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Dell Force10 Technical Support
Technical information regarding Dell Force10 products, access to software upgrades and patches and the ability to open and manage cases. Available 24x7 for assistance with troubleshooting, configurations and general information.
...Thank you for posting the utility. Â Asset Tag Utility The Asset Tag utility allows you to enter an asset tag number...screens. The procedure for installing the Asset Tag utility is the same as for all the system utilities...

Hello Trying to run Dell's asset tag utility on an Optiplex GX620 we just received...Tag field, but when I boot to the asset tag utility and try to run it I get a message stating...version A01 and didn’t help our asset tag utility problem. Any ideas/help would...
2/27/2006  |  (Forums)

...clarify : I need a utility to set the asset tag etc. in the A32 BIOS. ] I would like to know whether the ASSET.COM utility is... I'm asking this question because all the posts in this BIOS forum indicating compatibility via (almost) all Dell Modules...

Hi Corey, And it did :) Thanks :) Michael

Change out the mobo on a Precision 450. There was not a utility disk in with the new part to change the service tag. I have the utility for laptops, but it does not support the 450's. Could someone point me to the download location for the one I need? Thanks.

to use with cd you need SATA CDROM drivers which exist but hard to find  do you have dell laptops? if they came with floppy drives and the external cable you can use that instead

If need be the Service Tag number and Asset Tag number is recorded in the BIOS and displayed on the BIOS Setup page, but that doesn't help if you wish to print out that information. There are third party utilities...

I have the Service/Asset Tag number, I just no longer have the program that tells you what it is.

The only Asset tag utility that I know of that is available for download is the asset.com program. This program is a MS-DOS utility for assigning the...

Hello there I understand the term, now where can I find the utility for my Optiplex?

Rijko, Thank you very much for your response, that's the information I was looking for.

it worked for me on the C400, C600, C610, D600, GX150,GX240, GX260, GX270, WS650. Every Dell i got, it worked. BTW, also the XPi, CP, CPi, etc. the golden oldies..

hksscom, Thank you for using Dell's Community Forum. I think that file should work.

It's not on any disk. Open the front door/flap of the computer and the Service tag will be on a small sticker there. Write it down for future reference. You can also go to www.belarc.com and download a utility that will read all the computer info--hardware, software, service tag etc. http://www.

I checked the Dell Resource CD (didn't come with my system, had to persuade Dell to send it to me) and it's not there either.

The utility is posted at ftpftp.dell.com/utility/Z8314R14.exe Know you know: How to edit the Dell System ID How to change the Dell System ID How to modify the Dell System ID How to update the Dell System ID Message Edited by Stephen Charles Thompson on 10-22-2008 12:56 AM Message Edited by Stephen

The reason the system needs to reboot is so the changes to the NVRAM settings take effect.  Also, you are usually booting from a floppy or CD, so you'd need to reboot anyway in order to get Windows up and running.

Good to know. Glad I asked.

...DCCU) is a tool for managing Dell clients through BIOS updating, shutdown/restart, asset/inventory...SMBIOS, CMOS and OS parameter setting. http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/smdccu/ ftp://ftp...

Check the Drivers&Download page for your system model. If it's not listed there, chances are that it's not available from Dell. I wouldn't risk using the utility designed for a different model. If it screws up, you might need a new motherboard.

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Showing 1-20 of 678065 Results
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