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...problems. I was told that just about any computer repair could repair it for 100 to 150 dollars. Now i am told that you...I was told it is because dell does not sell the backlight without a new lcd. Is this true?????
4/18/2010  |  (Forums)

...replace the back light or should I try something else. Good computer - works great - don't want to buy new one but the computer repair places are charging $150 to diagnos problem not counting repairs. Any suggestions on what to try??
3/31/2009  |  (Forums)

...one of these systems in for a repair recently. The laptop when I...replaced the LCD + inverter + backlight. After the repair, I am having the same issue...or if there is an intermediate repair that I should make first. Additionally...
4/25/2009  |  (Forums)

...motherboards, LCDs etc). Obviously this is not the case with DELL, and for that reason alone the company should be condemned for unsatisfactory, inadequate warranty/return/repair/replacement terms and conditions.

For a sec, I thought you were bluffing....but that's true, I just lifted my keyboard, and that bloody thing was not connected...how the quality control ppl missed this thing. I would also like to say, if you do not know how to take the keyboard out.

So I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the quality expectations one should have from computer products, particularly those from multi-billion-dollar corporations. And which is why I consider myself well qualified in confirming your assertion that this DELL 7720 is "complete junk".

Hi, I am trying to install the Dell Quickset utility on my Studio 1737 (win7 x64) to restore the keyboard backlight functionality. When i try to run the installer i get a message saying "this is not a supported system" I tried running...

See these two threads for some help on this. Â Backlight Repair More Backlight Repair

...LED on, sound on, but no video", the Backlight Inverter is out. This site has the Backlight Inverter for the following Dell Monitors...02MSS $99.99 This site also has the Backlight Inverter Installation Instructions. It takes...

...Warranty customers who need to replace the Backlight Inverter. Symptom = No Display...or Screen Flickering. LCD Monitor Backlight Inverter Moniserve LCD TV Repair LCD TV Repair Fix My Monitor W1700 Dark display...

See the message I just posted in this forum. I found a vendor who specializes in backlight repair, saved me a bundle. Anna

I found a vendor who specializes in backlight repair. I had the job done for $150 and did not need the monitor replaced. Saved me a bundle, even with the shipping, and I had my...

To make it short. It seems as if my backlight is failing. If I go in/out of standby mode it will display...p I'm not in a position right now to spend $200 for a backlight repair job. However I might be able to manage $100 for the replacement...
1/11/2008  |  (Forums)

...Thanks also for the reference to the backlight repair service. One question though, if it is only the backlight that is the problem, wouldn't I...could be more serious than just the backlight. Connections to the external monitor...

Oh good!! Is there an estimated DIY repair cost,sources of the said backlight, or any DIYs involving lcd backlight repair?

If you can see a faint image, it's the display that's faulty - you need a backlight repair. An LCD repair specialist can replace the backlight - the cost should run about $100-150. Â

...you boot, or hit Fn nd F8 to change. Google LCD backlight repair and see where you go. Another option is a 2nd hand...the notebook tab above. The inverter which runs the backlight can be an issue with some models, so depending on...

Backlight sold separately and complete backlight repair are available here.

If it's under warranty, have Dell replace the screen. If it's not, contact an LCD repair shop for a backlight repair.

The screen needs a backlight repair. Look for a shop that can do LCD repairs.

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Showing 21-40 of 1093 Results
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