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...aren't listed/needed for my computer and I don't know how to tell. The only one I'm still looking for is the SM Bus Controller driver. Can't seem to find it, even on the AMD website.

...I've got the yellow exclamation point next to "SM Bus Controller". "The drivers for this device are not installed...correct? http://intel-r-ich9-family-smbus-controller-293.drivers.informer.com/ 1.What is...
8/28/2013  |  (Forums)

Blittzer: The SM BUS Controller is actually a part of the Intel Chipset driver. If you have already run the installation program from the resource cd, you may want...

Same here. I've been able to reinstall all the drivers but the SM Bus Controller.

...repaired all of them but one. AND I NEED HELP my sm bus controller on the device manager has a yellow ? by it. i...reinstall and that's not going to happen. it is sm bus controller pcl bus0,device31,function3. CAN ANYONE PLEASE...
3/1/2004  |  (Forums)

Thanks! It was on the separate disc! Duh! Mark

welchs101 I installed the single intel chipset driver. This took care of the SM Bus controller but the "Network Controller" driver still needs to be installed. Any idea which one of the dell drivers this is? I seem...

SM Bus controller is CHIPSET Driver. You have malware interfering with windows installer or some other issue. Its definitely not rocket science to reinstall XP on a GX620.

botoxbeauties, The chipset drivers should take care of the SM Bus Controller. If you are unable to access the drivers on the Resource CD you can download any of them through the Downloads link above the forum.

...a yellow ? or ! under device manager. It is the SM Bus Controller. When I disable it, the next time my computer boots...new hard drive installed. Where can I find this SM bus controller or the driver that it needs? Everything else...
9/24/2002  |  (Forums)

Yes! The specific chipset can be downloaded from Dell downloads. Worked for me... (ie got rid of the SM Bus Controller exlamation!) Thanks to all who suggested it!

Yes, I did. When someone searches for 'SM Bus Controller' it still pops up as an unanswered topic. But not now........ Tiger blood with a side of winning. FACT!

...Please go to my link below to the reinstallation guide. Philip provides the proper order of driver installation. The SM bus controller drive is part of the chipset drivers. Without knowing the model, it's hard for me to know exactly what's going...


Hi. Downloaded and installed the relevant drivers but still no luck with the USB ports. They are there on the device manager ok and there are no yellow question marks at all but still no luck. Any ideas. PS thanks for the original info - great help Regards T

...Under Device Manager under Other Devices I have a "SM Bus Controller." It is not working properly. I have tried to...it. So it must exist. Does anyone know what the SM Bus Controller is? And how do I take care of it so the OS will...
8/5/2005  |  (Forums)

...my computer, which I just bought from Dell about 3 months ago (4550). My onboard ethernet connection AND my SM Bus Controller do not have drivers installed after full installation of XP, and I cannot find the any drivers for them on my resource...

...installing the chipset (R165086), network, audio and video drivers, I still have a yellow exclamation point for the SM bus controller. I tried uninstalling the device and rebooting - when I pointed the install routine to the chipset folder, nothing...

...SearchCrit=ALL&mh=200&isoCode=en&MimeType=ALL&version=2.0&q1=SMBus+Controller&submit.x=20&submit.y=8 This is Intel's page for SMBus Controllers you will need more info about your system like motherboard to find...

...message the the current OS supports all the devices and no updates are required, then the install aborts..... and I still don't have the drivers installed for the SM Bus controller. Will the safe mode resolve this issue as well?

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Showing 101-120 of 2244 Results
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