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Intel X520-T2 Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter
Designed for multi-core processors, optimized for virtualization.
Intel® Ethernet X520-T2 is the newest 10GBASE-T adapter to join the 10 Gigabit X520 series of server adapters designed for multi-core processors and optimized for virtualization.
Form factor: Low-profile, 5.73 inches long, measured without PCI bracket
Transfer rate: 1/10 Gbps
Ethernet ports: Two
Dell M8428-K Converged 10 Gigabit Switch
Helping extend virtualization efficiently throughout data centers
Dell M8428-k is a converged 10GbE switch module for the Dell PowerEdge M1000e Modular Blade Enclosure, with 600ns low-latency, wire-speed cut-through 10GbE performance, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) switching and low-latency 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC) switching and connectivity.
Extend server virtualization to the network
Optimize data center infrastructure
Integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure
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Showing 2 Results
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