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RepositoryStatus - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
RepositoryStatus Enum: RepositoryStatus Table 1. RepositoryStatus Property Name Property Type values ["pending", "copying", "error", "available"]

DCIM_Sensor - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_Sensor Property Description Caption The Caption property is a short textual description (one- line string) of the object. CreationClassName Indicates the name of the class or the subclass used in the creation of an instance. When used with the other key ...

DCIM_ConcreteComponent - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_ConcreteComponent Property Description GroupComponent The parent element in the association. PartComponent The child element in the association.

DCIM_InstalledOS - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_InstalledOS Property Description GroupComponent The ComputerSystem. PartComponent The OperatingSystem installed on the ComputerSystem. PrimaryOS Boolean indicating that the OperatingSystem is the default OS for the ComputerSystem.

DCIM_AssetOwnerInformation - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_AssetOwnerInformation Property Description ElementName The user-friendly name for this instance of SettingData. In addition, the user-friendly name can be used as an index property for a search or query. NOTE: The name does not have to be unique within a...

DCIM_InstalledSoftwareIdentity - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_InstalledSoftwareIdentity Property Description InstalledSoftware The SoftwareIdentity that is installed. System The system on which the software is installed.

DCIM_ParallelPort - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_ParallelPort Property Description BaseIOAddress An integer value that represents the base I/O address used by the parallel port. ConnectorType ConnectorType is defined to force consistent naming of the 'connector type' property in subclasses and to guara...

DCIM_BootSourceSetting - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_BootSourceSetting Property Description BIOSBootString A string identifying the boot source which corresponds to the string used by the BIOS to uniquely name the boot source. For example, in systems which implement the BIOS Boot Specification, the string ...

DCIM_AssetWarrantyInformation - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_AssetWarrantyInformation Property Description Cost The total cost of the warranty service on a system. Possible values are: 0..32767 = DMTF Reserved 32768..65535 = Vendor Reserved Duration The number of days or months that the warranty is to be in force....

/FirmwareRepository/connection - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
/FirmwareRepository/connection Description Tests the connection to a remote path Method post Response Class FirmwareRepository Response Content-Type: application/xml, application/json Parameters Table 1. Parameters Parameter Value Description Default Value Pa...

DCIM_SAPSAPDependency - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_SAPSAPDependency Property Description Antecedent The required ServiceAccessPoint. Dependent The ServiceAccessPoint that is dependent on an underlying SAP.

Chassis - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
Chassis Name: Chassis Table 1. Chassis Property Name Property Type Required managementIP string false deviceId string false managementIPStatic boolean false credentialRefId string false serviceTag string false assetTag string false health Health false control...

Deploy a new Service - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
Deploy a new Service Here, after having previously gotten an existing ServiceTemplate by name, and saved it to a file, we then set the required parameters in the ServiceTemplate file, and finally embed the ServiceTemplate into a prefabricated Deployment struc...

PhysicalType - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
PhysicalType Enum: PhysicalType Table 1. PhysicalType Property Name Property Type values ["BLADE", "RACK", "SLED"]

ServiceTemplateComponentSubType - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
ServiceTemplateComponentSubType Enum: ServiceTemplateComponentSubType Table 1. ServiceTemplateComponentSubType Property Name Property Type values ["CLASS", "TYPE", "HYPERVISOR"]

IpRange - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
IpRange Name: IpRange Table 1. IpRange Property Name Property Type Required startingIp string true endingIp string true id string false

DCIM_ElementConformsToProfile - Dell Command | Monitor 9.1.2
DCIM_ElementConformsToProfile Property Description ConformantStandard The RegisteredProfile to which the ManagedElement conforms. ManagedElement The ManagedElement that conforms to the RegisteredProfile.

/Network/{networkId}/ipaddresses - Dell Active System Manager Release 8.3
/Network/{networkId}/ipaddresses Description Find IPs of network by id Method get Response Class [ IpAddress ] Response Content-Type: application/json, application/xml Parameters Table 1. Parameters Parameter Value Description Default Value Parameter Type Dat...

4Kn Drive Support - Dell Compellent SC4020
4Kn Drive Support Storage Center 7.1 adds support for native 4K sector drives. Native 4K drives use a 4096-byte sector size instead of the legacy 512-byte sector size.

Data Center Bridging (DCB) Support - Dell Compellent SC4020
Data Center Bridging (DCB) Support Storage Center 7.1 supports data center bridging (DCB) services. Dell Storage Manager displays DCB information for supported I/O cards, such as switch names and features of the switch port that an iSCSI port is plugged into....
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Showing 121-140 of 317632 Results
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