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Hey, I wrestled with trying to find the right Broadcom NIC driver for a Dell Vostro 230 for several days. (This driver turned out to be an audio driver!) Arrrrgh. I finally found this download which did the trick. [remove...

I am having the exact same problem with two brand new Vostro 230's. PCIE DVI Card added from Dell to give digital video out rather than analog. Have updated drivers, tried to flash the bios (no new bios), reinstalled Windows 7 Pro. All...

Hi all, I have just bought 2 x Dell Vostro 230 PC and I have installed Windows XP Pro on them - after installing all the drivers, validating Windows and doing all the system updates the system date reverts back to 2005!???? There is...
2/28/2011  |  (Forums)

Hi all, I have just bought 2 x Dell Vostro 230 PC and I have installed Windows XP Pro on them - after installing all the drivers, validating Windows and doing all the system updates the system date reverts back to 2005!???? There is...
3/19/2012  |  (Forums)

Meant to write "(This driver, Broadcom_57XX-Gigabit_Integr_A00_R248117.exe, turned out to be an audio driver!)" Other than that, the link in the 2nd paragraph should work.

Dear all, I am struggling for a windows XP network driver on Vostro 260 I cannot imagine there is no one, but I loaded a driver from Realtek, containing a driver for the reference found in the identification of the interface...
2/26/2014  |  (Forums)

the drivers that are online for the Vostro 230 desktop onboard ethernet does not work. can anyone help?

...DENIED. You must have Admin Rights to install drivers and you must RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. \DOCUME... Vostro Desktop 220s Vostro Desktop 420 Vostro Desktop Vostro 230 Vostro Desktop Vostro 320 Vostro Desktop Vostro 430...

Dear Sir / Mdm, I have an intention to get a Vostro 230 "Build your System" from the Dell Online Store. There are some infomations needed: 1) Are the drivers given compatible with Windows XP Professional SP2/3? 2) Is there 2nd HDD slot at the mini tower?
6/13/2011  |  (Forums)

...I'm trying to upgrade a Vostro 230 to 8 GB and found this...chips) RAM in my Dell Vostro MIG41R motherboard with...home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId...I indicated, my Dell Vostro 230 has the 7N90W, JL1117...

...DELL MIG41R M/B Vostro 230 MotherBoard 7N90W...I cannot get a driver installed for the...tried all Ethernet drivers from the Dell Support site for a Vostro 230 Windows 7 64 bit...can do to get these drivers working on this motherboard...
5/31/2013  |  (Forums)

...correct version of Windows on the Vostro 230 page before downloading the driver? If you did a clean install, did you install the chipset driver first? Without the chipset, some other drivers won't install or won't work...

I can't get the drivers to load for my dell vostro 230 for the ethernet onboard with windows 7. Can anyone help??

...utility and run that. It will install the latest Intel drivers. If the 230 is anything like the 220, the network adapter is a Realtek. Download Realtek's all-in-one network driver and try installing it. As for the system fan...

...Code 10) We have a Vostro 230 System with an Intel...video card or install the drivers. (However it does recognize...but a newer Vostro 230 system cant hang with...the 2 systems is the Vostro 230 has an Intel ICH7 chipset...things like sweeping drivers, or upgrading the bios...
5/10/2013  |  (Forums)

...system or do a fresh install of OS especially Windows 7, I usually check the Windows Update for drivers. It usually give you the list of the drivers available in your system for you to download and install from there. Which is definitely what...

...Software and chipset, the network driver isn't going to install or it just...and copy over to the desktop on the Vostro. Reboot Vostro in Safe Mode (reboot and press F8...normally and try to install the network driver again.

Similar situation with Vostro 230 and two identical Dell E207WFP...Windows 7 x64 and Intel G41 driver, I can run a...about to try the suggested driver downgrade to see if it corrects...source for the Windows 7 x64 driver www.dell...

...issue we are having on the Vostro 230 trying to run dual monitors...the issue is with the INTEL Driver. Intel has said they will...correcting the issue in any future driver releases. Currently there...or Intel driver, just search on google

Hello, This post has been entered into the incorrect queue. Can you please post your question into this forum: en.community.dell.comf Thank You.

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