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Azure Active Directory Management Tool | Dell Software
Manage hybrid on-premise/Azure-based Active Directory environments with enhanced search and change notifications with Active Administrator for Azure Active Directory.
Quick Connect Express for Active Directory
Synchronize objects and passwords in your enterprise.
Get an easy-to-use application that takes 15 minutes to set up and sync between systems
Experience efficient synchronization of users, groups, group memberships and most other objects in AD
Get company- and consultant-friendly hosting
Enjoy extended functionality using integrated PowerShell scripting
K1000 as a Service
Get comprehensive support across multiple operating systems.
Experience cloud-enabled, efficient and fully-integrated systems management for your laptops and desktops, regardless of the OS.
Discover and inventory all hardware and software throughout your network
Track assets and create compliance reporting comprehensively
Assess vulnerability plus identify, lock down and quarantine endpoint security vulnerabilities
NetVault Bare Metal Recovery
Image-level backup and recovery solution quickly restores your servers
Rapidly restore your servers after a failure - even without a functioning operating system.
Preserve end-user and business continuity after a failed server or disk drive
Ensure servers are back online immediately following a failure
Establish offline block-level backups and online full-partition backups, as well as Windows VSS-based backups
Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition
Simplify restoration from an Active Directory forest disaster
Quickly restore an entire domain or Active Directory (AD) forest after a disaster or AD corruption. Be able to restore some domain controllers from backup, and others through demoting and re-promoting them.
Restores directory objects without restarting domain controllers
Restores domain controllers in a domain or forest simultaneously from one central console
Server Administrator for SharePoint
Optimize your infrastructure and configurations.
Improve system manageability, performance, availability and security.
Compare configurations and settings between farms and servers to detect disparities
Identify risks based on best practices with ratings
Create best practice rules for performance, manageability, availability and security with PowerGUI
Single Sign-on for NetWeaver
Extend your Active Directory SSO capabilities.
Broaden the native Kerberos Single Sign-on capabilities of Active Directory (AD) to NetWeaver Application Server or NetWeaver Portal.
Implement AD-based "Kerberized" SSO for SAP applications
Operate in existing SAP environments with full support
Use with the full range of AD environments
MessageStats for Lync
Maximize ROI of Microsoft Lync.
Get enhanced reporting that tracks unified communications usage, and analyzes trends.
Create custom usage reports, and determine appropriate billing and chargebacks
Monitor Lync server usage to derive a better plan for server growth and infrastructure budget requirements
Develop and subscribe to custom usage reports that monitor Lync server trends
AppAssure Doc Retriever for SharePoint
Simplify backup and restore.
Restore SharePoint documents and items to a file system directly to your original production environment
Ensure compliance in all restore operations because it works through supported SharePoint APIs
Browse your backup directly with SharePoint browser; search your full content and locate any object in just seconds
Foglight for Java
Get Java application performance that's production-ready.
Improve Java performance management by isolating application problems in the transaction path and identifying the causes.
Oversee Java performance and availability from end user to the database
Track individual user issues in production with pinpoint diagnostics
Experience a fully integrated architecture that provides comprehensive end-to-end monitoring
Foglight for .NET
Simplify Microsoft .NET monitoring.
Improve the performance and availability of Microsoft .NET applications. Monitor and diagnose problems in real time to help ensure the availability of Microsoft .NET applications.
Oversee .NET application performance and availability from end user to the database
Identify performance problems down to the offending code
Track individual user issues in production with pinpoint diagnostics
Knowledge Portal
Experience compliance reporting through a simple, unified portal.
Facilitate scheduled and ad hoc reporting (at once or granularly) for a complete business summary into IT.
Ensure your environment is secure and meets IT compliance protocols by comparing your current environment to a standard framework and determining a compliance status
Schedule reports and ensure they're distributed to stakeholders in order to baseline the environment, as well as track changes to security rights and groups
Automate the distribution of important directory and activity information on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
NetVault SmartDisk
Accelerate backups and deduplication.
Leverage disk-to-disk backups and powerful data deduplication that save storage space and significantly reduce storage costs.
Easily deploy and manage this single solution that integrates seamlessly with NetVault Backup and vRanger
Distribute network, disk and deduplication resources, plus improve load balancing and performance
Simplify data storage by consolidating all of your physical and virtual backups
RemoteScan for LAN
Easily share a single document scanner with multiple users.
Experience a simple, secure desktop and network scanner connectivity for LAN
Supports all TWAIN- and WIA-compliant desktop scanners and imaging devices
Speeds network traffic using a highly efficient, lossless compression for transmitting data
Toad-Mac Edition
Simplify database management for Mac users.
Arrange code in a consistent, readable format, and verify code prior to execution
Navigate database objects, and execute stored procedures and functions with ease
Recall the last 100 statements executed within the SQL worksheet
Foglight Performance Analysis for SQL Server
Get detailed wait-event analysis and optimized performance.
Quickly identify the cause of performance deviations, along with any changes to the SQL Server environment.
Reduce overhead with deep SQL-level collection and analysis
Maximize performance with built-in analytics and business intelligence that allow you to review workload data
Quickly identify out-of-bounds activity with the IntelliProfile® learning baseline algorithm
Foglight for Exchange
Simplify virtual Exchange monitoring.
Quickly detect, diagnose and resolve performance and availability problems affecting Microsoft Exchange servers in physical and virtual environments.
Receive unparalleled insight into virtual Exchange applications
View critical load areas and abnormal flow of data using intuitive dashboards
Identify Exchange components residing on virtual infrastructure so you can troubleshoot issues directly in the virtualization layer
Foglight for Operating System
Simplify operating system monitoring.
Monitor and manage the operating system that underlies every application, database, network device and server running in the environment.
Provide a consistent management approach to all diverse operating systems
Connect different parts of your IT environment as one centralized platform
Create alarms and events based on the operating system content and file
Tailor the behavior of standard system elements based upon utility discovery
Spotlight on Messaging
Simplify email server troubleshooting and diagnostics.
Easily perform real-time diagnostics and quickly resolve problems.
Receive a single, comprehensive view of platform-specific diagnostics, and your entire messaging system
Rapidly deploy and collect diagnostic data with minimal impact
Defender Mainframe Edition
Experience the benefits of two-factor mainframe authentication.
Achieve two-factor authentication for your entire IBM System z mainframe network or single business transactions.
Validate users before they enter the network, and protect your applications and transactions
Select a solution that fits your needs (with support for any OATH-compliant token)
Accelerate message warnings (including NewView alerts) to a central host or operator console
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