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ip address dhcp - Dell Networking S6000 ON
ip address dhcp Enables DHCP client operations on the interface. Syntax ip address dhcp Parameters None Defaults None Command Mode INTERFACE Usage Information The no version of this command disables the DHCP operations on the interface. Example OS10(config)# ...

spanning-tree vlan max-age - Dell Networking S6000 ON
spanning-tree vlan max-age Configures the time period the bridge maintains configuration information before refreshing the information by recomputing RPVST. Syntax spanning-tree vlan vlan-id max-age seconds Parameters max-age seconds — Enter a maximum age val...

Automatic installation - Dell Networking S6000 ON
Automatic installation You can automatically (zero-touch) install an OS10 image on a Dell ONIE-enabled device. Once the device successfully boots to ONIE: Install OS, auto-discovery obtains the hostname, domain name, Management interface IP address, as well a...

Loop guard - Dell Networking S6000 ON
Loop guard This information explains how to configure loop guard on an interface. Enable loop guard on a per-port or port-channel interface in INTERFACE mode. spanning-tree guard {loop | root | none} loop — Enables loop guard on an interface. root — Enables r...

Log into OS10 - Dell Networking S6000 ON
Log into OS10 To log in to OS10 Enterprise Edition, power up the device and wait for the system to perform a power-on self test (POST). Enter admin for both the default user name and user password. For better security, change the default admin password during...

Configure SupportAssist - Dell Networking S6000 ON
Configure SupportAssist SupportAssist is started by default. If you do not accept end user license agreement (EULA), SupportAssist is disabled. Enter SupportAssist mode from CONFIGURATION mode. support-assist (Optional) Configure the SupportAssist server URL ...

Set contact information - Dell Networking S6000 ON
Set contact information Configure contact details in SupportAssist Company mode. You can set the name, email addresses, phone, method, and time zone. SupportAssist contact-person configurations are optional for the SupportAssist service. (Optional) Enter the ...

dot1x timeout quiet-period - Dell Networking S3048-ON
dot1x timeout quiet-period Sets the number of seconds that the device remains in quiet state following a failed authentication exchange with a supplicant. Syntax dot1x timeout quiet-period seconds Parameters quiet period seconds — Enter the number of seconds ...

Layer 3 - Dell Networking S3048-ON
Layer 3 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Provides an external gateway protocol that transmits inter-domain routing information within and between autonomous systems (see BGP Commands). Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) Provides next-hop packet forwarding to a single ...

source (Port Monitoring) - Dell Networking S3048-ON
source (Port Monitoring) Configures a source for port monitoring. The monitoring session can be one of the following: local, RSPAN. Syntax source interface interface-type {both | rx | tx} Parameters interface-type — Enter the interface type: ethernet node/slo...

Converged data center services - Dell Networking S3048-ON
Converged data center services OS10 supports converged data center services, including IEEE 802.1 data center bridging (DCB) extensions to classic Ethernet. DCB provides I/O consolidation in a data center network. Each network device carries multiple traffic ...

show image status - Dell Networking S3048-ON
show image status Displays image transfer and installation information. Syntax show image status Parameters None Default Not configured Command Mode EXEC Usage Information None Example OS10# show image status Image Upgrade State: idle ========================...

preferred-method - Dell Networking S3048-ON
preferred-method Configures a preferred method to contact an individual. Syntax preferred-method {email | phone | no-contact} Parameters email — Enter to select email as the preferred contact method. phone — Enter to select phone as the preferred contact meth...

move - Dell Networking S3048-ON
move Moves or renames a file on the config or home system directories. Syntax move [config: | home: | usb:] Parameters config: — Move from configuration directory ( config:// filepath ). home: — Move from home directory ( home:// filepath ). usb: — Move from ...

Assign and apply ACL filters - Dell Networking S3048-ON
Assign and apply ACL filters You can assign an IP ACL filter to a physical interface to filter an Ethernet interface, a port-channel interface, or a VLAN. The IP ACL applies to all traffic entering a physical or port-channel interface, and the traffic either ...

SNMP commands - Dell Networking S3048-ON
SNMP commands SNMP traps: Enable SNMP notifications to be sent to network management host devices.

System management - Dell Networking S3048-ON
System management Dynamic host configuration protocol Provides information to dynamically assign IP addresses and other configuration parameters to network hosts based on policies (see DHCP commands). Network time protocol Provides information about how to sy...

Create port-channel - Dell Networking S3048-ON
Create port-channel You can create up to 128 port-channels, with up to 16 port members per group. Configure a port-channel similarly to a physical interface — you can enable or configure protocols, or assign access control lists (ACLs) to a port channel. Afte...

show access-group - Dell Networking S3048-ON
show access-group Displays IP, MAC, or IPv6 access-group information. Syntax show {ip | mac | ipv6} access-group name Parameters ip — View IP access list information. mac — View MAC access group information. ipv6 — View IPv6 access group information. access-g...

show vlt mismatch - Dell Networking S3048-ON
show vlt mismatch Displays mismatches in a VLT domain configuration. Syntax show vlt id mismatch [peer-routing | vlan | vlt-vlan vlt-port-id] Parameters id — Enter the VLT domain ID (1 to 255). peer-routing — Display mismatches in peer-routing configuration. ...
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Showing 1-20 of 415270 Results
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