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Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum. Struggling to find Optiplex 780 Video driver for XP, tried all listed under Dell driver download for XP without success. Don't really know which graphics card is installed. Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards ChowdhuryMA
6/12/2012  |  (Forums)

...screen issue on Windows 7, 760 or 780, intel GMA, with the monitor...reproduced and confirmed. It is a driver issue. Since then it has been...of is to use the Windows 7 OEM driver or the 2.5 year old A01 driver from Dell. The last driver update...

No such thing as driver that only applies to a size of unit. The drivers are based on the chipset not the size of the unit.

...Parsing step node: Dell OptiPlex 780 Drivers]LOG]!>OptiPlex 780 Drivers. Instruction pointer: 60...SMSTSCurrentActionName=Dell OptiPlex 780 Drivers]LOG]!>

...compatibility with Win 10, and isn't offering any drivers for Win 10. That doesn't mean the 780 can't run Win 10, but you may have to dig for drivers. Did you install Win 10 chipset drivers for your hardware? Did you install Win 10-compatible...

I've tried A013 and the machine still experiences this issue. I tried the latest Catalyst drivers (12.8) and the workaround you provided is still needed because A013 doesn't fix it. Thanks for the workaround, Alberto_RP Dell, please address this issue!

OK it´s just an issue on the translation process because I spanish and I don´t understand well your comment. you've finally managed to install drivers? that´s the question? Dell simply don´t take care about this issue, for sure.

Dell Support says the HECI driver is for a remote management component which isn't available on the system board I have. So the driver isn't needed.

Yes, I managed to install the latest Catalyst drivers, using your workaround fix. :) Dell moderator, I know you removed my previous post. But PLEASE address this issue. You guys list no fix or workaround. Dell, get this fixed!

The correct version of Catalyst driver in 12.3. download here x64 downloads.guru3d.com/AMD-Catalyst-12...if you follow the solution shown on this post you can install drivers without problems. It works fine on HD 6XXX series. Regards...

...video is integrated into the board and the drivers are supposed to be by Dell, which actually made me MORE curious because when I looked at the driver in the device manager, it said the driver was supplied by Microsoft (instead of by Dell...

...be just part of the chipset driver). I did all of this with...and SP3 and install and other driver. If you are using a corporate...all the hotfixes and maybe drivers for other types of desktop...just installed winxp into a Optiplex 780 w/sp3 and currently downloading...

I have just added you as a friend on the Dell Community Forum, if you could do the same please and send me your service tag and email address, I can have a look and see exactly what card you have in your machine. Kind Regards Kevin

...Presonus Studio One. It will only run with OpenGL 2.1 drivers. My display driver I believe is an Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset...blacklisted, because the application claims my display driver is not OpenGL 2.1 compliant. This is the case? I...

Hi, What is the maximum resolution you're getting from this machine now? Did you try any troubleshooting steps of your own? Thank you

They do not make a Windows 8 driver for the OptiPlex 780, but other forums indicate that I could use the Windows 7 driver. I just can't find which driver to use. My driver and screens were listed below. The source is the Basic Adapter.

Ok, Thanks, won't be updating the graphic's card for one plugin.

Please E-mail me on this e-mail

Thanks, got it. Just don't know why I can enter my service tag, find the computer, then have it say no downloads available when I do it the normal way...

...R) ICH10D/D0 SATA AHCI Controller and then click on "Driver" tab this is what I see Intel(R) ICH10D/D0 SATA AHCI Controller Driver Provide: Intel Driver Date: 03/03/2010 Drver Version: ...

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Showing 101-120 of 367 Results
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