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...ahead and prepared a Support E-mail to Unibrain (my 1394 adapter and driver manufacturer...little sheepish. The IT Manager of Unibrain explained that they didn't build support...He explained that if I uninstalled the Unibrain drivers and reverted to the standard...

Kuhnesito, Have you tried the ubCore 5.72 driver(s) for Windows XP/Vista/7 & 2003/2008 Server 64 bit? See this: http://www.unibrain.com/downloads/ Tony

Francoes, That's why I asked what Unibrain device was installed. The ubCore drivers do not support FireAPI 5.x and Fire-i API 3.7x devices. The ubCore Pro drivers do. The ubCore drivers only support 1394b Firewire-800 external storage and webcams. Tony

Kuhnesito, If the driver says that you don't have a device for that driver, that sounds like you need the ubCore Pro drivers. The main differences in the two versions of ubCore are shown here: http://www.unibrain.com/Products/DriverAPI/ubcore.htm Tony

...64 bit and I even use a program called driver max which keeps me up to date in every driver but nothing has helped with the unibrain driver. it's allways with the yellow exclamation mark symbol in device manager. Any ideas? I have an XPS 435T/9000
2/11/2011  |  (Forums)

Tony, if you look that link, can clearly see that the Pro drivers are NOT needed. Even if you have a non compatible device, pro drivers can't solve that. Pro drivers just add: bus topology viewer, command-line tool and a camera control tool.

Hello, thanks! Yeah I did, strangely enough, when I run the driver it tells me that I don't have a device for that driver.

...Microsoft 1394 drivers, rather than the Unibrain drivers, which didn't build in support...I got a reply from an engineer at Unibrain justifying their omission of functionality...evidently unmoved.) The chipset on my Unibrain 1394B card is definitely Texas Instrument...

...Dell, and succesfully installed, a Unibrain FireWire-800 IEEE 1394B interface...incident, including the replacement Unibrain 1394 drivers and utilities. The FireWire...a FireWire viewer utility supplied by Unibrain, and that can detect the camcorder being...
3/19/2013  |  (Forums)

...check with my 1394 adapter provider (Unibrain) for any driver/update issues...Microsoft 1394 drivers, unloading the Unibrain drivers, but it's still low on my...camcorders.) I may try a support E-mail to Unibrain, to check on potential 1394 bus driver...

...FireWire bus viewer. That is a part of the Unibrain 1394 driver/utility set: ubCore 3...utilities) can be downloaded off the www.unibrain.com website. I believe it will run...Since I bought my 1394B adapter from Unibrain, I got the software on a CDROM, with...

...I'll start by submitting a query to Unibrain Support, to check whether they have...drivers. By the time I hear back from Unibrain (hoping they have good support...completed my "Registry dive", and assuming Unibrain isn't able to provide any helpful information...

...by everyone and still not achieving any success, I wrote to unibrain yesterday asking for help. I received a response immediately...compliant hardware is supported by the Microsoft drivers. The Unibrain engineer recommended using Fireboard Red or Fireboard Blue...

...none worked. I tried alternative driver for 1394 as well. Unibrain makes driver for 1394 that was linked from TI's site and...driver is just a click on a tray icon. http://www.unibrain.com/download/download.asp However the situation...

...drivers, v. 5.70 (latest release: April 2010) unibrain.com/Products/DriverAPI/ubcore.htm'>http://www.unibrain.com/Products/DriverAPI/ubcore.htm It worked for me. cheers

...processors. Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition. UniBrain Fireboard 800 64-bit adapter card. will not enumerate...is an SBP2 Compliant IEEE 1394 device installed, with the UniBrain driver enabled. WD MyBook RAID Manager cannot detect this...
10/1/2007  |  (Forums)

...Device manager rapport that the unit works, but it does not.... I have tried several drivers (OHCI, OHCI Legacy, Richo og Unibrain driver). Has Dell a driver that works? Kind regards Steinar Thorvaldsen University of Tromsø, Norway

...by Plug and Play. When I went and looked, I have about 45 oem.inf files in my \Windows\Inf directory, including the Unibrain and JVC (Pixela) USB drivers. Unfortunately, I don't know what is supposed to happen with your Canon DV drivers...

...some type of hardware diagnostic tool. I found nothing. Just a software tool better used by developers. http://www.unibrain.com/home/ It's what got me on my "why am I working SOOO hard to get a PLUG AND PLAY device to work on Windows...

Thanks for the info on the Unibrain Firewire viewer. The URL method is the only picture method this forum supports, I think. "Low tech" can be "Only tech" sometimes. I'm hoping I can do some troubleshooting of my own this weekend.

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