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It's an Inspiron 6000. If it just needs a hard drive and RAM, it may be worth those -- if the problem with the memory is the system board, it's not worth that repair. This system is too slow to run windows 8.

thanks guys for the very detailed info!!. I think i am going to buy a new laptop but i want to buy it in the US when i am there in a few months. I really just need something to hold me over and even $100 is cheaper than buying a laptop or desktop where i live

thanks for your help

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160GB-HARD-DRIVE-for-Dell-Inspiron-6000-7000-7500-B120-/330497194518?pt=US_Internal_Hard_Disk_Drives&hash=item4cf32afa16 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/120GB-HARD-DRIVE-for-Dell-Inspiron-6000-7000-7500-B120-/380343359637?

my dell vostro 1540 laptop hard drive error code 2000-0142 and hard drive targeted read test and smart sort self...my express servicecode -code removed per privacy policy> service tag-

I didnt think I would replace the hard drive but if I wanted to a) do you think its worth it on this old laptop and b) what hard drive would I be looking for that would be compatible? thanks

I have the same error code, my computer is an Inspiron N4050, I tried to access windows to...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXcsuDdv1Pk Error code 2000-0142 Validation 16698 Msg: Hard Drive 0 - S/N WD-WXA1A31S6882...

...bishnoibr my dell vostro 1540 laptop hard drive error code 2000-0142 and hard drive targeted read test and smart sort self...my express servicecode -code removed per privacy policy> service tag-

Hi Hng007, Welcome to the Community. Yes error code 2000-0142 means a hard drive failure hence they had the hard drive replaced. Error Code 4C00-0522 means a motherboard failure, contact Dell Technical support in your region for a replacement. Thank you Royan

...in gray as opposed to the normal blue. This is the entire code I got during diagnostics: Error code 0142 Msg: Error code 2000-0142 Msg: Unit 0- Drive self test failed Status Byte= 79 Any help? Thanks!
1/27/2010  |  (Forums)

...windows xp loading screen and ran a diagnostics test. It started beeping and came up with : error code 0142 msg: error code 2000-0142 msg: unit0: Drive Self Test Failed. Status byte=70 then its beeped more intensly and asked...
6/12/2008  |  (Forums)

First thing you need to do is replace the hard drive and get your operating system and applications installed. After you have the computer operational you can plug the old drive into an external USB interfaced hard drive shell to attempt recovery of your data.

... When I ran a system diagnostic, the HD came up with "Dell Error Code 2000-0142" and "Status 79". One thing I noticed is that one of my programs...OK to close the application." problem or the stats 79, error cod 2000-0142?
5/20/2012  |  (Forums)

Always include the system model in your posts! Wink Error code 1000-0142 or 2000-0142 If the diagnostic test reports one of the above errors, refer to Dell Troubleshooting Wizard: "Hard Drive...

Hi Sheetal, Welcome to the Community. Error code 2000-0142 indicates hard drive issue. I would suggest you hard drive replacement. If the system is under warranty, send me the service...

Hello Malabika, The error code 2000-0142 means the hard drive self-test failed and the hard drive needs to be replaced. Does the computer have an active warranty...

I have also same problem.At first Windows ask me to start the back up process.Then i run the PSA- Diagnostics .It smartly give me this error code 2000-0142 ! What the hell i already changed my hard drive two times. What is actually happening with this nonsense dell N4030 ?

Hi Dinesh, Error code 2000-0142 indicates an issue with the hard drive and needs to be replaced. You can check the warranty status online. Click on the link...

Hi angelgabriel10, Welcome to the Community. Error code 2000-0142 indicates issue with the hard drive. Please let me know the system model so that I can provide you the manual for the system...

Hi neilmacleod, Yes, the hard drive of your system has gone bad. You must consider replacing it. The error code 2000- 0142 means the hard drive is gone bad. Had it been under warranty we would have replaced it for you. It’s quite...

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Showing 41-60 of 867 Results
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