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...internal USB Card readerusb card ...Problems; First off my built in usb's don't like to work. The only way i can get them to work is threw a 4-port usb hub, with out it the bios and the os...

...problem in the computer. I tried to insert (1) a USB 2.0 PC Card that seems to be recognized by the system...message device will not start) (3) an older USB hub (dual port - USB busport mobile) seems to be recognized by the system...

If the drive came with a dual-port USB cable, use both ports - if not, use an external power supply or a powered USB hub for it. Notebook USB ports often will not power a hard drive from a single tap. Â

Use a powered USB hub, a dual-port USB cable, or the external power supply that most drives have connectors for. В

Nope, I have a dual USB port Dell Inspiron 600m, the bottom port still works, just the top doesn't. Moreover, I go into the USB settings and they are consistent saying they have 10% system reserved power.

Make sure the external enclosure has a dual USB port cable (you must use BOTH ports at the notebook end). If it doesn't, you'll need a powered hub. Chances are that if you're using just one USB port, the power to the drive is not sufficient to operate it.

...2 years now without a hitch. It has 3 USB and 2 Firewire ports. A 7 port USB 1.1 hub is connected to one port and external drives to the others. An...the a firewire port. Adaptec also makes dual cards. Dell Dimension 8200 P4 2 GHz...

It's not getting enough power. See above - if it came with a dual-USB port cable, use that. If not, you'll need an external power adapter for the drive (if there's a connector for one) or you'll need to plug it into a powered USB hub.

The drive is likely not receiving enough power from the USB port. If it came with a dual-port connector, connect both USB ports. Otherwise, attach an external power supply to the drive or use a powered USB hub. Â

Most notebooks won't power a hard drive from a single USB port - you will need a dual-port cable or a powered USB hub. В

Is this a 3.5" or a 2.5" drive? If it's a 2.5" drive, does it have an external power supply or a dual-USB cable? One USB port may not power the drive. You will likely need either a power adapter, a dual-tap cable or a powered USB 2.0 hub.

...very easy task, since the USB controller is a surface...I've been using a Compaq USB 2.0 Dual port Cardbus card (Compaq...CPQUSBCB ) to use external USB devices. (RS-232, External...thinking it's a NEC USB Hub (E13+ ), and so-far...

If the drive isn't self-powered (i.e., doesn't have its own AC adapter), be sure you use a powered USB hub, or a dual-tap USB cable. A single USB port very often won't power an external drive on its own. Â

You may need a dual-connector USB cable - very often a single USB port won't provide enough power to fully spin up a hard drive. You can also try using a powered USB hub.

...bunch of awesome exotic car dual-monitor backgrounds...NVIDIA GeForce 6200 OC Dual-Monitor Graphics Card...1TB External Hard Drive Dual-Layer DVD Burner (Sony) CD Burner 4-Port USB Hub Wireless Desktop (Get...

All ports are 2.0.  Make sure the drive is externally powered or that you use a dual USB cable or a powered hub. A single USB port won't properly power the drive, which can produce that error message. Â

...workhorse. The M90 had 6 usb ports. This "upgrade...lot unless I get a USB hub. Very poor. The M90 was fantastic with dual monitors. I had the...monitor. The lack of usb ports I can deal with...assume is the mini port. So, when I got...
3/21/2012  |  (Forums)

It sounds like the drive is exceeding the power supply of the USB port. Try: A dual-tap cable (uses two USB ports on the computer side), or A powered USB hub, or A power supply for the drive (if the drive is equipped for one).

Use a powered USB hub, an external power supply or a dual-tap USB cable - the likelihood is that a single USB port won't supply enough power to reliably run the drive.

Make sure you're using a dual-tap USB cable or a powered hub -- a single USB port very often won't power an external drive.

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