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PowerVault ML6010 Tape Automation Library
Premier Modular Tape Library - 5U
Intelligent, modular tape library for disaster recovery, backup and archiving in an entry-level SAN
5U control module supports additional 9U modules to build capacity
Full-featured monitoring, diagnostics & servicing
Up to 864GB/hr backup rate (with 2 LTO4 drives)
Up to 28.8TB  native storage capacity
PowerVault ML6030 Tape Library
Premier Modular Tape Library - 23U
Intelligent, modular tape library for disaster recovery, backup and archiving in an enterprise-level SAN with Capacity on Demand capabilities
Builds upon the 5U control module with 2 additional 9U units
Full-featured monitoring, diagnostics & servicing with a continuous robot
Up to 4320GB/hr backup rate (with 10 LTO4 drives)
Up to 174.4TB  native storage capacity
PowerVault ML6020
Premier Modular Tape Library - 14U
Intelligent, modular tape library for disaster recovery, backup and archiving in a mid-level SAN with Capacity on Demand capabilities
Builds upon the 5U control module with an additional 9U unit
Full-featured monitoring, diagnostics & servicing with a continuous robot
Up to 2592GB/hr backup rate (with 6 LTO4 drives)
Up to 102.4TB  native storage capacity
Dell PowerVault NX3200
Put the latest storage technology to work for you.
PowerVault NX3200 network-attached storage effectively manages both file and block data, with advanced software for efficient, adaptable data sharing.
36TB internal capacity, with 12 data drives in a compact 2U chassis
Options up to 600GB SAS or 3TB near-line SAS
Managed file services across Server Message Block (SMB) and NFS with File Services Resource Manager (FSRM).
PowerVault NX400
File sharing and collaboration made simple.
PowerVault NX400 network-attached storage offers automated setup, NL-SAS and SATA options and data management capabilities for efficient, adaptable data sharing.
Support for up to 12TB internal capacity in a compact 1U chassis
Options for up to 2TB SATA or 3TB NL-SAS
iDRAC and Java Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) remote management features.
Dell AX4-5F and AX4-5I
Small and Medium Business and Remote Office SAN Array
Affordable, Simple and Scalable storage area network (SAN) designed to meet the data storage challenges of small to medium businesses and branch offices of larger organizations.
Fibre Channel or iSCSI network connection
Supports up to 10 servers
Up to 60 SAS and SATA drives
Up to 60TB capacity with SATA drives
Dell PowerVault DL4000 appliance
Comprehensive data and application backup and recovery
Deploy comprehensive data and application backup and recovery for the physical and virtual servers that power your business with PowerVault DL4000.
Two Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2640 product family CPUs (6-core, 2.5GHz)
Dell AppAssure backup, replication and recovery software
Ten 2.5" hard drives (two 300GB SAS; eight 1TB NL SAS) in a 1U chassis
PowerVault NX200 Tower Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Simplify data growth, increase resource utilization and lower ownership costs
Ideal for small businesses, the PowerVault NX200 tower features four hot-swappable SATA hard drives with up to 8TB of total NAS capacity, an Intel CPU and 2GB memory for sustained high performance with low power consumption.
Maximum capacity: 8TB (with 4x2TB SATA drives)
Software: Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 (basic edition)
Form factor: Tower NAS server
Dell PowerVault NX3300
Built-in efficiency and high-availability clustering.
PowerVault NX3300 cluster-ready network-attached storage offers efficient deployment and integration, with high availability to simplify data management.
Single Instant Storage (SIS), Distributed File System (DFS) and File Services Resource Manager (FSRM)
iDRAC7 and OpenManage featuring Dell Management Console (DMC)
Intel® Xeon® E5 2600 series processors
Dell EqualLogic PS6210 Series Arrays
Accelerated performance with simplified management
New-generation EqualLogic arrays that streamline storage management and improve and simplify performance for lasting value.
Feature-rich EqualLogic Array 7.0 firmware
Automated load balancing and tiering to optimize resources and performance
10GbE connectivity with two 10GBASE-T or SFP+ ports
Dell EqualLogic FS7600 and FS7610
Higher performance and storage in less space
Optimize file storage with EqualLogic FS7600 and FS7610 NAS appliances and the scalability, flexibility and efficiency of the new FluidFS v3 file system.
Save space with policy-based deduplication and compression.
Protect data with enterprise-class features.
Scale performance and capacity without disruption.
Dell Compellent SC280 Dense Enclosure
The best rack unit density of any major storage solution.
Store more data in a smaller footprint with the Dell Compellent SC280, the densest storage enclosure from any major storage vendor in its class.
Up to 336TB in 84 x 4TB drives in a single 5U enclosure
Enables a 2PB NAS solution in a single 48U rack
6Gbps SAS connectivity
Dell EqualLogic PS6010XVS iSCSI Array
Intuitive data availability and high bandwidth for tiered workloads.
The PS6010XVS virtualized iSCSI arrays are ideal for optimizing responsiveness of applications through high bandwidth and intelligent tiering of data, within the array, across low-latency SSD and performance sensitive 15K RPM SAS hard disk.
Combines 100 GB SSD drives and 450 GB 15,000 RPM SAS drives within one array
Intelligent tiering of data within the array across disk based on previous I/O patterns
Increased throughput performance from 10GbE technology
Dell EqualLogic PS4110E 10GbE iSCSI SAN Storage Array
Cost-effective, high-capacity 10GbE iSCSI SAN array
Improve storage capacity, performance and connectivity for your small or midsize business with cost-effective EqualLogic PS4110E 10GbE iSCSI SAN arrays.
Up to 12 capacity-oriented NL-SAS 3.5" HDDs with up to 36TB1 capacity
Lowest cost per terabyte in the PS4110 line
10GbE ports with SFP+ and 10GBASE-T flexibility
Dell EqualLogic PS6100XS ICSI SAN Storage Array
SSD performance and HDD capacity in a GbE iSCSI array.
Experience SSD low-latency performance with spinning media HDD capacity in one storage solution with the Dell EqualLogic PS6100XS iSCSI array.
Seven high-performance, low-latency 400GB SSDs
17 high-capacity 600GB HDDs
13TB capacity
Dell Compellent FS8600
Bring enhanced FluidFS to the Dell Compellent Storage Center.
Supports up to 2PB in a single namespace and helps cut capacity needed for unified storage and file-intensive workloads by up to 48%.
Up to 2PB of manageable capacity in a single FluidFS namespace with Storage Center OS (SCOS) 6.x and two Storage Center SANs.
Policy-based variable block deduplication and compression of storage that hasn't been accessed for 30 days or more
True scale-out architecture, achieving up to 494,000 SPEC OPS
Dell Compellent flash-optimized solutions (SC220)
High-performance, low-latency solutions for data-intensive enterprise applications
Gain up to 2x price advantage over competitive hybrid-flash solutions and up to 5x price advantage over other all-flash solutions..
Enhanced Storage Center 6.4 firmware
Compact 2U SC220 enclosure
Automatic tiering across SLC and MLC SSDs and traditional rotating drives in the same platform
Dell EqualLogic PS6510E Storage Array
Highly Scalable Enterprise 10GbE iSCSI SAN
EqualLogic virtualized architecture combines the performance of 10GbE technology with the dense capacity of 1TB SATA drives, ideal for tiered storage applications needing random IOPS performance and increased bandwidth
Scales seamlessly up to 768TB in a single SAN group
Efficiently manage data with all inclusive software suite
Improved backup and recovery by increasing bandwidth and decreasing time
Dell EqualLogic PS6100X ICSI Storage Array
Balanced, efficient iSCSI arrays for enterprise storage needs.
Deploy-high performance, high-capacity and cost-effective Dell EqualLogic PS6100X arrays for Microsoft® exchange servers, databases, virtual environments and more.
24 high-performance SAS HDDs
Up to 21.6TB capacity
Space-saving 2U chassis
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