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I have finally solved the problem by turning off the auto hibernation setting in Windows Vista. Just go to "change advanced power settings"->sleep>hibernation and change to "never" for both "on battery" and "plugged in".

...responses. I found via dell's refurbished site a new in the box d630, XP Pro, WXGA+ screen, with the T7100 1.8 core 2 duo...7200 HD, blue tooth, standard touch pad, 6 cell standard battery, 1390 G wireless card, 3-year mail in warranty. $1009...

reseat battery and AC adapter. if that fails then your motherboard is on the fritz, get it fixed before something real bad happens.

...from the link below: http://dell.to/XnCEnA Note: While flashing BIOS connect the Ac adapter and make sure the battery has minimum 15% charge as this needs uninterrupted power supply. Do not use the system till it restarts and comes up to the...

Start by: Removing the battery and unplugging the system. Hold the power button for 30 sec. Remove and reinstall both memory modules. Verify that the...

...the add-in Nvidia video card? If so, it is my bet that you need to install the latest driver for it. Pull the power cord and then the battery for 30 seconds. Now try to boot. It should come up. If so, install the driver. HTH

Finally got new battery and dled the bios version A18 but still don't recognize my batttery so won't let me update bios =(.. hmm what to do now..

SpeedStep is an Intel program that saves battery life and cuts down on heat by halving the speed during low usage. Read about it. Research it online for more info and ways around it.

This is happening on either AC Power or Battery. There hasn't been anything used to modigy NIC Settings. No changes to XP power save or any other feature. В В

Thank you , for your response ^__^ going to order and New battery and then update bios...... let you know ..

...pin and sleeve and tell us what you see. Should be 19.5VDC coming out of the adapter. Will the laptop work without the battery plugged in and only the AC adapter connected? Can you try the AC adapter on another Dell laptop? Lets work together and see...

...check the settings, and it was set to turn off to save power, but when I've had this problem before, I haven't had it on battery; there shouldn't be any reason for it to be saving power. I did change the setting, though, so hopefully, it will work...

...unresponsive. D key unresponsive. As for the 3 LEDs, do you mean the NumLock/ScrlLockCapsLock group, or the power/HDD/Battery group? Booting gives me a NumLock in the first group, and a power and intermittently flashing HDD light in the second...

...thinks it has enough power from the AC adapter to power the computer, but not enough to power the computer and charge the battery simultaneously..This AC adapter is a genuine Dell 65 W unit. I've ordered a genuine Dell 90W unit which should hopefully...

I had this happen to me, I am no expert**** did you try removing the battery for a couple min reinstall then trying to boot up, also the drive comes out easily, remove it and boot up the system. I did...

...all the static energy drained. The problem starts after I power up. It powers up fine, so it's not an A/C adapter or battery problem. The laptop loads fine at the Dell splash screen. But then the laptop takes me to a black screen with texts that...

More info required: Â On or off of a D-Dock/ APR? Â On AC power? On battery? Â Has the Dell Quickset utility been used to modify the NIC settings? Â Any changes to the XP power save features?

That's where I'm at too. Thinking it's the motherboard. But I was just curious if anyone else had ever encountered the whole battery light just flashing once then going out thing. I couldn't find anything even remotely close on google. But thanks for the response Wade.

Remove the hard drive, dvdrom drive, pccard, battery, and memory. Unplug it. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Put back in the memory and plug it into the A/C adapter...

In XP there is a control panel called "Internal NIC Configuration" ... you can change the setting there to always activate the NIC on battery.

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Showing 141-160 of 423 Results
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