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...a rocketfish micro Bluetooth adapter (RF-MRBTAD...computer being a dell inspiron N5010 laptop. windows 7. phone being an LG...phone. however, my Bluetooth never seems to want...because a driver, (Bluetooth peripheral device...
9/5/2013  |  (Forums)

Am Using Dell N5010 Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit I installed all my drivers including the bluetooth drivers . after the bluetooth installation it was not successful . Now i cannot add any bluetooth devices to my lap kindly help me
2/6/2013  |  (Forums)

Am using N5010 Windows 7 Ultimate I already used the bluetooth mouse ,now i tried to add the bluetooth mouse using add device but the system cannot find the bluetooth mouse its keeps on searching. Mouse works fine in other systems. Its Belkin mouse
2/12/2013  |  (Forums)

...And after several turns, turn off the Bluetooth from the BIOS. I rebooted and then I turned off the computer from Windows. I turned on the PC and the Bluetooth from the BIOS, once in Windows I could reinstall the driver and the...

Hi Experts, I have the same problem in Inspiron 15 with Win7. I can't paired any mobile through Bluetooth. I have searched lots on the web can't fine any solutions in the web. Please help me out from this solutions. I really thank full. Thanks in advance.

...Dell laptop Inspiron n5010 for a couple... 3.)Bluetooth doesnt work...restoring the windows thinking it...have a windows 7 CD nor i am...Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit...System Model: Inspiron N5010 BIOS: BIOS...
7/24/2013  |  (Forums)

Click START - Click COMPUTER - Search "Bluetooth". In result look for "BTTray" and click. Bluetooth icon will appear in taskbar. Click and turn on adapter.

anybody's there that answer my question

I have been having problems with my XPS L502x I use to play Saint Rows the Third on my laptop it use to play perfectly but now after a year I restored my factory setting now when ever i install any of my old games they start off perfectly but during the game it hangs a lot kindly help me out.
2/6/2013  |  (Forums)

I purchased the Inspiron 15 N5010 three years ago and just learned the Bluetooth card was not installed...install the appropriate Bluetooth driver, it was discovered...Questions: 1. Should the Bluetooth have already been installed...
11/3/2013  |  (Forums)

Try this to get it to stay..AFTER u select the check box under control panel, Sounds/Devices or whatever the menu topic was, then go back to your desktop. Right click on the task bar at the bottom. At bottom of that menu click Properties.

...bit on My Dell Inspiron N5010 all Device are...will occur.. Bluetooth driver can found...Brand Name: DELL Inspiron N5010 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 Professional...i5-480M (2666.7 MHz) Motherboard...

...taskbar and due to this i can't start wifi, i m using it for internet on my cellphone, plz help Sad and btw bluetooth is working too, i even tried reinstalling driver but still after reinstall it disappears after a few seconds
6/4/2011  |  (Forums)

Hey I recently installed windows 32 bit on my dell Inspiron N5010 laptop .I think , i have installed all the drivers...can download all the driver related to wireless and bluetooth. Thanks in advance.
4/17/2013  |  (Forums)

...Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth module is the...downloaded the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.0 driver 12...fine, in my Dell Inspiron N5010 in just double...which is the XP Bluetooth driver for N5010...version than the windows 7 driver works well...

Hey! I recently bought Dell Inspiron N5010. I has windows 7 basic. I'm having a problem regarding bluetooth. I'm unable to transfer files from laptop to cell or vice versa. I tried connecting different cells but it worked on none...
12/17/2011  |  (Forums)

...purchased a brand new dell inspiron n5010 with DOS (didnt get...drivers CD). Bought 64bit Windows 7 ultimate seperately and...is not my version) Bluetooth driver/software is...help, esp with modem/bluetooth and display... ...
7/11/2010  |  (Forums)

...problem. I have Dell Inspiron N5010 with Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit...latest driver for bluetooth device (Title...1100 Computers : Inspiron - N5010). I checked...discovering by Dell but windows doesn't give any...
3/30/2013  |  (Forums)

I converted my laptop windows 7 to windows XP by the help of this post http://en.community...software-os/f/3524/t/19348212.aspx . but there is no bluetooth driver for windows XP on this model. where can i find this driver and how...
10/30/2011  |  (Forums)

...the system, when every i double click to install, it responding me that the s/w has capability issue and suggesting me to download a latest driver from broadcom bluetooth support site. where my bluetooth use to work perfectly in windows 7.

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Showing 1-20 of 94 Results
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