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Open GL version is like Direct X version or WDDM version. There is no such thing as running directx 11 on a directx 9 or 10 hardware. INTEL GMA4500 aka INTEL GRAPHICS is not OpenGL 2.1 compliant. DirectXDirectX 10, Shader 4.0 Open GL 1.2 introduced in 2004. What you are asking for does not and will

...of multiple versions including the XP x64 drivers not mentioned on Drivers and Downloads. The new ftp website is slightly...help installing Windows XP 64-Bit on a Dell Optiplex 780 SFF. Which driver do I need? There are 3 different packages listed...

Hi Muhammad Danish, OptiPlex 780 has not been tested with Windows 8, hence the drivers are unavailable. Refer the following link for more...please try checking for the Windows 8 compatible drivers at the vendor website.

Hi Kalyan, I don't have any card in my machine yet. Strange, I don't know why Dell Optiplex 780 drivers is not available for Windows 8 ??? Best Regards, Muhammad Danish

There are Many Versions of Linux. Ubuntu has drivers for the 780 and I think Knoppix does too. Intel Q45 Express...Gigabit Ethernet Controller Downloads Network Adapter Driver for PCI-​E Gigabit Network Connections under...

Sounds like the driver you have is the basic Microsoft Display driver which has limited functionality. You can try to install...download/22166/Intel-Graphics-Media-Accelerator-Driver-Windows-7-64-Windows-Vista-64-zip- Driver installation...

...The GT710 needs a min of 300w ps. The 780 Desktop only shipped with a 255w. ...need to uninstall the onboard video card drivers so it is not detected. Specs for the GT 710 Optiplex 780 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

Hey, did you ever get to the bottom of this. I have a similar issue where the drivers are uninstalled and no matter how many times I re-install the drivers, they uninstall with every reboot.

It appears to be a video driver issue for the ATI 3450 cards (atleast...having issue with). I used Dell's driver and ATI's driver and both produced the same results...system no longer locks up. On another 780 system with XP installed I replaced...

12.8 works fine according to your experience. It´s a good information about this issue to help people, and yes optiplex is a major pain itself ;) and Dell of course it, but I´m glad to see you are capable of installing drivers properly. Regards.

...have about 150 Machines 760/780, approx. 15 got this issue... - using the latest Intel Driver - set the Power Options in the Intel Driver to Maximum Performance ...the necessary Dell Monitor INF Driver Files On the other 5 Machines...

...number? Our config base is: OptiPlex 780, Windows 7/SP1 32bit...machine to use the built in win 7 driver that comes with the OS. My...fine untill I installed intel driver ver15.17.18.2555 (dell...yet to officialy release this driver). Driver ver A07 and A10...

...2TB can only be changed with Driver or Host Bus Adapter Bios that...bundled controller. Its actually a 780 tower in the video. Seagate...Windows 7 and up Require INTEL RST Driver and AHCI to install...780. You cannot use the native driver in 10 on an older system like...

...website, I can't figure out which driver is the driver for video I don't have any aftermarket...have the latest correct video / graphics driver and how exactly do I update it? Dell optiplex 780 Small form facto core 2 duo E8400, 8GB...
3/29/2015  |  (Forums)

...Parsing step node: Dell OptiPlex 780 Drivers]LOG]!>OptiPlex 780 Drivers. Instruction pointer: 60...SMSTSCurrentActionName=Dell OptiPlex 780 Drivers]LOG]!>

Hi Alberto_RP, I meant to say that removing all USB devices while installing Catalyst 12.8 works. I'm just noting that the bug still exists regardless of what Catalyst drivers (old or new) you're using., even with the newest Catalyst drivers.

No such thing as driver that only applies to a size of unit. The drivers are based on the chipset not the size of the unit.

...I need some help with mi Optiplex 780. The problem is a failure when I update the VGA driver for ATI Mobility Radeon HD3450...hardware (VGA) when the driver recognise the video card. Only a official dell drivers is suporrted? or maybe is...
9/19/2012  |  (Forums)

...video is integrated into the board and the drivers are supposed to be by Dell, which actually made me MORE curious because when I looked at the driver in the device manager, it said the driver was supplied by Microsoft (instead of by Dell...

...having the same problem with a Optiplex 780 that we received last week...a huge issue. First the 780 started locking up no warning...machine and had to work on the drivers for that. Now today we...step how to install the proper drivers now that i have xp alredy installed...

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