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...non-technical. I booted to BIOS (A17), loaded BIOS defaults, saved, and...Speedstep enabled, the D830 was clocking down to match...baseline for a few more D830 experiments. I have a...departments. Driver and BIOS updates were generally...

...that problem. I guess when you completely reinstall the OS, BIOS settings must go back to default, and hence to SATA IDE mode...despite AHCI being properly selected in REGEDIT (start - 0) and BIOS (SATA AHCI). If true, this is certainly a bug. Unless there...

...get a corresponding error. You may try resetting the system BIOS to defaults. Please follow the steps below: Power on and...and press Press to ‘Save and Exit’ from BIOS. Keep me posted with the results. I will be glad to assist...

...We've recently upgraded to a Dell Latitude D830. On the D830, there is a noticeable delay in...I've tried several different D830 notebooks and the issue is the...Inspiron. I've updated the BIOS and the network card drivers...

read the information posted by DELL-Terry B en.community.dell.com/.../19369809.aspx and afterwards you might want to watch the video BTW - In your case I don't think that a BIOS update will fix the problem

...coin cell battery The last one did the trick - machine booted right up with the expected error about settings not matching. After a quick run through BIOS screens and save, it rebooted perfectly and everything has worked fine since.

Hello - Does anyone have any insight into the situation regarding the D830? It appears there is still no BIOS update to fix this bug on the D830, and that makes it a couple of weeks since the last two (M1330 and 1400) and a month...

I have updated the bios with the current release and it did not make a difference to the probelm that I am having. The following is the blue screen error...

Thank you for your help, I will try downloading the BIOS update and see if that makes any difference.

Enter the bios (Onboard devices section) and change Sata Operation to ATA, then change the "flash cache" to off. Save changes on exit.  Xp will install now  D830.jpg picture by mombodog

I have the latest BIOS (A02) for my Latitude D830. It still does not work. I also have tried the latest drivers (both signed and unsigned) from Intel and Dell. Nothing fixes the issue.

Where I work someone is having a problem imaging a Latitude D830 that came with Vista on it. She wants to blow Vista away...driver, but I saw this on an HP system where we had to disable BIOS setting for the HDD called "Native Mode"

...change IDE to SATA. That is the type of hard drive that is actually installed on your computer and cannot be misidentified in the bios. Change it back if you have an IDE hard drive and reboot to the Windows 7 disk and install the new OS. You should run the Windows...

...thread, and it seems I may have been suffering from the issues associated with the Intel drivers. So, I've updated my BIOS to A12 as recommended. My question is, should I now go back to the factory image from Dell, or is my system okay to move forward...

Status update: Dell released a new BIOS version (A12) that fixes the problem on the Dell XPS M1330 notebooks. Unfortunately, still no fix for the Latitude D830 machines :-( Â Regards, jenz Â

... If it is not a problem with the switch, is the Dell Quick View Utility Running? Is the Mini PCI slot enabled in the BIOS? Does the wireless adapter show up in Device Manger? Is there a wireless connection shown in Network Connections? Please provide...

...Momentus 7200.2 and this harddisk has a SATA-II interface. Why should I run this harddisk in the slower ATA mode if it is a SATA-II disk ? There must be a way to either change it in the BIOS or provide a SATA driver for Windows

I had a similar issue with my D830 connecting two external usb HDD. Updated drivers and bios did not help. Reinstalled Windows XP and problem went away. It was a pain, but fixed the problem. Good Luck!

Sarcago wrote: Sorry, better late than never: The update seems to have solved the problem. At last. I'd be curious what the VBIOS version is. It has 4 digits. You can see it in System BIOS or igfxcfg tool / Information / System.

...wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Turbo_Memory  Windows XP installed drivers for the Turbo memory function and in the BIOS the feature was linked to SATA function. When choosing ATA mode the internal flash has to be disabled.  Vista is still...

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Showing 61-80 of 439 Results
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