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Hi, Recently I bought Inspiron 15R laptop. because of some hardware issue, i have reinstalled...so i am unable to do voice chat. please let me know, which drivers i have to install to activate the micro phone. Regards, ...

So, on my 1420 i have a soundblaster sound card...microsoft keeps installing its driver which does not support the speakers...vista update which stops the drivers compatability? Because, i can install the driver but then if i have to restart...
12/5/2008  |  (Forums)

...nada 2. Tried re-installing Sound Drivers from Dell website - nada 3. Logged...seen some threads about Vista and Modem drivers conflicting with the OS and not recognising...Device, but I can't even see modem drivers in the device manager. I like the...
12/30/2008  |  (Forums)

I have an XPS 1330 and I have 2+ years remaining on my next day service agreement. I am thinking about upgrading my memory from 2G-->4G on my XPS1330. The price is about $84 on the dell site and $42 on the crucial.com.
1/29/2009  |  (Forums)

...use Photoshop CS4 extended on a Inspiron 1420 laptop I purchased in 2008. Whenever I...Performance). My current display driver is Mobile Intel 9665 Express Chipset...can't find a way to update my driver. Any advice?

...Wireless issue for Dell 1420 and Win 7: I installed...11a/g Mini-card driver 1st, and then installed...11a/g Mini-card driver, and have not gotten...which you install the drivers if you are attempting a Win 7 install on a 1420. Nvidia 8400M GS...

I updated my Dell 1420 from Vista Home Premium 32-Bit...works fine except for the video driver. I read the posts here on the...fine a working Windows 7 video driver for the GeForce 8400gs m...supporting the Window 7 video driver nor will they in the future...

ieee488 Whichever drivers for Windows 7 you see is what you get. Where do I go on the dell site to download Windows 7 drivers for my inspiron 1420 laptop? Do you have a direct link?

how to know model ando type of Conexant modem without open the case? IU have a problem with te modem an for apdate the driver Support ask me this dates: http://www.conexant.com/support/files/check_chipset.pdf http://www...

...Definition Audio Device" as default. It also shows another "High Definition Audio Device" labeled as left panel 3.5mm jack not connected. Tried removing and re-installing drivers and programs with no change. Anyone have any ideas?
12/27/2012  |  (Forums)

...windows then read the below link to install drivers in the correct order, or some devices...document If you have the Drivers and Utilities disk that came with the...instructions for setup, click next, select drivers under category, and install the drivers...

...Royan, I do not have the Drivers and Utilities disk that came with the 1420 computer, that is what I...find one or get a list of drivers that where on these disks...but does not tell me what drivers i truely need. truely...

Jasmi: You can certainly try installing W7 and see if the OS has native driver support. Alternatively, you can try the Vista drivers, many of which work in W7. Anyway, Paul Thurrott's site is always a good one for OS installation procedures. I'd bookmark that one.

...that for the time being I'm not advised to install Windows 7 OS in my laptop as DELL has not developed the drivers for Inspiron 1420. But are they any ways or alternatives that enables me to install the OS as I'm totally interested in Windows...

Hi, Jasmi: In theory, your system specs will support Windows 7. However, Dell has not developed W7 drivers for the Inspiron 1420. Considering you are a "totally noob", my suggestion would be to stick with XP. Take care!

Dear osprey: Thanks so much for your infoI will inform you if I have succeeded or not in installing the OSheheheTchuss!

Thanks for the tips and recommended website that you gave me in the last reply. It certainly helps me a lot....I'm gonna try the Windows 7 for sure...hahahaha...wish me luck though as I'm still a noob in OS thing...

Jasmi: Good luck and let me know how you get along.

...7 Professional (32 bit) for my Dell Inspiron 1420 (32 bit) which I get the ISO image...Windows 7? Where I can download Windows 7 drivers for my laptop? Dell Support? I should download the drivers after I install the OS? Thanks in advance...
12/14/2009  |  (Forums)

...the DVD to install W7 http://blogs.zdnet.com/Bott/?p=922&page=2&tag=col1;post-922 W7 should have all the drivers, after it is installed, go to device manager and see if any drivers are missing. .

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Showing 81-100 of 1114 Results
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