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Desktop Authority Management Suite
Experience centralized, secure and consistent desktop management.
Easily target user configurations
Customize user-based configurations without logon scripts
Balance security with user productivity
Keep mobile users working while maintaining a secure network
Dell DR4100 Disk Backup Appliance
Improve backup performance without adding complexity.
Reduce the amount of data that needs to be stored, and significantly improve your organization's backup and recovery processes.
Enhance disaster recovery with bi-directional, many-to-one replication
Experience fast, easy backups and recoveries with a disk platform that leverages advanced deduplication technology
Active Administrator
Easily improve your security and productivity with this Active Directory management solution.
Overcome gaps in native tools with an integrated, proactive solution
Streamline the application of security policies and permissions
Track changes in Active Directory and group policy by leveraging alerts and reports
Restore OUs, users, attributes, security and more from automated backups
Simple, affordable, impact-free Oracle replication
Experience near real-time data integration. This advanced tool uses change data capture functionality to deliver data to structured and unstructured databases. Plus, dell-software-shareplex:
Offers data accuracy and integrity
Offloads time-consuming reports beyond your main production database server
Supports Oracle Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
Hyper-V and VMware VM Backup | Dell Data Protection vRanger
Migrate Jive and Yammer social networks with Dell SoftwaVMware, Hyper-V backup replication and recovery software solution. Protect virtual machines and physical windows server environments with agentless backup/restorere's Migration Manager for Enterprise Social content migration tool.
NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server
High-speed SQL Server backup, compression and restore for better performance
Ensure high-speed, storage-efficient backup and restore for SQL Server databases. Decrease backup size, storage costs and restore times by up to 85%.
Reduce time spent managing and monitoring SQL Server backup and recovery
Restore individual objects and query backup files without a full database restore
SQL Navigator
Write code better and faster.
Deliver high-quality applications faster than ever with ability to write, edit and maintain database objects through automation and an intuitive graphical interface.
Determine software quality, abbreviate test cycles and reduce error rates
Alleviate maintenance efforts
Discover software changes and identify high-risk code
Toad Data Point
Accelerate querying, data integration and reporting.
Connect to all your relational and non-relational data sources
Simplify data integration with drag-and-drop cross-platform queries
Transform and cleanse data with ease
Toad for Oracle
Dramatically enhance development and administration productivity.
With the top productivity solution for Oracle® database development and administration, you can:
Maintain code integrity through team coding and integration with version control
Automate your configurable, objective code reviews and reports
Identify gaps between intended and actual functional code execution and automate functional code testing
Trace your sessions and visually display Oracle trace file output
Site Administrator for SharePoint
Centralize permissions management, usage reporting and policy management.
Get discovery and granular SharePoint reporting that covers your environment
Give content owners the tools and reports they need, and free up your time from tedious management tasks
Benefit from enhanced pre-migration reporting
Experience comprehensive security control
KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
Systems deployment appliance solution that's easy to use, efficient, and fully integrated automated systems provisioning and software distribution.Learn more at Dell.com
Spotlight on Oracle
Diagnose performance problems to quickly fix bottlenecks.
Visualize and diagnose performance problems within your Oracle and Oracle RAC environments in real time to quickly eliminate bottlenecks.
Real-time diagnostics for Linux, Unix and Windows OS
Enhanced top SQL drill-down
Trace files analysis
Troubleshooting instance
Alert log reader
Toad DBA Suite for IBM DB2 LUW
Streamline administrative tasks.
Make life simpler for DBAs of all experience levels.
Diminish administration expenses through automation
Decrease DB2 LUW database ownership costs, plus shorten development cycles through speedy problem resolution
Ensure that new applications meet business requirements, and perform well in production
Cloud Access Manager
Automate and streamline access governance.
Identity Cloud Access Manager helps you simplify the access management process by leveraging an automated architecture.
Access governance
Visionary architecture
Automated provisioning
Self-service lifecycle identity management
Complement existing investments
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise
Monitor, diagnose and optimize SQL Server performance.
Detect and diagnose performance issues easily with overview of performance data
Receive instant alerts at the server level and determine root cause
Resolve issues proactively, before they impact the business
Monitor SQL Server performance from anywhere at any time
SQL Optimizer for Sybase ASE
Optimize SQL performance through SQL validation.
Detect and analyze problems directly by running SQL statements, T-SQL or other source codes. This advanced tool eliminates manual, time-intensive tasks, and actively searches for ways to improve performance.
Diagnose bottlenecks by comparing and presenting SQL activity data
Proactively target inefficient SQL statements by analyzing SQL query plans
Easily generate, view, delete and amend abstract plans and groups through a graphical interface
Toad DBA Suite for Oracle
Increase performance and availability.
Become more proactive with this robust set of Oracle DBA tools.
Ensure proper maintenance, performance and change
Predict the impact of changes on production instances
Maintain and manage schemas, including compare and sync
Simulate the production environment by replaying database workload in development or on test databases
Dell Content Migrator for SharePoint
Content migration tool for SharePoint and Windows file shares
Move content and its version history quickly and easily without data loss or downtime
Copy and reorganize content across SharePoint to meet business needs
Preserve, reassign, and add metadata to content as it is migrated to enhance its business value
Empower site owners to move and classify their own content confidently and without risk
Enterprise Reporter for SQL Server
SQL Server discovery, reporting, and change auditing for enhanced database security
Compliance and security visibility
Permission reporting
Preserve, reassign, and add metadata to content as it is migrated to enhance its business value
Empower site owners to move and classify their own content confidently and without risk
Toad Extension for Eclipse
Perform Oracle development tasks in Eclipse with ease.
Seamlessly work with Oracle databases - and eliminate the need for multiple tools - with this free Eclipse plug-in. Toad Extension for Eclipse:
Displays configured database connections
Browses through schema objects
Highlights detailed information about an object
Edits and executes SQL statements
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