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...etc are still running. Also the USB ports only work if i have things pluged into them on start up i may...the other two.i have tried to use the ctrl+F11 but that doesnt seem to work so is there any other way i can get it to factory...

...wipe it out and start over. Unfortunately the Ctrl F11 thing just doesnt seem to work, tried that numerous times ...all it does is...unfortuantely when boot to CD, it doesn't really work. it sat on a screen that said "windows is loading...
6/7/2009  |  (Forums)

you may try pressing on Ctrl + F11 as soon as you see DELL Logo on startup. sometimes...the Dell Logo the that's the time you press Ctrl + F11 key. If that one doesnt work, then you really need to do a clean reinstalltion...

thanks for the link but I have tried it without success. This laptop is a Latitude D610 and and the ctrl+F11 at boot up just doesnt work on it. I have now tried a proper format from a dos window but I cannot do that either as it says the volume...

...all passes then 2. Could be a factory image problem. Try loading the image with PC Restore again (CTRL + F11 at dell logo) If doesnt work then you will have to reinstall windows by CD. Regards.

...all passes then 2. Could be a factory image problem. Try loading the image with PC Restore again (CTRL + F11 at dell logo) If doesnt work then you will have to reinstall windows by CD. Regards.

...access to my recovery partition to get a fresh install of my Inspiron n5010 but I can't... I mean Ctrl+f11 or f11 or alt+f10 doesnt work. To access my available boot option my key is f12, when I press it, their is no "recovery" option...
8/28/2011  |  (Forums)

this happend to me twice now first time i did f8 then reset with repair my computer now the option is not there! idk wat to do nnow ctrl f11 doesnt help and all my cds didnt work as well plz help!! Thank you in advance
10/16/2009  |  (Forums)

i have a 4600c that is about one year old. i have tried the CTRL + F11 trick many times but it doesnt work. i checked in the dell accessories for OS recovery but its not there. is it possible that i could restore my computer back to its factory settings with the windows Xp cd?
8/11/2005  |  (Forums)

in vista as you start the comp tap the F8 key load in to the repair your computer then Dell factory image restore If Xp then hit CTRL F11 at the dell screen If that doesnt work reinstall from the OS cd that came with the system В

my inspiron 6400 came with vista but i decided to use xp, ando now i want to use pc restore using the ctrl+f11 at startup logo but it doesnt seem to work, can anyone tell me how to restore it? it has a partition named Recovery(D:)
8/15/2007  |  (Forums)

"the ctrl f11 fuction at the start up screen doesnt seem to work" Troubleshooting steps...sure you're pressing Ctrl+F11 at the right time. When...screen. You must press Ctrl+F11 after the F2/F12 prompts...

...it seems that i cant get it to work. is there a technique when pressing...did this so many times but it doesnt work. even the pc restore which you will press ctrl>f11> i cant get it work as well. maybe there is a technique...

try doing Ctrl+F11 when you see the dell logo. if it doesnt work, press and hold the Ctrl key after you turn your computer on then keep on tapping F11 until you see PC restore by Symantec. :)

Hey i have a one year old XPS and the ctrl f11 fuction at the start up screen doesnt seem to work. I want to do a destructive system restore.. Â Â I would appreciate any advice!

I Have a dell deminsion c521 and im trying to restore it to factory settings but it doesnt seem to work. i looked up to press ctrl + f11 on the dell start up screen but it doesnt seem to work. can anyone help me with this?
3/1/2011  |  (Forums)

 My notebook is a inspiron b120 and I am trying to restore my factory settings. The crtl-f11 doesnt work at the splash screen so I went to Goodells site and found what to run (DSRFIX). This is the report I get. Alert : boot code...
9/3/2007  |  (Forums)

...would'nt mind losing on a system restore. So I tried Dells' CTRL-F11 restore function to restore the system to its original state. Well, lo an behold this doesn't work. The systems displays a 'cannot restore'. I had not...

Tried to restore my system using the ctrl-f11 and all I get is a quick display of 'cannot restore'.
3/2/2006  |  (Forums)

Have tried the ctrl>F11 to try to enter the symantic reinstall option and it doesnt work. Any other I can try В

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Showing 21-40 of 75 Results
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