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I have a Dell 1545 running with Vista 64 & Dell Webcam Central for the web cam. I've...for me. The problem is that Dell Webcam Central installs it's own microphone...for your computer system & Dell Webcam Central. Go to start> control...
8/26/2010  |  (Forums)

I took my Dell Inspiron 1545 to a computer place that my dad recommended because it was flashing colors at me. They fixed that problem, but now I don't have a webcam. I guess i'm not looking in the right places or it's impossible...
6/24/2012  |  (Forums)

Hi all, My webcam was working just fine, then all of a...stopped working! Once I switched on my webcam and then a message was written bluetooth...connection] appeared when I switched on my webcam, I went once again to Device Manager...

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 with an integrated webcam. It came with Vista but I upgraded it to a Windows 7 64 bit. The webcam used to work in the beginning. I don't know why but one day it stopped working and never worked anymore. I've...

...someone can help... I have a Inspiron 1545, about a year old, it runs...installed onto it. Since then my webcam does not seem to record sound...Basically I can record images on my webcam, but not sound. I know the...uninstalled and reinstalled the webcam software from the CD I was...
7/31/2010  |  (Forums)

The built-in webcam on my laptop has suddenly stopped working. Its not detected by any programs (Webcam Central, Skype, Dell Video Chat) and...ago when I last used it. I use the webcam for connecting with family at home so...

...Just bought a secondhand Dell inspiron 1545 32 bit on vista, immedietly...manager, i have the origional webcam disc that came with the laptop...starts up, get message on webcam application saying in no uncirtain...terms "cannot find supported webcam". I have been to dell support...
10/8/2011  |  (Forums)

I bought the laptop in 2009. Up until today I have never had to use my integrated webcam. When I opened webcam central to see how the webcam worked, I got a noise that sounded like a usb disconnection. Also webcam central says to plug...

You can download your respective dell webcam driver from Dell's official site http://www...DriverDetails?driverId=N2X8D . If you install a webcam in Dell Inspiron 1545 system without installing its driver, then Windows...

...have sound.. Two days later, I realized that the webcam wasn't working either. I already downloaded...download to fix the sound, but now, I need to fix the WEBCAM! The webcam is obviously built-in.. but it fails to work...

Sme issue on our Inspiron 1545 It goes through the install process but fails with an error massage, whether Vista compatibility is chosen or not.I Gooled this...

Having the same problem with a Inspiron 1545 and windows 7. I am desperate.

...ago, and when I first bought it the webcam worked fine, but today i tried use it, and it says " Please plug in a supported webcam." Sorry if this is in the wrong area...fix this problem. How can I get the webcam to work again?
7/14/2012  |  (Forums)

When i am just using the regular webcam, everything is fine, but when i try to use in on the internet (like facebook) it is flipped upside down! HELP PLEASE! ):
5/23/2011  |  (Forums)

Hey, I'm also facing almost the exact problem Have you come across any solution Please share

HI Can anyone help me. I have an Inspiron 1545. it is about a year old. I have a problem with the 'built in' webcam. The webcam fails to opperate in the 'photograph' mode, it seems as though the software fails to start. This has happened...

I bought not a long time ago a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop with linux, then I installed windows 7, because i didn't...linux, and i can't find some software. I can't use my webcam for example, and i have got problems with bluetooth. When...


...can't even contact Dell for help. So I'll post it here. My inspiron 1545 came with Vista but I upgraded it to Windows 7. After upgrading...cause they didn't have it for Win7. After awhile, the webcam stopped working. Just out of nowhere and I can't get it...

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545, and I have had it for about...on the icon to take photos the webcam central will not come up. I tried...would not open. I can use my webcam for Skype, but the webcam central still does not open...

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Showing 1-20 of 707 Results
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