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...apologise. I need help! My girlfriend's Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop has a built up webcam, Creative Labs 1.3mp I believe. The problem is, this webcam, gets picked up fine and stuff (that seems...
10/21/2011  |  (Forums)

After running system recovery on my Inspiron 1545 laptop, my webcam does not come up again. Each time it request for installation of camera software which I have downloaded from dell site and its still not working. Is there any particular software for it? Pls somebody should help.
2/7/2010  |  (Forums)

...i'm having weird USB problems with my dell inspiron, it keeps saying that there is an unrecognized...without me plugging anything in. my built in webcam also isn't working, everytime i open the dell webcam central software it says "please plug...
10/8/2012  |  (Forums)

...laptop for about a year or so now and it's all been fine until recently the built in microphone has stopped working. The webcam works but not the microphone and whenever I go on video chat I can never talk and it's really frustrating. I have Windows...
10/21/2011  |  (Forums)

...webcam. Try reading... Troubleshooting the Dell Webcam and Dell Webcam Central Software You can try this file, also known as Dell Webcam Central. Create a new unrestricted user account...

... last Friday i went to dell service center and asked them to check my laptop's webcam. And they have checked the cable connection of webcam and the mother board. They...is no any problem with the webcam cable and the mother board...

...i keep the device manager open while i open the dell webcam central, the webcam works again...if i close the device manager and open dell webcam, it does not work....so idk, i've been...

I got my dell inspiron this August, and just about a month ago all the webcam effects stopped working. I can't make my pictures black and white or sepia or use any of the avatars or backgrounds. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have had the Notebook for a cpl of years Dell Inspiron 1545. I have always used it with single USB connector...Sometimes - it seems to 'reset' the USB ports - if my webcam is on it will go pitch-dark and then gradually become...

...steps that the wizard suggested, but now the Webcam Central won't work. When I click on it, it says Please plug in a supported webcam. !!!!! I checked on Chat Roulette to see if my webcam would automatically work on that site and it...

i am using dell inspiron 1545 and it webcam is not working properly,i am using...shots of drivers details and the webcam central error kindly provide me support...installed drivers drom website of dell but these drivers make nothing change...
12/6/2011  |  (Forums)

Royan And Pudgyone, Dell Webcam software has the drivers package...details. *Make sure the previous dell webcam software has been uninstalled and...before installing this version. Dell Webcam Central 2.0

...gone to My Download Locker and Dell Webcam Central isn't there. I can use my webcam with yahoo and skype, but Dell Webcam Central isn't in my list of programs...Is there somewhere I can find Dell Webcam Central so I can uninstall it and...
5/20/2013  |  (Forums)

pfslou You have been put through a lot and my apologies for the same. Here is the link to download the Webcam Software for Windows7. Dell Webcam Software Hope this works out.

do to dell not puting up the drive i made a copy of it its the dell inspiron web cam app so i hop thus helps megaupload.com

Hello, I have a 1545 and have reinstalled windows, the device drivers from dell's website and the webcam central software from the CD. I find that...problem, or can anyone confirm with a 1545 that the internal mic is working? If this...
8/22/2009  |  (Forums)

...I had recently reinstalled the orignal Dell OS disks onto the hard drive. I then upgraded...Had to find new drivers for the Wlan and webcam. Then I used the crucial EZgig software...CTFDDAC256MAG-1G1 is conpatible with the inpsiron 1545.
12/4/2011  |  (Forums)

I have the exact same problem and these instructions do not help me as the Imaging Device category does not exist in my Device Manager. I was planning on using my integrated web cam at my wedding and reception this saturday (10/15/2011) so this could not have happened at a more inopportune time.

...the laptop. Then reinstall Dell webcam central. This is key. I used a windows vista version of webcam central from 2008. If you...available (from another old dell computer I had) reinstall the webcam central that came with your...

...same/similar problem. ( integrated webcam not working on dell studio 1535 laptop) Symptoms are: Webcam is not detected, and so Webcam central...I've downloaded the driver for the webcam from the dell site.( the latest one, and the...

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Showing 41-60 of 499 Results
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