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...Control Panel , Hardware and Sound, Mouse, and voila!, there it is. Click on that huge fat arrow, and it will take you where you want to be. "Button Settings", "Device Select", "Disable Touchpad" (bottom left of that window).

...with my laptop? I wanted to disable the Touchpad, but there is no option for it...deleted. There is no option to disable it. Even if I turn all its features...mouse Lates driver installed: Touchpad_Elantech_W7_W8_X10_A05_Setup-FHRG4...
9/25/2013  |  (Dell)

...recently went and made a change to my touchpad so that I can click on items with...problems than ease. So now I want to disable to touchpad's click ability, but when I...Control Panel > Mouse....the touchpad tab is gone! I cannot find it...
6/21/2011  |  (Dell)

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