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jasonbgreer On the start-up diagonstic the error code 2000-0146 came up. The computer is booting fine, though sometimes does not shuts down properly. Should I look into getting a new hard...

Dear I have the sam problem, I replaced the HDD but the problem continues!! Help me

This happened to my harddrive (about a year and a half old) last year and I replaced it over the summer with a new one from dell, back when my computer was under warranty.

2000:0146 means the diags were run but never finished and so previous errors are in the logs.

I got the same error 2000-0146. And now my laptop is working fine. All the data in other partition is safe. Fellow the procedure as said below. Press F2...

You need a new hard drive - any 2.5" 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive will work.

...hal.dll - file is missing or corrupt: \SYSTEM32\hal.dll (beside the error: msg error code 2000-0146 from dell diagnostic and when i boot windows normaly i recieve the error: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME); if i will...

...maybe less than 3% im guessing? Maybe the motherboard has something funky going on heck i dunno but still getting that 2000-0146 error code every time i test the drive in dells diagnostics mode..

...task. I ran a diagnostics on my computer and everything passed except a hard drive test in which I got the error 2000-0146.I changed boot settings in BIOS of SATA to ATA which was AHCI. Now my laptop boots but it says "Windows 7 ...

newegg.com is a good source.

The two biggest killers of hard drive are heat and shock - if the system is overheating it can drastically shorten the drive life. So too can shock, particularly when the drive is spinning.

i have erorr 2000-0146 so I cant reboot laptop to clear errors

So is there anyway I can save my pictures and files

Thanks for the information and replies. Since, you can employ Remo Recover software capable enough to retrieve data from hard drive with error code 2000 – 0146.

The 0146 error means a drive in the system tripped an error at one point. Did you replace a failed drive already (or is there another drive - even an mSATA drive - in the system that might be the source)?

rdy4macomputer Error 0146 indicates a failed/failing hard drive or bad drive sector. This means your hard drive will need to be replaced. Bev.

...cannot and it never stops. It will try repairing for hours. Ran the same trouble shoot as above, and received the error code 0146, but noted it said log contained previous errors again. However, I noticed something, (as I did before replacing the battery...

I changed my HHD did not loose any file but 0146 persist on diags. Can you tell me how you solved your problem?. Also how did you run chkdsk??. tx nenillo

Hi tonkman, 2000-0146 error is related to hard drive. I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check if you are able to switch on...

spaling1 I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and get the error code 2000-0146, looking through the forum posts it seems as my HDD has broke. If this is the case, are there any methods to recover the data...

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Showing 121-140 of 1148 Results
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