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I have done the ePSA Diagnostic on my laptop just like you told me to do. It gave a message saying :Error Code 0146 Mssg: Error Code 2000-0146 Msg: Unit DST Log contains previous errors. I've been busy lately.Sorry for not giving you my reply on your last email.

I did manage to update the BIOS and the version I installed appears to be A10. Here's the error code the diagnostics gave me: Error code 0146 2000-0146

Thanks for your reply once again, I appreciate the help. I've just run the F12 test and this is what it says: Hard Drive - DST Short Test Test Results: Fail Error Code 2000-0146 Msg: Hard Drive 0 - self test log contains previous error(s)

Not sure how to see these 'previous errors' and whether the disk is still faulty (as I've been able to do bootmgr etc commands, partitioning etc and installed and running Ubuntu, apparently OK). It might have moved faulty sectors etc to flagged list so out of use?

When i removed the cmos battery it resets and defaults to RAID ON insted of autodetect RAID and i suspect that might be why i get a BSOD stop error 0x0000007b and 0x0fffff880009a9928 when i try to boot it??

I have try to restore and do a system recovery F8 and Alt+F10 both will not work. I get a line on the left top corner, blinking. I check the system I got a error code 2000-0146 I troubleshoot as dell web page said. and nothing still does the same.

hi there, my lap top has been playing up, being slow, windows defender not working, on doing a diagnostic test, these fault codes come up...... 2000-0142, 2000-0146, 2000-0148 and with windows defender this code appears 0x800106ba.

The secondary drive which is ok was originally in this tower as primary, so I would think it has win7 home premium still on it. When I change the boot sequence to boot there first I get the same black screen loop so I am now attempting to clear the CMOS log by removing the CMOS battery.

I'm experiencing an terrible issue since a year or so, Wich consists of computer freezing with sound buzzing while playing any game, and all I can do is just do a Forced Shutdown with the Turn On/Off Button. neither will Ctrl + Alt + Del nor Alt + Tab let me close the game.

If Diagnostics Pass follow the instructions in A Clean Install of Windows 7 page 9. This will instruct you how to download and create media and to reinstall Windows 7. If they fail post the error code e.g. 2000-0146 or 2000-0142. As mentioned it is suspect of a failing hard drive.

Error code 2000-0146 indicates a failed or failing hard drive. If you are getting the same error code on running the diagnostics even after re-seating the hard drive, please consider replacing the hard drive as Bev said. Does the computer have an active warranty?

Error code 2000-0146 indicates a problem with the hard drive. We can try reseating the power and data cables of the hard drive, and then try running the diagnostics again. If the diagnostics result in same error, the hard drive needs to be replaced. Please visit http://dell.

Everything else is passing and the error codei s 2000-0146 my bad

Those drivers do exist, however. They're in the Dell Recovery partition, and a driver install function for the device that searches the "C" drive will pick them up and install them. That's how I've handled it in the past.

Error code 2000: 0146 may imply a possible 'hard drive' failure. I would suggest you to backup your important data if you are able to boot into the OS. For more decisive results, I recommend you to run a 'Custom Test' on the 'Hard Drive'.

Basically two days ago my laptop just randomly slowed down, like to a stand still. Convinced it was malware/viruses I proceeded to try and clean it. I say try because it was that slow that it took me 8 hours (I know as I went to bed, lol) to run 52% of a virus a scan and the computer just froze.

My original HDD (Seagate ST9250421ASG) was failing, getting blue screens, freezing up, etc. I finally got it to run long enough to run the interactive “Quick Scan” diagnostic on Dell’s website.
8/5/2014  |  (Forums)

I use the Window 8 Flashed USB to boot the system. The process successfully started. After few minutes It shows the page of my current partition including the recovery drive. I decided to delete all the current partition(including the recovery drive) and recreate the new partition.
7/26/2014  |  (Forums)

My 4 year old M6400 no longer boots in Windows7 under any mode and none of the usual recovery options worked. When I run the Diagnostics at boot, I get an error code 2000-0146 Does this mean my hard drive is dead? What is an appropriate replacement? Thanks
5/31/2014  |  (Forums)

Yesterday I installed a program called omnimo and Rainmaker (or something similar) that allowed me to try out what windows 8 looks like. Sort of a test drive for OS's.
6/7/2014  |  (Forums)

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