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... I was stuck in media direct. so I booted up with a Gparted live cd and removed the media direct partition (I don't use it...there anymore). I think the media button is either stuck or shorted...ideas? Is there any way to disable it? Thanks!

I hv just received my Dell studio 14 notebook 2 days ago. I had a problem with Dell mediaDirect which its always popup in every 2 or 3 minutes. What should i do to disable it.

...partition data to allow the Media Direct partition to come up in the...you exit. However, if the Media Direct partition is gone, the attempted...particular a way to completely disable that button so that it does...is turned off. I never use Media Direct and have no intention...

Starting my Laptop, the Dell Media Direct shows up and Windows Vista does...don't know how to enable and to disable Microsoft BitLocker. can anyone...try to start my laptop: Dell MediaDirect Express cannot access your hard...

how to disable in automatic system shotdown

The Media Direct button can not be disabled or turned off.You can delete/uninstall the media direct from the drive,but if by accident you happen to hit the media direct button after doing this it will render the laptop unresponsive.The purpose...

...just uses the Windows Media Player. I did a little...accidently press the media direct button after you uninstall...Is there a way to disable that button or change...Is it just easier to disable that? If I hit the media direct button after...
2/21/2008  |  (Forums)

Hi Royen I found the Dell Media Direct partition using your instructions and formatted it. The Dell Media Direct Window still appears when the laptop comes out of Sleep state The once hidden sector now appears in My Computer It is...

Hi, The Media direct is on a hidden partition on your hard drive. So formatting that partition will remove Dell Media Direct. Please make a backup off all your data before you try that step...

...finishing up setting everything up on the new one before the old one goes away. I do agree that the Media Direct would be better than the media player for playing movies but that's not something that's usually done on his laptop. He almost...

...it takes more swipes with my fat fingers than I care to try to activate so I just don't use it. Media Direct I like better than Windows Media, I play a lot of movies on my laptop when traveling. Â All in all I am impressed with this...

...button. But i only had a quick scout through google, and there is 1000's of results. Try searching for " disable media direct button ""   and search hard. Someone out there will probably have an answer.

The 1721 is a media center,so you did order it. Â You can remove it,as i said in first post delete,or uninstall media direct.Just don't hit the button after you have.

...i turn on my pc from media direct button and turn off...make option in bios "disable media direct booting...i turn on my pc from media direct button and turn off...make option in bios "disable media direct booting(button...

...for that matter. The bluetooth was only $20.00 extra and he figured he might use it eventually. I didn't know the Media Direct Software was on it and frankly I don't consider it a goody when I can do the same thing with the windows programs already...

... It is supposed to boot to a 'mini xp' for simply playing media (mp3s, dvd's, etc) without bringing up the whole operating... Mosty I don't need or want it and there should be a way to disable the thing. Â

...it is if it hoses the master boot record and or blue screens when it tries to load. if i wanted a media center PC i would have ordered a media center pc and been done with it. i do not need it, want it, and it is breaking the machine. ...

Hi, You will need to click on Install Now, and then it will show you the list of partitions, select the Media direct partition, and click on drive options and then format. Royan

im not sure if this is what you want, but you could change your quickset button. You may be able to manipulate the code so that it runs nothing.  http://forums.techguy.org/tech-tips-tricks/540776-change-dell-media-direct-button.htmlÂ

...programs, accessories, run, type in msconfig and press enter, click on the startup tab on top, Uncheck box that says Dell Media Direct, click on apply and click on ok, restart your computer. Hope this helps. Thank you Royan

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Showing 1-20 of 231 Results
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