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Stack Group/Port Numbers -
Stack Group/Port Numbers By default, each unit in Standalone mode is numbered stack-unit 1. A maximum of two 10G stack links can be made between two units in a stack. There are four stack groups. Each 10G port is a stack group. The front end ports accommodate...

Configuring NTP Authentication -
Configuring NTP Authentication NTP authentication and the corresponding trusted key provide a reliable means of exchanging NTP packets with trusted time sources. NTP authentication begins when the first NTP packet is created following the configuration of key...

Commas -
Commas The following is an example of how to use commas to add different interface types to the range, enabling all GigabitEthernet interfaces in the range 5/1 to 5/23 and both GigabitEthernet interfaces 1/1 and 1/2. Example of Adding Interface Ranges Dell(co...

RIPv1 -
RIPv1 RIPv1 learns where nodes in a network are located by automatically constructing a routing data table. The routing table is established after RIP sends out one or more broadcast signals to all adjacent nodes in a network. Hop counts of these signals are ...

Creating Access and Trunk Ports -
Creating Access and Trunk Ports To create access and trunk ports, use the following commands. Access port — a port on the service provider edge that directly connects to the customer. An access port may belong to only one service provider VLAN. Trunk port — a...

Networks and Neighbors -
Networks and Neighbors As a link-state protocol, OSPF sends routing information to other OSPF routers concerning the state of the links between them. The state (up or down) of those links is important. Routers that share a link become neighbors on that segmen...

Configuring the Enable Password -
Configuring the Enable Password Access EXEC Privilege mode using the enable command. EXEC Privilege mode is unrestricted by default. Configure a password as a basic security measure. There are two types of enable passwords: enable password stores the password...

Redistributing Routes -
Redistributing Routes You can add routes from other routing instances or protocols to the OSPF process. With the redistribute command, you can include RIP, static, or directly connected routes in the OSPF process. NOTE: Do not route iBGP routes to OSPF unless...

Manage VLANs using SNMP -
Manage VLANs using SNMP The qBridgeMIB managed objects in Q-BRIDGE-MIB, defined in RFC 2674, allows you to use SNMP to manage VLANs.

Enabling Drop Eligibility -
Enabling Drop Eligibility Enable drop eligibility globally before you can honor or mark the DEI value. When you enable drop eligibility, DEI mapping or marking takes place according to the defaults. In this case, the CFI is affected according to the following...

Displaying Information about a Stack -
Displaying Information about a Stack To display information about the stack, use the following command. Display for stack-identity, status, and hardware information on every unit in a stack. EXEC Privilege mode show system Refer to the following example. Disp...

Configuring Protocol Liveness -
Configuring Protocol Liveness Protocol liveness is a feature that notifies the BFD manager when a client protocol is disabled. When you disable a client, all BFD sessions for that protocol are torn down. Neighbors on the remote system receive an Admin Down co...

Maintenance Using TDR -
Maintenance Using TDR The time domain reflectometer (TDR) is supported on all Dell Networking switch/routers. TDR is an assistance tool to resolve link issues that helps detect obvious open or short conditions within any of the four copper pairs. TDR sends a ...

Configuring SupportAssist Person -
Configuring SupportAssist Person SupportAssist Person mode allows you to configure name, email addresses, phone, method and time zone for contacting the person. SupportAssist Person configurations are optional for the SupportAssist service. To configure Suppo...

RFC and I-D Compliance -
RFC and I-D Compliance Dell Networking OS supports the following standards. The standards are grouped by related protocol. The columns showing support by platform indicate which version of Dell Networking OS first supports the standard.

Null Interfaces -
Null Interfaces The Null interface is another virtual interface. There is only one Null interface. It is always up, but no traffic is transmitted through this interface. To enter INTERFACE mode of the Null interface, use the following command. Enter INTERFACE...

SNMPv3 Compliance With FIPS -
SNMPv3 Compliance With FIPS SNMPv3 is compliant with the Federal information processing standard (FIPS) cryptography standard. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Cipher Feedback (CFB) 128-bit encryption algorithm is in compliance with RFC 3826. SNMPv3 pro...

Troubleshooting Packet Loss -
Troubleshooting Packet Loss The show hardware stack-unit command is intended primarily to troubleshoot packet loss. To troubleshoot packet loss, use the following commands. show hardware stack-unit cpu data-plane statistics show hardware stack-unit cpu party-...

Copying Configuration Files via SNMP -
Copying Configuration Files via SNMP To copy the running-config to the startup-config from the UNIX machine, use the following command. Copy the running-config to the startup-config from the UNIX machine. snmpset -v 2c -c public force10system-ip-address copyS...

High Availability on Stacks -
High Availability on Stacks Stacks have master and standby management units analogous to Dell Networking route processor modules (RPM). The master unit synchronizes the running configuration and protocol states so that the system fails over in the event of a ...
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Showing 121-140 of 384134 Results
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