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The internal graphics are Intel HD 4000 and the graphics card is a Radeon HD 7730M. After updating to Windows 8.1 almost everything worked, except it only uses the on-board Intel graphics. Now the resolution isn't right and parts of the Windows interface look rather poor in comparison.

radeon 7730m supporting max pci express 2.0 but its running on x8 mode dell connected it x8 old standart fix pl

radeon 7730m max pci express connection v2.1 i know now. but what is x8 lane is it connected x8. its very veak for screen card. im thinking they are downgraded x8 with bios or something

Hi LPT812, That's the downside of the Dell restore discs. You're better off getting the Windows 8 disc and performing a clean install anyway.

...graphics driver v xxxxx3277 http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/inspiron-15r-se-7520?driverId=KK6CK&osCode=WB64A&fileId=3285741926&languageCode=EN&categoryId=VI this version better...

amd_catalyst_13.11_mobility_betav9.4.exe (version in Device Manager 13.250.18.

Does dell laptops provide an option for automatic enabling and disabling of charging ie when the charge falls below a minimum limit it should enable charging and when it is fully charged it should disable charging automatically if the laptop is connected to the charger all the time?

I am facing the same issue with my dell inspiron 15r 5537 after the terrible windows 8.1 update. I got a sad smiley Sad at the start screen after the update when i first restarted...

...of Legends) i have serious fps problems (2-5 fps). i have lowered the graphics setting but it hasn't helped. i have a 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7730M graphics card in my inspiron 15r se. would like some help with this if possible. thanks

I've had the exact same problem. However, with mine it doesn't even show an error message, it just asks for my permission to run and then doesn't run.

Also doing a clean startup didn't work for me, the error remains

im trying to get best from radeon hd 7730m. im tried lots of driver. modder leekm builds... modder leshcat builds.... im used some modder's enduro dx9 fix. this option adding something to catalyst control center and realy giving more fps for some...

jzhangphd, Please go ahead and follow these steps and see if makes any difference. Please follow the steps mentioned for clean boot. http://dell.to/1ctGqRD

Thank you for your response. I understand it could upsetting not to be able to use the computer. May I know the issue you are facing while playing the game. Please check if there is a yellow exclamation or question mark in Device Manager (share screenshot if possible).

inspiron 7520 with radeon 7730m problems is a long story. first im read bsod problems in forums. but not all users affected. im little panicked but im buyed newer build this machine and never see bsod. windows 7 windows 8... lots of drivers useless...

best windows 8.1 install is fresh insrall. no upgrade over windows 8 installation. no upgrade installation hard one is activation key for windows 8 not work with standart windows 8.1 installation dvd. some noticed u must change iso and need add someting.

After trying out a couple of games, noticed the "slideshow" effect mentioned before, despite setting the games as High Performance in AMD Catalyst. I saw that there was an update waiting in windows update: I installed this updated, rebooted and then installed AMD Catalyst from AMD site

Sorry I correct myself wasn't looking properly - editing away my errors.

That's a start. It shows that Dell is at least listening to us. As long as the black screens are gone and games perform well, I will be satisfied. I'll probably upgrade to 8.1 in the next few days and let you know my experience.

I confess I am discouraged. What's so esoteric about a keyboard? It's just a keyboard, there are 2 external HDs, one DAC converter connected to the laptop through USB and they work seamlessly. I've tried to do what you've asked.

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Showing 61-80 of 13192 Results
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