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...to find my house-sitter's kids had unplugged my AS501 sound bar. My problem is that no matter were I look on the monitor...to get power. There are two cords coming from the AS501 sound bar. One ends in the green plug and is properly plugged...
6/26/2008  |  (Forums)

I just listened to mine and its the same way. Not much, and I have to put my ear next to the sound bar. Of course it depends on what music I'm listening to whether its more noticeable or not

Hi, I just purchased a set of these speakers for my flat panel monitor. The AS501. Anyway on the website it clearly states it has a jack for subwoofer. "Located on the stereo speakers are: a rotary volume...

You don't need any drivers for the sound bar. Do you mean the sound card?

Base on everything, it appears to be normal for the speakers, and the sound adjustments in windows.  :smileywink:

I know you can get the AX510 for the 2408wfp, but how about the older AS501, is it compatible with the 2408wfp?

I bought one 'back when' I had a 1907FPt Monitor sent, and that AS501 has a Sub Out. It's an RCA jack, so I don't know if it's 8 ohms (for direct connect) or a 'line output' level, which...

I am most certain... I have a dell flat 24" with an identical sound bar. It mounts the same but the power jack is in a different location on the 20" ultra sharp.

...on a newbie, please. The sound bar connection to my new Vostro 200 seems...doesn't have the correct receptacle for the sound bar. On the monitor there is a tiny rectangular...with parallel lines of teensy holes; the sound bar has a circular slip-in jack (?) about...
4/28/2008  |  (Forums)

Maybe you're not hearing much as the Windows volume control is also on low level? Try increasing the Windows control and see if the audio coming out of the speaker is louder now (after turning the speaker volume control to the lowest possible level).

My Windows volume is not set to max (just halfway but the sound is noticeable when speaker volume is down. Â Yes, I don't hear anything if Windows volume is down.

I have the integrated audio chip on my motherboard, no sound card and windows is set to max which lets me hear it a little only, but noticeable. Turning the windows audio down, and no more music heard. Is that the same with you now ?

bacilon, Did you try putting the speaker jack in all the inputs available on your tower? Â roger1955 XPS 410 Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe @ 2.4 ghz 19 in FP Display/ IEEE 1394 PCI Express Firewire 3 GB DDR2 / Evga Geforce 7600GT/ 13 and 1 Media Card Reader 2x250 GB WD

...The monitor only has the 1 output right? Generally, you would have either the speakers that came with the system or the soundbar. If you do use a coupler, you split the signal strength and don't really get any advantage from 2 speakers (1 left/1...

I have a OptiPlex 745 Cpmputer with a AS501 soundbar. The soundbar is suppose to stay on playing music when the monitor...clearly stated in the add on the internet for this soundbar. I have been waiting for an answer for two weeks...
6/6/2007  |  (Forums)

Are you sure the soundbar is plugged into the correct slots on the monitor? If so, there's nothing else to do but call Dell and see what they say.

There is no subwoofer in A00 revision, it's in A01. I've just seen both of them at the local Dell distributor.

I will also try another speaker and see if it behaves the same way. I'll report back.

There is an On Screen Display setting for Audio, that lets you set this. httpsupport.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/1707FP/en/setup.htm#Using%20the%20OSD You can select to have the audio on or off when the monitor is in power saving mode. Yes — enables audio No — disables audio (default)

I think faster than I can type. It was suppose to be. "The Dell Gold line tech's couldn't help me with my problem for over a month now." Don't be surprised if you see a question from me on the forum again. I haven't had much help from the Gold line tech's.

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