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Dell PowerEdge C2100 Rack Server
PowerEdge C-Series C2100
Designed to maximize space, power and cost efficiency in MapReduce,Web analytics and cloud environments, the Dell PowerEdge C2100 rack server combines high memory and high storage density in a dense, purpose-built 2U chassis.
Two six- or quad-core Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 or 5600 series processors
18 registered DDR3 memory slots for support of up to 144GB
Up to 10 x 2.5" drives or 4 x 3.5" drives for up to 8TB maximum internal storage
Dell PowerEdge C5220 Microserver
Highly efficient microserver in a shared-infrastructure chassis
Enhance your hosting, CDN or Web 2.0 performance, cooling and efficiency with up to 12 high-density, feature-rich PowerEdge C5220 microservers in a PowerEdge C5000 shared-infrastructure chassis.
Intel® Xeon™ E3-1200 processor per node
4 DDR3 ECC UDIMMs per node
2x 3.5" or 4x 2.5" HDDs per node
Dell Basic PDU
Economical power distribution for your data center.
Simplify power management and get the capacity you need with a Dell Basic PDU. Choose from 1.4kW to 21.6kW units in 0U/1U or vertical designs.
Economically provide power to data center components.
Simplify cable management.
Move, add and change rack equipment without an electrician.
Dell PowerEdge C6105 Rack Server
PowerEdge C-Series C6105
Efficient and affordable, the Dell™ PowerEdge™ C6105 AMD processor-based server offers exceptional work-per-watt performance for scale-out computing, Web 2.0 environments, hosters and cloud builders.
Four-node 2U chassis
One or two AMD Opteron™ 4000 series processors per node
12 x 3.5" or 24 x 2.5" hot-plug SAS, SATA or SSD hard drive options
Dell PowerEdge C6145 Rack Server
PowerEdge C-Series C6145
Get fast answers to tough problems with the PowerEdge C6145, the only server in its class with two 4-socket AMD Opteron 6100 processor-based servers in 2U. Featuring up to 96 cores, up to 1TB memory and up to 40Gbps I/O per card, it helps satisfy your need for speed and efficiency.
2-node 2U shared-infrastructure 4-socket server
AMD OpteronT 6100 8/12 core processors
3 - PCIe Gen 2 x16 slots, 1 - x8 Mezzanine card, 1 - dedicated host interface card (HIC) per node, 10 total PCIe slots
Dell PowerEdge C5125 Microserver
PowerEdge C-Series C5125 Microserver
Tap into the concentrated power of the Dell PowerEdge C5125 microserver. Pack up to 12 PowerEdge C5125 microservers in a 3U chassis to promote efficient power use and help lower costs.
AMD AM3 CPU (Athlon II, Phenom II) per node
4 DDR3 UDIMMS ECC per node
2x 3.5" or 4x 2.5" HDDs per node
PowerEdge C6320 Rack Server
Maximize hyperscale compute and storage performance and efficiency
Maximize hyperscale performance with up to 4 independent server nodes, flexible storage and shared infrastructure in a compact 2U chassis.
Harness the capabilities of Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v3 processing with Dell's award-winning shared infrastructure servers
4 independent, configurable, 2-socket server nodes
Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 (iDRAC8) with Lifecycle Controller
Density optimized 2U shared infrastructure with up to 144 cores and 24 x 2.5" drives or 12 x 3.5" drives per chassis
Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager
Manage physical and virtual resources through a single console.
Dell AIM is an infrastructure management and provisioning software solution that operates in the "control plane." It helps you simplify the management of heterogeneous hypervisors, servers, storage devices and networks, and offers a smooth migration path toward a virtualization.
Easier to provision, simpler to change
Lets you reuse what you have: no RIP and replace
Can help breaking through virtualization roadblocks
Dell Line Interactive Rack UPS
Protect your data and shut down properly during a power outage.
Protect your data in the event of a power outage and help prolong the life of your equipment with an easy-to-install, easy-to-manage Dell UPS.
With Ready Rail installation and matching designs, a Dell UPS integrates easily with your Dell servers and network equipment.
Every Dell UPS comes with power management software that enables a wide range of control options and convenience.
Enjoy a 3-year warranty on your UPS hardware and battery.
Dell PowerEdge C8000 series
Ideal hyperscale-inspired building block for data centers.
Optimize data center space and performance with the PowerEdge C8000, featuring compute, GPU and storage nodes to run several workloads in one chassis.
Server nodes powered by next-generation product family
reduces power and cooling costs through shared chassis, high-efficiency power supplies and fans.
individual compute, storage and GPU nodes can be mixed and matched as needed to run multiple workloads in one 4U chassis.
Active System 200
Virtualization made easy.
Easily managed prebuilt converged system with servers, storage and networking for midsize data center needs.
Preconfigured rack with Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge servers, Dell Networking switches and EqualLogic storage
Supports Microsoft® Hyper-V or VMware ESXi™ hypervisor technologies
Active System Manager for efficient infrastructure configuration and lifecycle management
PowerEdge FX converged architecture components
Build the infrastructure your workloads need with customizable PowerEdge FX server, storage and networking resources.
Dell PowerEdge FX architecture helps businesses grow efficiently by simplifying the data center with modular server, storage and networking blocks.
The FX compute sleds, powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, deliver an exceptional amount of computing power in compact, scalable packages.
Take advantage of OpenManage systems management portfolio, used across other PowerEdge servers, with the FX2, or leverage the embedded chassis management.
Rapidly scale dense direct attached storage (DAS) in your FX
Dell PowerEdge C1100 Rack Server
PowerEdge C-Series C1100
The high-performance PowerEdge C1100 offers massive memory and storage support in a 1U form-factor, to meet the demands of the densest datacenter environments.
Two six- or quad-core Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 or 5600 series processors
18 registered DDR3 memory slots for support of up to 144GB
Up to 25TB maximum internal storage, with 2.5" and 3.5" drive options
Dell PowerEdge C6100 Rack Server
PowerEdge C-Series C6100
With four two-socket server nodes in a 2U rack chassis, the Dell PowerEdge C6100 is a hyper-scale-inspired building block for high-performance cluster computing (HPCC), Web 2.0 environments, and cloud builders.
Storage and drives: up to 24TB SATA or near-line SAS; supports 24 x 2.5" or 12 x 3.5" HDD/SSD
Memory up to 96GB (12 DIMM slots): 2/4/ DDR3 (1066MHz or 133MHz)
One of the only servers in its class with hot-pluggable, individually serviceable nodes
Dell PowerEdge C5000 Chassis
3U chassis with shared mechanicals, power and cooling for up to 12 microservers.
Get more from your data center floor space with PowerEdge C5000 chassis and PowerEdge C microservers. The 3U C5000 chassis features a shared infrastructure for up to 12 microservers to maximize server density and help lower power and cooling costs.
3U rack mount supporting either up to 12 PowerEdge C microserver sleds
Shared mechanical, power and cooling infrastructure
Hot-swap server nodes and power supplies
Dell PowerEdge C6220 Server
Get the right performance and fit for your most demanding workloads.
Help maximize performance with the hyperscale-inspired PowerEdge C6220, featuring up to four independent, hot-swap, 2-socket server nodes in one 2U chassis.
Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family is next-generation technology designed specifically for servers.
DDR3 RAM with 1600MHz speed, up to 16 DIMMs per node
Smart ,efficient design helps save 100W per chassis over previous-generation PowerEdge C6100
Shared infrastructure platform for office environments.
PowerEdge VRTX integrates servers, storage, networking and management in a compact shared infrastructure optimized for office environments.
PowerEdge VRTX Product Video & Awards
PowerEdge VRTXPowerEdge VRTX - InfoWorld Technology of the year 2013PowerEdge VRTX - CRN Product of the year 2013
Quick View on PowerEdge VRTX Specs
Tailor infrastructure to the job with compact blocks of server, storage and networking that neatly combine in the PowerEdge FX2 2U rack chassis.
Dell EMC PowerEdge FX architecture helps businesses grow efficiently by simplifying the data center with modular server, storage and networking blocks.
Easily and rapidly scale the resources your workloads and business require.
Tailor infrastructure precisely, with the right, power, storage and connectivity to meet specific workload needs.
Implement an unprecedented level of IT infrastructure density, allowing more services using fewer resources, resulting in overall lower costs
Dell PowerEdge 4220 Rack Enclosure
PowerEdge 4220 Rack Enclosure
Designed to provide enterprise efficiency for all sizes of data centers, the Dell PowerEdge 4220 rack enclosure can hold a wide variety of IT equipment, offering simplified component mounting and storage plus enhanced power management and effective cooling.
Available in standard, wide and deep versions
Excellent airflow with 80% perforated doors
Superb design facilitates more cabling and power distribution options
PowerEdge Energy Smart Containment Rack Enclosures
Affordable, easy-to-use rack containment with passive air management
Help improve data center airflow distribution with the PowerEdge Energy Smart Containment Rack Enclosures-affordable, easily installed, stand-alone cold-air cabinets for raised-floor data centers.
PowerEdge Energy Smart 4020S (40U) and 4620S (46U) models
Integrated cold-air containment with solid-panel front door
High-density capacity, up to 25kW of IT equipment at 25°C
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