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Remove the hard drive, mount it into a 2.5" USB 2.0 drive shell of the appropriate type (SATA or PATA/EIDE) and attach it to a working system. Copy your data files.

So there is no way possible I can fix this error without installing a new hard drive first?? This is just a spare laptop and it was working great and I don't really want to install a hard drive if at all possible!! Thanks for answering so quickly.

Remove the hard drive, mount it in the case, and attach it to a working system. See below for hardware manual and hard drive removal/install instructions. You will need to take ownership of the files you want to copy: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817349004

If you need to recover data, purchase a drive case such as the one below, and mount the drive in it. Attach it to a working system - you may be able to recover some or all of your data files.

I just wanted to say, this was a very entertaining thread. To those that suggested the solution to this problem, I applaud you for your thoroughness and patience. :)

Yes. It is a bad hard drive. Replace with any new, 2.5" drive, 9.5 mm or shallower. Then reload everything. You will need a Windows disc - if you're in the US and don't have one, you can order one here: httpsupport.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/dellcare/en/backupcd_form

Start by running an extended hard drive diagnostic - F12 at powerup. Boot to the Dell diagnostics from the menu, and let the quick tests run. Then boot to the full 32-bit diagnostic and run an extended hard drive test. If the drive fails, as is likely - you will need to replace it.

What would I use the external case for after I do this? I am asking, cause I am looking at some on Newegg and Amazon.com, and don't want to spend a fortune on something I only need one time.

Thanks for the insight and reply. I finally got a new computer from ZT Systems with Windows 7. I also purchased a backup device called "Clickfree" automatic backup, that will back up files on several computers up to 320GB.

You CANNOT boot this drive - it is FAILING. If there is data on the drive you need, REMOVE THE DRIVE, MOUNT IT in a 2.5" USB 2.0 EIDE external case as above, and attach it by USB to a working system. Take ownership of the files and copy them to the working system's hard drive.

You can do that, yes. What model system has the failing drive in it?

This is a dangerous operation on a failing drive - be sure you've nothing on the drive you can't afford to lose before you try it. Otherwise, remove the drive, mount it in an external case and attach it to a working system by USB and BACK UP what you can, before going further.

You do need a new hard drive. Purchase an external USB hard drive case (depending on the model, you'll need SATA or EIDE) and mount the failed drive in it. Install the replacement drive in the system, rebuild the OS, and connect the failed drive and read what you can. Then purchase another 2.

The same thing recently happened to me and I had to install a new HDD. Before purchasing anything new,try inserting your XP CD, hitting F12 (or F8) at the Dell screen, and booting from the CD ROM.

I can't start my computer and I ran the Start DST Short Test and received the Error codes "1000-0146 Msg: Unit 0: IDE status failed. Status byte=64 ControlCode=1 Msg=No additonal sense information and 1000-0141 No drive detected". Please help me. Thank you!!
9/26/2010  |  (Forums)

...PSA+ 2000-0146 DST Log...Fix PSA 1000-0147 PSA...x) Control Code = (x) Msg...for the error codes: 1000-0141 2000-0141...2000-0145 1000-0146 2000-0146...1000-0146 2000-0146 For instructions...for the error codes: 1000-0147 2000-0147...

"The DST log contains previous error(s)" is the exact definition of that code. Â It still means replace the hard drive.

The error code most likely refers to bad sectors on the drive itself.

Easy to replace is one issue. Getting one is another. If I am not mistaken then this laptop has a 2.5" 9.5mm high EIDE/PATA drive (standard in old laptops). Since these are now obsolete the availability of new drives seems to have taken a dive come 2011. And as a result the price is rising.

Alright, do you think I'll be able to recover the data? I heard some people mention that if your HD shows up in the BIOS your data can be recovered.. To me it sounds somewhat illogical but I'm not sure.

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Showing 61-80 of 368 Results
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