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and pls remove DALRULE_WADSUPPORT GCORULE_WADSUPPORT lines. there is my founded. this all settings realy effecting dx9 applications. and there is more more unoperative setting on driver inf settings. when they cleaned driver will be optimize.

http://ftp.dell.com/FOLDER01932924M/1/Video_Driver_TX0PW_WN_13.251.3_A01.EXE they are closed free access to driver products from http. :D if u cant access this file they closed because..... run it. it will be expand c:\Dell\Drivers\TX0PW when see catalyst picture. click exit. dont run.

radeon 7730m supporting max pci express 2.0 but its running on x8 mode dell connected it x8 old standart fix pl

radeon 7730m max pci express connection v2.1 i know now. but what is x8 lane is it connected x8. its very veak for screen card. im thinking they are downgraded x8 with bios or something

What is the problem? Make sure that firefox with youtube video is not minimized before the game starts. And also see if you are on 12.7 drivers. Even try changing windows theme to basic. Also along with this, the game's exe should be put in high performance.

Hi LPT812, That's the downside of the Dell restore discs. You're better off getting the Windows 8 disc and performing a clean install anyway.

For gpu detection download "HWiNFO64" then run a game and start playing then Alt-Tab out of the game and execute the application it'll take few seconds to detect the hardware then on the right hand side of system summery window click on the gpu drop down box then select GPU #1.

It seems stupid to lose the warranty to open it. I am a system administrator and I know how to do the things. For me the ssd is because I'm editing videos and doing a lot of stuff that the ssd will help me a lot. I have 7 days to cancel the order and 30 days return policy too.

I guess rules are different in every country. Here is US modifying this laptop doesn't void the warranty. At least this is how I understand it. We also have 30 days return policy here. I did order this card in UK and replaced it in my laptop myself.

We installed Leshcat drivers which is a compilation of original AMD GPU + Intel GPU drivers. They are the latest as far as we know. But I have tried installing AMD and Intel drivers separately (one at a time) though. Some users have no issues with the HD 7730M, some users with intermittent issues.

Does dell laptops provide an option for automatic enabling and disabling of charging ie when the charge falls below a minimum limit it should enable charging and when it is fully charged it should disable charging automatically if the laptop is connected to the charger all the time?

...graphics driver v xxxxx3277 http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/inspiron-15r-se-7520?driverId=KK6CK&osCode=WB64A&fileId=3285741926&languageCode=EN&categoryId=VI this version better...

amd_catalyst_13.11_mobility_betav9.4.exe (version in Device Manager 13.250.18.

I am facing the same issue with my dell inspiron 15r 5537 after the terrible windows 8.1 update. I got a sad smiley Sad at the start screen after the update when i first restarted...

Now as far as gpu detection is concerned it is virtually impossible to run anything in dx 11(by conventional methods) for that u have to add "-adapter 1 -dx11" in the target field. My video driver version is A01 and the new A02 driver is not for windows 7.

...of Legends) i have serious fps problems (2-5 fps). i have lowered the graphics setting but it hasn't helped. i have a 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7730M graphics card in my inspiron 15r se. would like some help with this if possible. thanks

To avoid this kind a thing is exactly why I paid premium to have a notebook with components that are solid and well balanced. I am utterly disappointed that DELL would ship a system which does far from live up to it's promised standards. I doubt that the driver problem will ever be resolved.

...so not sure your assumption is correct. I did do the clean install of the OS and got rid of crap McAfee as soon as I got the 15R SE 2 months ago. Maybe that has anything to do with it? I do have some issues with CCC where it does not remember what...

im trying to get best from radeon hd 7730m. im tried lots of driver. modder leekm builds... modder leshcat builds.... im used some modder's enduro dx9 fix. this option adding something to catalyst control center and realy giving more fps for some...

To make the touchpad light work again just uninstall win 8.1 driver and put back the dell win 8 driver. The quickset error is still there, everything i tried is not working.

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Showing 61-80 of 13763 Results
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