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I've tried A013 and the machine still experiences this issue. I tried the latest Catalyst drivers (12.8) and the workaround you provided is still needed because A013 doesn't fix it. Thanks for the workaround, Alberto_RP Dell, please address this issue!

...bad English. previously i bought a dell Optiplex 780 SFF Out of warranty, With spec Dell Optiplex 780 SFF (Small from factor) Intel Core...fine about 27-42 Degree C , I updated video driver, I Degarded the BIOS (Checked diff. versions...

OK it´s just an issue on the translation process because I spanish and I don´t understand well your comment. you've finally managed to install drivers? that´s the question? Dell simply don´t take care about this issue, for sure.

Yes, I managed to install the latest Catalyst drivers, using your workaround fix. :) Dell moderator, I know you removed my previous post. But PLEASE address this issue. You guys list no fix or workaround. Dell, get this fixed!

The correct version of Catalyst driver in 12.3. download here x64 downloads.guru3d.com/AMD-Catalyst-12...if you follow the solution shown on this post you can install drivers without problems. It works fine on HD 6XXX series. Regards...

Doesn't automatically detect it, are their available drivers or a preferred one to use? Thanks,
10/18/2010  |  (Forums)

Have you tried installing the latest chipset drivers from Intel?

...changing from ATI to Nvidia, I would recommend a clean install with Driver Sweeper HERE (installer version) to see if this helps. Use this in safe mode after you uninstall the ATI driver and software. I'm not sure what your reason what for changing...

During the Windows 7 boot animation the native video drivers are not yet loaded into memory, http://blogs.msdn.com/b/e7/archive/2009/02/18/engineering-the-windows-7-boot-animation...

It appears to be a video driver issue for the ATI 3450 cards (atleast...having issue with). I used Dell's driver and ATI's driver and both produced the same results...system no longer locks up. On another 780 system with XP installed I replaced...

I know that I'll eventually need to find drivers but will they have them. I've installed Windows XP 64 Bit on another pc (an HP) and it worked perfectly but they didn't have the audio drivers. Sad

...able to assist you further. Thanks & regards, Babita S #iworkforDell To know more about Dell Product Support, Drivers & Downloads, Order & Dispatch status -> choose your region -> US Customers; UK Customers; India Customers. For Dell...

No ... XP is stupid that way. It can only look for a driver on floppy. If you don't have a floppy disk/drive, then you will need to use nLiteOS.com to integrate the driver into your installation files.

...work in a school and we ordered 80 Optiplex 780's to connect up to Promethean...Whiteboards (IWB) (replacing Optiplex GX620 USFF). Our problem is that...come on. The Intel graphics driver was installed and the latest version...
9/24/2010  |  (Forums)

I have just added you as a friend on the Dell Community Forum, if you could do the same please and send me your service tag and email address, I can have a look and see exactly what card you have in your machine. Kind Regards Kevin

You do not need an update since the video is integrated on the board. The current driver is customized by Dell for your model and requires Dell Drivers, not Intel. What version of Lightroom? That might need updating. See this-- Windows Compatibility Center

...ftp.dell.com/Browse_For_Drivers/Desktops/Optiplex/OptiPlex%20780/ http://ftp.dell.com/Browse_For_Drivers/Desktops/Optiplex/OptiPlex...ftp.dell.com/Browse_For_Drivers/Desktops/Optiplex/OptiPlex...

I have a new Optiplex 780 won't boot to the optical drive. It came with the...three fold. Is this an issue of needing a 3rd party driver for the Intel storage matrix? Is this driver accessible on the hard drive, or would I need to provide...
2/13/2011  |  (Forums)

Any word if Dell will fix this issue in the BIOS side? I have a 780MT w/ a Radeon HD 6670 and I got the BSOD unless I removed all my USB devices before the "detecting..." stage

...screen issue on Windows 7, 760 or 780, intel GMA, with the monitor...reproduced and confirmed. It is a driver issue. Since then it has been...of is to use the Windows 7 OEM driver or the 2.5 year old A01 driver from Dell. The last driver update...

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Showing 101-120 of 303 Results
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