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...this should display the screen on the external monitor...digital standard for connecting monitors to computers and has the...digital standard for connecting monitors to computers. DVI connections...analog standard for connecting monitors to computers. VGA connections... Back to Top 3: Touch screen Troubleshooting ...

SX2210T Touch Screen Monitor Driver Recognizes Touch Input Only From the Primary Display When 2 or more SX2210T monitors are connected to the same PC, the touch feature only works on the Primary SX2210T monitor...

...information on P2314T and P2714T Monitors . User Manuals for reference...Using the Monitor Self-Test Monitors provides a self-test feature...the Built-In-Diagnostics Monitors have a built-in diagnostic...is complete when the text screen appears. To exit, press Button...Contact Technical Support Touch Screen Issues Monitor fails...

Dell 20 Touch Monitor - E2014T
Usually Ships Within 1-2 business days
Manufacturer Part# MFT4K
Dell Part# 858-BBBE
Starting Price$249.99
Dell 23 Touch Monitor - P2314T
Usually Ships Within 3-4 business days
Manufacturer Part# DWF2X
Dell Part# 859-BBBC
Starting Price$449.99
Dell 27 Touch Monitor - P2714T
Usually Ships Within 3-4 business days
Manufacturer Part# 5478H
Dell Part# 210-ABMB
Starting Price$699.99
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