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...only available at point of sale. Product Overview Features Latitude Z600 Processor type Intel® 45nm Core™ 2 Duo (soldered to the system board) Processor speeds SU9400 – 1.4 GHz, 10W, 3 MB, 800 FSB SU9600 – 1.6 GHz, 24W, 3...

Dell system users have reported that the wireless connection drops intermittently using the Intel 7260 Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) Wireless Card.

End user was unable to open the Charms Bar on a Dell XPS 12. While using touchpad moving the cursor to the top or bottom right corner of the screen failed to launch the charms bar. Both the swipe from the right side of the screen and the Windows Key + C hotkey opened the Charms Bar.

Dell Duo Tablet Case - Venue 8 Model 3840 - Blue
Usually Ships Within 1-2 business days
Manufacturer Part# 714N8
Dell Part# 460-BBLO
Starting Price$29.99
Cyberlink.com Corp
Download - Cyberlink Media Suite 12 Ultra
Usually Ships via email within 4-8 hours
Manufacturer Part# MES-0C00-IWU0-00
Dell Part# A7902738
Starting Price$105.99
Cyberlink.com Corp
Download - Cyberlink Media Suite 12 Ultimate
Usually Ships via email within 4-8 hours
Manufacturer Part# MES-0C00-IWM0-00
Dell Part# A7902739
Starting Price$121.99
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