's a genuine Dell battery, the battery may be bad - if it's not, then the issue is a faulty system board.

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Showing 41-60 of 246 Results
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