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...far as we can tell everything is working except the IOS Profile is not installing on the iPads when we Deploy QMX Package and Program to the iPads. The iPads have the QMX profile installed and are showing up in the SCCM console. We can look at hardware...

...Word is in Australia that the XT3 is dead. It won't be back. iPads and the numerous other tablets out and about have killed it...production capacity" - that's a good one. Guess how many iPads are produced each day? - here's an old quote "Total iPad...

...achieve this? In which case if my understanding is correct it should work regardless as the apns server will be telling the ipads to install. Obviously for a small school this would be a great benefit. Send them home in the afternoon, app's install...

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 Home Theatre Projector - Portable HD Projector
Usually Ships Within 1 business day
Manufacturer Part# V11H562020
Dell Part# A7509723
Starting Price$799.99
Instant Savings$70.00
PNY Technologies
PNY Rapid USB Car Charger - Battery charger - car
Usually Ships Within 3-4 business days
Manufacturer Part# P-P-DC-UF-K01-GE
Dell Part# A7831755
Starting Price$10.99
Absolute Software
Usually Ships Within 3-4 business days
Manufacturer Part# AMMD-D-36
Dell Part# A4860414
Starting Price$23.45
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