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ODD refers to optical disc drive, so I assume that's a 5.25" drive bay, while a third hard drive only requires a 3.5" bay. So there should be plenty of room without any concern about heat issues.

We need more information than "it doesn't work" for someone to assist you.

When you first power on a PC, and before Windows starts, the video is in a basic VGA mode, and its not detecting the monitor type. When you start Windows in safe mode this is also the case. I don't think the monitor type has much bearing in Safe Mode.

Ran the hard drive tests all night - PASSED. All the other system tests PASSED. Still believe the problem is a Drive Number was assigned to the recovery partition and it should not have one. Can someone tell me how to remove the drive number but still keep the partition marked as active.

i have the same problem i can't find the option in the BIOS did any one managed to solve this ?

it seems that the BIOS will recognize by it self if there is VGA card installed or not and it will automatically change to the VGA if it detected it but in my case I've tried high-end VGA card 470 Super Clocked and of course i changed the Power Supply and it didn't work when i put low end VGA card

You can try the /fixboot command described at that link and then see if it boots. If that doesn't fix it then use /fixmbr, with the cavaet I noted above. As soon as you get this fixed, back up all your files on external media asap, to be safe.

You would probably be better off with an HD 6670 for any type of gaming versus the GT 630 given both have GDDR3 memory. You can find one HERE to meet your budget. I don't care for the low profile Palit card since the cooling won't be as good with its small fan.

How to do that Step by step for non-experts please

did you ever manage to resolve this? i am having a similar issue with an MSI n250gts thanks!

All tests were performed as per the first postwhich number slot was filled and the results: 1, 2, 3, 4 slots filled - 4 beeps (RAM Read / Write Failure) 1, 2, 3 slots filled - Will not boot 1, 3, 4 slots filled - Will not boot 1, 2, 4 - Will not boot 2, 3, 4 - 4 beeps 1, 2 slots filled - Boots,

Hi KRIS537, Inspiron 580 system BIOS does not have any option to change the shared memory. It is automatically managed by the system and is disabled if...

Hi dSpecialist, Did you make the USB 3.0 port an available boot device in the BIOS?

Hi osprey4, I can not find settings related to USB 3.0 and USB 3.0 device is not among the available boot devices. What setting should I change and how? Thanks

I have an almost identical spec 580 tower with the 750 chip. When I got it I put a 500 watt power supply and my old 9800 GT. Now I just purchased the same MSI 5770 video card off NewEgg. My only concern is that it's a PCI-E v.2.1 card. I hope it works with the 580 MB.

Well i haven't bought the card yet but it has been recommended yo me. I think my motherboard only has four SATA connectors, is that a problem? I don't really understand how SATA ports work.

Turns out one of my RAM had a problem, not really sure, but one stick prevented all the others from loading. Thanks guys.

If possible, I suggest going into the BIOS setup and resetting the configuration to factory defaults.

Hi gratimax, Glad to know that the system is working fine. feel free to reach out in case need any further assistance.

This error occured prior to memory upgrade with the factory installed memory. Upgraded memory presents the same error. The upgraded memory is compatible. The computer is only reading slot # 1

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Showing 181-200 of 1239 Results
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