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Toad Extension for Eclipse
Dell Statistica
Identity Manager
Authentication Services
Perform Oracle development tasks in Eclipse with ease.
Seamlessly work with Oracle databases - and eliminate the need for multiple tools - with this free Eclipse plug-in. Toad Extension for Eclipse:
Displays configured database connections
Browses through schema objects
Highlights detailed information about an object
Edits and executes SQL statements
Easy-to-use predictive analytics software with built-in data scientist expertise
Optimize processes and increase revenue with Statistica
Simplifies data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning
Provides a complete platform that supports the entire analytics lifecycle
Identity management solution that automates and streamlines access governance
Achieve your IAM objectives, while saving you time and money
Realize faster time-to-value by achieving successful deployment
Minimize your coding requirements and provide you with automated provisioning of all resources
Extend authentication to your entire enterprise.
Active Directory for Unix, Linux and Mac
Audits, alerts and change tracking
Administration, configuration and management
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Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10000 Series
Change Auditor for Cloud Storage
Coexistence Manager for Notes
Unified Communications Command Suite (UCCS)
Establish enterprise firewall security, performance & scalability with these features:
Block threats, not performance
Protect against today's emerging threats
Easily monitor and control application traffic
Change Auditor for Cloud Storage audits, alerts and secures data going to and from the cloud. With this tool, you'll be able to know when users are accessing, creating, modifying, uploading and downloading files and other data to and from cloud storage sites like Dropbox and OneDrive. Secure data and reduce data leaks with automatic encryption of cloud activity with zero impact on end users. Features include:
Cloud storage auditing and data leakage protection
Provides a fast and consolidated forensic review of what's happening in and out of the network
Real time alerts of security related events
Related searches and best practice reporting
Enables continuous access from anywhere using a web browser
Simplify your migration with seamless, secure user collaboration.
Ensure seamless collaboration between IBM® Lotus Notes® and Microsoft® Exchange to maintain business productivity throughout your coexistence period.
Active mail processing
Directory synchronization
Free/busy connection
Calendar sharing
Link tracking
Unified Communications Command Suite (UCCS) streamlines the complexity of managing multiple communication platforms and delivers a flexible solution. Harness the valuable intelligence in your UC system to:
Increase user productivity, encourage adoption and improve system performance
Obtain insights into your communications
Protect sensitive information
Plan for future growth and migrations
Manage both Lync and Exchange platforms
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DNS Monitoring and DNS Troubleshooting | Dell Software
Foglight for Oracle
Migrator for Notes to SharePoint
Quick Apps for SharePoint
Active Administrator for DNS Management allows for users to proactively manage, monitor and troubleshoot DNS health and availability in a single and easy to use console.
Get continuous, scalable, web-based monitoring for your Oracle Environment.
Accelerate problem resolution with this advanced solution. Experience continual remote database monitoring and data performance correlation across your Oracle environment.
Global view
Built-in intelligence
Adaptive baselines
Automatic instance discovery
Achieve easier, faster migrations with no data loss.
Migrate your Lotus Notes, QuickPlace/Quickr and Domino.Doc applications to SharePoint on-premises, online and hybrid environments with high-data fidelity and minimal downtime.
Scan and plan service
Rules-based automation
Easy provisioning
Dynamic document destinations
Experience rapid application development.
Free up development resources and satisfy business requirements without costly custom coding.
Create sophisticated forms without costly InfoPath development
Accelerate application development cycles with ready-made templates
Build easy-to-maintain applications up to 80 percent faster - without any custom coding
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Discovery Wizard for SQL Server
Kitenga Analytics Suite
Recovery Manager for Active Directory
RemoteScan Enterprise
Monitor your network for changes and detect SQL Server instances
This simple software solution enables you to:
Take inventory of network databases, including data amounts
Choose which databases to consolidate
Review database history, including installation and creation dates
Find the SQL Server versions and service packs currently deployed
Business analytics with big data insight
Experience integrated information modelling and visualization capabilities in a big data search and business analytics platform. This advanced software tool provides:
Next-generation information retrieval with a rich search and visualization engine
Flexibility to configure functional widgets for individual analysis needs
Sophisticated user-facing search experiences with a configurable designer toolkit
Automatic suggestions based on extracted metadata
Back up and recover without going offline.
Ensure availability and avoid productivity loss with automated backups that quickly restore Active Directory and keep it online.
Recover whole sections of Active Directory as well as individual objects and attributes
Restore directory objects without restarting domain controllers
Let users scan documents in any virtual environment.
Gain access to TWAIN scanners connected directly to client workstations, using any software running on vWorkspace, Terminal Server/ Remote Desktop Session Host (TS/ RDSH), VMware or Citrix servers.
Permits sharing of all scanners on a network
Leverages highly efficient, lossless compression
Uses native RDP and ICA protocols to support TWAIN scanners
Locks down scanner settings to limit the impact on your network
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Virtual Directory Server
Quick Connect for Cloud Services
Asset Manager - Discovery Edition
Foglight for PeopleSoft
Boost your operational and administrative efficiency.
Modify data presentation on the fly, and abstract back-end data from client applications.
Accelerate performance with features such as load balancing and failover algorithms
Use granular filtering to effectively control firewall operations and network traffic
Establish an easily scalable architecture through managed Server Groups
Automate identity and access management tasks.
Extend provisioning to cloud-based email and collaboration services.
Use Quick Connect wizards to configure synchronization profiles
Synchronize password changes in Active Directory with connected systems
Automatically reconcile associated objects between source and target systems
Experience discovery and tracking for optimal application migrations.
Experience intelligent software recognition, identification, normalization and categorization
Detect unused applications and remove them before the migration
Get Active Directory integration
Simplify your application monitoring.
Experience visibility into your entire environment - from end user through the application servers.
Detect and solve issues proactively before end users are affected
Lower the total cost of ownership for PeopleSoft systems
Enhance application compliance and adherence to service levels
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Showing 61-80 of 172 Results
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