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I crown thee computer genius. Â That was mush easier than my suggestions

There's no need to pre-format the drive with recovery console before reinstalling XP - it's part of the process. These Dell-specific guides on reinstalling XP may be helpful: How to install XP http://www.djdenham.com/Install%20Procedures.htm

Help, when I turn on my inspiron 700m it says "error loading operating system_" Help, SOS, Tess
12/20/2005  |  (Forums)

...a mess with my sytem realy need help.unalbe to reboot or do anything else.On black screen sytem prompt : ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM.please adviced step by step what i shoud do. i have dimension 2400 service tag D9YT931 Thanks...
7/19/2004  |  (Forums)

...to boot from CD, with full version of Win 95, Win Me and Win Xp..and the following message comes up "error loading operating system". what can I do if I only have a CD? please email vbstech@sympatico.ca or reply here
7/2/2004  |  (Forums)

after removing my hard drive then replacing it again, i now cant load xp. I get the message error loading operating system. any ideas how to fix this? I have cleared my NVRAM already.
2/4/2006  |  (Forums)

For some reason, I'm getting an "Error Loading Operating System" message just after the startup screen. I don't know if this is a BIOS problem, but I've got the Windows XP install disk...
9/8/2004  |  (Forums)

When computer is turned on, I recieve the message: Error Loading Operating System. I thought the computer had Windows 98 on it but it has windows 95 - I tried to load windows xp....... I am told that...
11/22/2003  |  (Forums)

When computer is turned on, I recieve the message: Error Loading Operating System. I want to reformat the hard drive but don't know how to get past this message to even type A:.... Please help!!! Many thanks.
11/10/2003  |  (Forums)

Turned on my inspiron 2600 today and it says "Error Loading Operating System"???...I havent loaded any software or anything for a long time...I used it last nite and everything was normal...NEED HELP!!!
7/4/2004  |  (Forums)

...it will turn on and get passed the dell startup screen, but then it goes to a black screen that says "error loading operating system" in the top left. i tried calling dell tech suport, i was on hold for quite a long time and they told...
2/2/2005  |  (Forums)

...need to be installed first, and on the primary partition). Now whenever I boot up the machine, I get an 'Error loading operating system' 'Press any key to continue' message. I tried doing a format on the hard drive via a recovery boot...
2/19/2004  |  (Forums)

...working until he decided to restart. Now we get NO operating systems - NONE. I have a black screen with this message: "error loading operating system". He also informed me that he partitioned the...
10/23/2005  |  (Forums)

...through the Windows XP setup but now all I see is a "ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM" on reboot. Any ideas on this one? I thought...seems to be ok. I'm about ready to TOSS this system-- sad as that sounds.
8/4/2005  |  (Forums)

installed new hd and new cd drive because of virus. i get past POST,i am able to get to setup menu. put in windows xp driver and boot form cd. but get error loading operating system msg. when i go to f12 boot menu donot have diagnostics option. any help please.
2/20/2010  |  (Forums)

lsiy Dear leee488, Thanks but no thanks to your advice.The link you gave says: Does not ship to Philippines. Well,I happen to live in the Philippines. It was just an example. You don't have to take the "advice' literally.

Hi I have the above problem. After turning the machine on this morning. I have had a few blue screen in the past but this is new. have located more installation cd XP service pack 2 which I think I will need but how do I go about endeavouring to get the machine back up and running?
8/12/2014  |  (Forums)

What I mean is,compatibility wise,my old Vista OS worked fine before I switched to W7.It just stopped working and I have to re-install the Vista OS.Unfortunately,I don't have the original OS CD,so,I took chance with the W7 installer and that's how this trouble begun.

Dear leee488, Thanks but no thanks to your advice.The link you gave says: Does not ship to Philippines. Well,I happen to live in the Philippines.

I am not going to spend that much money on a new hard drive.My laptop is old.Maybe getting a Windows Vista OS installer will make my expenses less,don't you think so?Something that will be compatible to my old existing hard drive which I think still works?

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Showing 161-180 of 775 Results
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