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Can dell fix this issue at all? Same problem

i had the same problem with u and i can't run a lot of games before. I recently update my bios for A02 to A12 and the catalyst control center (CCC) will allow you to choose which card you wanted to use.

im trying to get best from radeon hd 7730m. im tried lots of driver. modder leekm builds... modder leshcat builds.... im used some modder's enduro dx9 fix. this option adding something to catalyst control center and realy giving more fps for some...

I updated with the Intel last drivers and working just fine here, hdd accelerated with a 64GB ssd.

I have the same BSOD problems, have not tried any of the proposed solutions on this thread since most replies indicate that they don't solve the problem. This is my first Dell laptop and I am thoroughly disappointed that such a critical problem is so widespread among the laptops.

inspiron 7520 with radeon 7730m problems is a long story. first im read bsod problems in forums. but not all users affected. im little panicked but im buyed newer build this machine and never see bsod. windows 7 windows 8... lots of drivers useless...

best windows 8.1 install is fresh insrall. no upgrade over windows 8 installation. no upgrade installation hard one is activation key for windows 8 not work with standart windows 8.1 installation dvd. some noticed u must change iso and need add someting.

After trying out a couple of games, noticed the "slideshow" effect mentioned before, despite setting the games as High Performance in AMD Catalyst. I saw that there was an update waiting in windows update: I installed this updated, rebooted and then installed AMD Catalyst from AMD site

Sorry I correct myself wasn't looking properly - editing away my errors.

That's a start. It shows that Dell is at least listening to us. As long as the black screens are gone and games perform well, I will be satisfied. I'll probably upgrade to 8.1 in the next few days and let you know my experience.

Windows 8.1 drivers now officially show up on the Inspiron 15R SE 7520 product page: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/ServiceTag/

The question is, do you have to do that for every single game? Like, if you wanted to run Skyrim, would you have to delete Starcraft, wipe your saved profiles, and set Skyrim to high performance? The fact that you had to go through so much trouble is not a good sign.

I have exactly the same issue with switchable graphics if I am in Neverwinter Nights 2. Doesn't matter which of the options I use, it always shows the same fps and the same graphics adapter in debug mode (##debugmode 1, followed by ##showfps 1 in-game), thus no switch between adapters.

The problem seemed fixed to me. The screen was ok, the drivers were ok, the Catalyst Control Center seemed be working, but when i tested StarCraft 2 it was a slide show. Im having problems with StarCraft 2, its like 3 fps, terrible. And yes, the CCC is set to run SC2 in High Performance.

I was getting the sideshow in Diablo 3 as well (not even sure i was getting 1 FPS TBH), I just gave up and restored back to the default install that shipped with the laptop (i had a backup).

Worked for me too, although I had to install the hd4000 driver from devices/update driver/browse driver location (running setup returned a 'this driver is not compatible with your configuration' message).

Phoenix, did u use the Beta driver for AMD? httpwww2.ati.com/drivers/beta/amd_catalyst_13.11_mobility_betav1.exe this one?

Well I tried getting everything working on a fresh install of Windows 8.1 with the same results. I agree that the drivers need to be updated. I was able to rollback the Intel HD 4000 driver to what it was before the update, but it still doesn't work.

Logging into complain about this not working as well, Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Intel HD4000 drivers but i get the "did not meet the minimum requirements for those drivers" error message, ive tried installing every AMD driver there is and nothing works. please fix this

So, I tried this, but when I tried to install the Intel drivers, the installation told me that I did not meet the minimum requirements for those drivers. And yes, I am using a 15rse (7520). Is there another set of Intel video drivers I should be using? Thanks

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Showing 61-80 of 13576 Results
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