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Thanks Osprey4, How do I know if my fan is making the correct noise or whether it is faulty. Thnaks,

Sure. What you need is a USB web camera, readily available just about everywhere. Plug into an open USB port and off you go.

Yes. The 64 bit is referring to the video card not the PCI bus or the interface between the video cards processor and its video memory so it is not affected by your 32- bit PCI bus and will work fine.

...for the Social Community and Media team at Dell. You may go through the below link for information about video cards for Dimension 3000. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/desktop/f/3515/t/17026215.aspx?PageIndex...

irene mcqeen Have you checked that the inside the case, heatsink cooling fins, fan on the back panel, the front panel air intakes are clean and there is no dust build up? Bev. =================================================== Please don't send me questions about your system by DCF Messenger.

after the dell logo press F8 and choose Enable VGA mode. Once booted change the resolution to a one that u r monitor supports, say 800X600 just to be sure. Then restart normally.

The cd drives are working now. It was a driver issue and I've decided not to load windows 7 because I ran a test from Microsoft and it tells me that the system will have problems. I'm a Mac user that needs to have on PC in my office., thats why I have to rely on the forums for help.

How to troubleshoot the restore process: http://www.goodells.net/dellrestore/ If you can't get it to work you will need to call Dell for the XP CD.

There are No High performance 32 bit 33mhz PCI cards that use an Aux power connection.

Note that the ATI-based cards do not accelerate video. If video playback is an issue, choose nVidia-based cards like the 8400GS or 520GT.

Hi Kelbear1, thank you for pointing me to the PCI version. My apologies for not finding it. May I please ask one more question. Does it need a power cable or does it draw all it needs from the PCI socket?

Capacity: 71.3GB Used Space: 21.1GB Free Space:50.2GB

Hi Kebear1, thank you for the link and thank you for your patience. May I ask for help in understanding the terms please. The learning curve has been very steep. My Dell book says that my PCI bus is 32 bit, but the GT430 description refers to a 64 bit thing?

Hi and thank you for this answer. It was very helpful. Could you please tell me if the card needs a separate power cable or if it draws its power soley from the PCI socket. Many thanks

I would not have suggested the GT 430 if it did not come in the PCI version. HERE is the PCI card. The only other new card that might work is the HD 5450, but it is not as good as the GT 430.

Hi Kelbear1. Thank you for reading my post and thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I only have a PCI slot and the GT430 seems to be PCI-e. Many thanks though for your kindness.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. Apparently the Dimension 3000 desktops does not hav a temperature controller built-in. Do you know if this is true? Thanks,

If the system, specifically the CPU, overheats, it will cause your computer to slow down or shut off. If the fan sounds loud, I suggest you e-mail tech support and see if they're willing to replace it. I've had the fan replaced on my 3000. It was a 5-minute job.

Since the fan has a built in temperature controller there is a software embedded in the bios that tells the fans to spin x amount of RPM for x temperature. You might want to see if there is an update out for your bios.

Hi, i just reinstalled windows on my dell dimension 3000 and my screen resolution is low and i have no sound device. i dont know what to do.

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Showing 181-200 of 15435 Results
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