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I do have a 128MB video. It's the Intel OnBoard Grapics. I got the driver from dell's link to my drivers.

...not supported operating system" message. I've tried to find answers elsewere with not success, 3 years ago peoples from dell were reading those open issues in the forum and were giving answers, now it seems we are up to ourselfs.

Do you have Intel integrated video or the ATI X300 card? Did you install: SP2 the notebook system software the chipset driver BEFORE you try installing the video driver?

yes, i install chipset driver & dell notebook system software from the page...

did you install the intel chipset driver & dell notebook system software?

...when i am going to install "ATI MobilityRadeon X300" it is asking me for "insert Disk 1" I don't know what is disk1? for your information i have already installed chipset driver and system software Regards, Kinjal

I doubt that. Your hard drive is an IDE, not SATA. I6000 with integrated video is not a good candidate for Vista. I have one and the upgrade advisor said the only version it can run is the crippled Basic--which means XP is much better.

I 6000 usually has Intel Graphics integrated into the motherboard. You can get the latest driver from Dell Support here. Select the one you have from the list under video. Your hardware device manager will id your video device. ...

...an older ATi Mobility Radeon X300 driver from Dell ("click here" - release date...stability) Omega ATi Catalyst 7.1 driver (modified to include Radeon Mobility...prefer... ("click here" and the driver download is "here" - release date...

my computer is a dell inspiron 6000 an the that i need is this SCSI and RAID controllers: VAX347S SCSI Controller
1/30/2007  |  (Forums)

You must install the Dell notebook system software (under System Utilities) and the chipset driver (under chipset) before you can install the video driver. support.dell.com

Before installing the video driver, be sure you installed the chipset driver and Dell notebook system software.

...attempted to d/l the updated driver from Dell. I get the following error code: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver...attempted to install the updated driver from Dell I get the message that I don't...

...drivers I could not reinstall the ATI Radeon x300 driver. The Dell support and driver center list both the Mobile Intel(R) 915GM...hardware or software" I purchased another Inspiron 6000 exactly like mine, and it was installed with...
4/13/2008  |  (Forums)

Hi, I bought an Inspiron 6000 some months ago. I can not install the VPN driver to use the wireless in my school. It's always cancelled when it's installed to Drivers folder under Windows32. By the...
2/28/2006  |  (Forums)

did you install the chipset driver and dell notebook system software beforehand?

...also having this problem on my Inspiron 6000. Actually, I searched for the driver on dell.com by using my service tag. And, installed audio driver it appeared on the searching. The driver name is 'SigmaTel' and that's...

...all my devices and except for one that is listed in Device Manager as "PCI Device". I'm assuming that's the infrared driver from the Dellâ„¢ Notebook System Software install is needed. The problem is when running through the install I get a...
2/7/2006  |  (Forums)

Did you install the chipset driver and Dell notebook system software?

...drivers for your card.  That is often better than using a driver from Dell  I recently had a problem with no sound from microphone...found one which fixed the problem. It was not the newest driver either :smileywink:

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Showing 181-200 of 1897 Results
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