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Foglight Performance Suite for SQL Server
Monitor, diagnose and analyze your SQL environment.
Manage the health of your SQL environment, accelerate problem resolution, simplify workload trend analysis and generate customized reports.
Resolve performance issues on SQL Servers (physical, virtual and Azure) and other platforms by determining the most critical issues (using instance alerts) and then taking immediate action
Speed time-to-resolution and remove the guesswork of interpreting raw data
Determine the location and cause of waits by diagnosing your wait statistics
Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition
Get free virtualization performance monitoring.
Easily assess VM performance and health, and perform capacity monitoring.
See performance and host issues across your virtual infrastructure
View all VMs, hosts and datastores across multiple vCenters and data centers on a single screen
Evaluate host capacity throughout your environment
Detect inefficient datastores and VMs
KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance
Systems deployment appliance solution that's easy to use, efficient, and fully integrated automated systems provisioning and software distribution.Learn more at Dell.com
Spotlight on Windows
Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve performance problems.
Swiftly detect and fix problems in your Windows® environment before they impact users.
Detect the source of problems by seeing the actual operating system activity, I/O and kernel
Get visual and audible alerts about impending problems so you can take action before end users are impacted
View all critical components on a single screen
Spotlight on MySQL
MySQL performance diagnosis that's delivered in real time
Rapid problem detection
Speedy diagnosis
Visual representations
Archive Manager
Complete software solution for email archiving
Capture, retain and - using advanced search - discover and explore Exchange.
Gain value fast by rapid deployment without installation on user desktops or email servers
Easily access archived messaging data while offline or from a mobile device
Retrieve messaging data quickly to satisfy legal requests
Boomi AtomSphere
Sync data across applications with the top integration cloud
Connect any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software or appliances. Eliminate the costs associated with integrating and maintaining integrations using legacy middleware, appliances or custom code. Boomi delivers:
Rapid time-to-value
Easy access to cloud or on-premises data
Significant cost savings over traditional integration solutions
Toad for MySQL
Quickly create and execute queries.
Automate database object management and easily develop SQL code with this freeware development tool. It offers:
Version control integration
Macro record and playback
Database browser
Code snippet editor
Security manager
SQL editor
Mobile Management
Experience secure, cloud-based application and content management.
Manage and provision access to iOS and Android smartphones or tablets from any device with a browser and internet connection.
Provides visibility and control over mobile devices
Empowers end users with extensive self-provisioning, management and reporting tools
Delivers an integrated view of all devices, applications and policies across the end-user community
Toad for SAP Solutions | SAP Development and Administration
Toad for SAP solutions is a development, administration and performance tool that automates routine tasks for increased accuracy.
JClass DesktopViews
Build powerful JSE applications.
Experience advanced 3D charting, printing and reporting, GUI extensions and enhancements, tables and grids, circular and linear gauges, and more.
Incorporate the power of high-quality charts and graphs in your GUIs
Display your data in interactive, 3D form
Use this essential Java grid to create professional forms and tables
Obtain professional reporting and printing power in Java
SharePlex Connector for Hadoop
Get an easy-to-use, Oracle-to-Hadoop data connector.
Load and continuously replicate changes from an Oracle® database to a Hadoop® cluster.
Includes all the necessary tools for Oracle-to-Hadoop data integration
Delivers optimized, high-performance data loading from Oracle to Hadoop
Provides an easy-to-use GUI dashboard for monitoring your SharePlex environment
Stat for Oracle E-Business Suite
Ensure complete Oracle change management.
Experience total change management for your Oracle environment - no matter what version.
Get third-party version control support
Create reports according to unique requirements (including global parameters definition, style and layout preferences, additional fields from the SQL query and more)
Benefit from pre- and post-migration steps on distributed environments
Execute the steps directly from the mass migration wizard instead of opening each individual CSR
Use the Mass Migration Wizard to specify the migration order for automatic CSR moves
VMware ESXi and ESX replication for simple, fast disaster recovery
Experience easy, speedy VMware ESXi and ESX replication optimized for image-based data handling. This software tool:
Delivers flexible, cost-effective disaster recovery through virtual appliance for ESXi data replication
Automatically detects and resolves failed passes by intelligently managing replication jobs
Protects data through secure encryption, both in network transmission and at the target archive
Helps ensure recovery and usable replica images by validating data
Dell DR6000 Disk Backup Appliance
Enterprise-level, purpose-built backup-to-disk appliance
Reduce backup storage requirements by up to 93 percent with a complete solution that works with your backup application.
Get up to 180TB of usable storage capacity (after RAID6 and deduplication) using 4-terabyte drives and four Dell PowerVault MD1200 expansion shelves
New protocol accelerators, Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS
Enhanced replication and file sharing
Easy integration with your existing backup and disaster recovery workflow
Dell Enterprise Reporter for Windows Servers
Windows Server discovery, reporting, and auditing across the enterprise
Compliance and security visibility
Local policy assessment
Permission reporting
Scalable data collection
Customizable reports
Dell Migration Manager for PSTs
Migrate PST files to Exchange 2010/2013 or Office 365 with ZeroIMPACT
Identify, filter, and migrate PST files to primary or archive mailboxes in Exchange 2010/2013 and Office 365, quickly and reliably
Advanced Detection
Direct-path Migration
Agent-less Detection
Multi-threaded Performance
Toad for IBM DB2 z/OS
Streamline database development and administration.
Generate SQL queries easily with a GUI-based query builder
Improve SQL quality through an interactive tuning lab
Create and manipulate database objects through intuitive GUIs
Streamline workflow and automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks
Customize the UI to save time and suit your needs
Dell Change Auditor for SonicWall
Quickly detect security threats and improve compliance
Search, report, and alert on activities performed or blocked against monitored cloud storage sites or web sites through SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewall devices using Change Auditor for SonicWALL.
Cloud storage auditing
Web site auditing
Real-time alerts on the move
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Total Virtual Data Protection
VMware data protection and recovery delivered with blazing speed.
Protect your entire VMware environment with:
Rapid, image-level backup that minimizes backup windows and restore times
Easy and quick recovery of select files, virtual machines (VM) or entire hosts
Searchable backup catalogue with "right-click" restore that simplifies recovery
Exchange object discovery at the forensic level
Object-level and site-level SharePoint recovery
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