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I have followed, step by step everything. I also got a "Successful" message when everything has been installed. Unfortunately when I go see in the Device Manager I still see the warning sign and the message "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.

Hi Dom Did your cruical 128gig drive work without issues on them msata board?

Thank you both bbesly and Yasir_islam89. You are correct A02 is for Windows 8. I am sorry that I missed that. The correct video driver for Windows 7 installations may be found from the following link www.dell.comDriverDetails That will teach me to suggest a driver before downloading it. I will see

I am still having the error. To solve temporary the problem I have uncheck inside Photoshop in Edit>Preference the option ""use graphics processor"". Still find it bad that I have to disable option... anyone???

I confess I am discouraged. What's so esoteric about a keyboard? It's just a keyboard, there are 2 external HDs, one DAC converter connected to the laptop through USB and they work seamlessly. I've tried to do what you've asked.

The current switchable graphics technology is not application specific, so any applications do not have to specifically support switchable graphics for it to work correctly.

I don't have an mSATA drive will it still work at SATA 3 speeds?

Thank you for the update. Please right click on the USB keyboard and click uninstall. Now restart the system to refresh the keyboard driver. Also check if the keyboard works in Safe mode.

For gpu detection download "HWiNFO64" then run a game and start playing then Alt-Tab out of the game and execute the application it'll take few seconds to detect the hardware then on the right hand side of system summery window click on the gpu drop down box then select GPU #1.

Hi jzhangphd, I would suggest you to update the bios and then follow these steps Go ahead and uninstall the Wlan drivers using this step.. 1. Click on start and type Device Manager. 2. Expand the node that represents the card that you want to uninstall, right-click the device entry, and click

Hi HysteriAOnE, Sorry for the wrong information. You need not install the video drivers. However I would suggest you to send me the service tag through private message. To send a private message, click on my user name and select send a Private Message.

Now as far as gpu detection is concerned it is virtually impossible to run anything in dx 11(by conventional methods) for that u have to add "-adapter 1 -dx11" in the target field. My video driver version is A01 and the new A02 driver is not for windows 7.

Btw, is there an offical BKM to update the driver? On the driver page it says just doouble click. I am having a hard time thinking it can be that easy.

Hi x-zen Dell Inspiron 15R SE (7520) with AMD graphics are based on the PX5.0 design , it is a Muxless hardware design. It supports dynamic switchable graphic...

Go to Device manager, expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers and right click on USB root hub and uninstall. Right click and install all the USB root hubs and restart the system. This will install the USB controllers again. Check if the USB ports work now. Reply with the status.

im trying to get best from radeon hd 7730m. im tried lots of driver. modder leekm builds... modder leshcat builds.... im used some modder's enduro dx9 fix. this option adding something to catalyst control center and realy giving more fps for some...

Has anybody successfuly installed this driver on a win7-system? I deinstalled older version of catalyst and deinstalled driver for both grafics. after reboot i tried to install this driver. Catalyst was installed, drivers for both grafic-cards were not. please, could someone confirm, that I am not

I have a sealed msata daughterboard for Inspiron 15R SE (7520). I ordered one in the belief that I had the non-msata version but when I opened the laptop up in fact it had the msata version...

You can turn off battery charging using Dell Quickset. Right click on the battery icon -> choose ‘Battery Health Meter’-> choose, ‘Turn off battery charging. You can download and install Dell Quickset’ through the following steps:

Guys, be aware of AMD's Enduro Technology being reported to have many bugs. AMD is on their way to repairing this problem and should soon give a new driver update directly from their website. The BIOS is not the problem, it is simply just their new technology in their driver. Hope this helps!

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Showing 61-80 of 12370 Results
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