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Get the driver here: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/realtek_ac97_drivers.html While I am here, may i recommend ftp://ftp.dell.com/Pages/Drivers/ scroll down Smile

... Â If you do require the Realtek AC97 audio drivers and your Dimension 4400 machine is really using Realtek AC97 audio, I suggest you obtain the...on the Next button to view the Realtek AC97 Audio driver downloads. Then download...

...drivers. After rebooting, there is RealTek AC97 driver listed in the Add/Remove...yellow exclamation mark against the RealTek AC97 devices in device manager saying...of the Intel Chipset driver and RealTek AC97 driver (I tried an older AC97...
10/5/2004  |  (Forums)

...for diagnostic beeps, not for regular sound, you still need external powered computer speakers. Second if you have the Realtek integrated audio, the Soundblaster drivers are not for that. Are you sure you don't have a PCI Soundblaster sound card...

Chris, Thank You for the prompt reply However-One small problem (PLEASE READ MY NOTE) Reakteks driver download servers DONOT RESPOND??? Where else can one get Realtek AC'97 audio drivers?? William

Good Morning Chris, Rceived this E this AM from PC Tek Realtek: "Please tell me the model name of audio chip in your system . You can try to read the model number of audio chip on your...

...prompt... I have been working on my issue and followed the steps you kindly gave me. Originally my computer was prompting for realtek drivers on startup but I have ended up with soundblaster drivers. I can hear all sounds only if I have headphones plugged in...

...the driver will not install. When I start the computer it says new hardware found and is looking for the driver for a realteck AC97 audio driver, it finds the driver I have downloaded... gets to the end and then I get the blue dreaded screen. I have tried...
5/19/2008  |  (Forums)

...drivers was for each machine I install I make a CD of the drivers used to enable easy re-builds at a later date. The CD for this machine had RealTek drivers on it for audio. How they got there I don't know.. Oh bum bum bum te bum.

That driver is on our Dell FTP site, not RealTeks. In my previous post, click the hyperlinked word, "driver".

Chris, I found one, It's a Windows XP Service Pack 2 Disk to be used on Dell computers only. I have download the required "Ksuser.dll" but I cannot get it installed. Any suggestion? William

Chris, Download OK Thank You again, Small problem during Install. looking for a Dell Service Pack Disk I believe 2 Please advise, William

Chris, Interesting item: I did a Start/Search Ksuser.dll and have 5 on my computer including C:\windows\system32. Yet your referenced program stilll tells me to Install it for Service Pac 2 Disk. Will continue to play with this or I'll live without sound. Keep you informed. William

The only Service Pack Disk I am aware of is the Dell operating system CD?

wbeager Chris, Download OK Thank You again, Small problem during Install. looking for a Dell Service Pack Disk I believe 2 Please advise, William Operating system service packs can be downloaded from Windows Update, which you can access from Windows Control Panel.

If Windows gives you a warning about the drivers, just click the option to ignore or continue and go ahead and install the Dell drivers, it will not cause a problem.

Reinstall this driver and restart the PC. Then, check the sound.

...to run and the audio driver was written before this. Anybody know where I can get an up to date audio driver for the Realtek ac97 on the laptop. The 9100 has a ATI mobility 9800 with 256Mb RAM and the driver for this may also be the reason for it...
3/12/2006  |  (Forums)

...The audio device is a Realtek AC97 Audio version 5.10...I then went on to the Realtek website and downloaded the latest audio driver for AC97, which is hopefully the...the error message that "Realtek AC97 Audio has not passed Windows...
8/8/2008  |  (Forums)

...describing, and I was able to fix it by installing the generic Realtek AC97 codec over the SigmaTrash drivers. You can find the Realtek download page here: http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/dlac97-2.aspx?lineid=5&famid...

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